Whether you are jetting off to an exotic Island or heading out for a summer barbeque, JewelStreet has got you covered. From bright and bold bracelets to beachy earrings, we’ve picked some of the best bold jewellery pieces that will definitely give you a playful summer.



Read on and discover some beautiful pieces that you won't want to miss!

1. Red Coral Branch Necklace by Plumeria Exclusive London - £240.00


There is no denying that scarves hold all the power when it comes to winter statement ensembles, but with the bold colours bloom, the Red Coral Branch Necklace is the appropriate piece to push an ensemble forward.

Cue the ultra-fabulous and always effective statement necklace.

With a modern design infused with contemporary and powerful pieces influenced by the Mediterranean nature and the aura of the islands, Plumeria Exclusive London aim to complete a woman’s look at every occasion. Inspired by the beautiful shapes and colours of natural stones, this necklace will take you from a summer bbq to a beach party in a flash.

2. Double Mer Earrings by Isa Bagnoli - £453.00


Statement earrings have been the ultimate must-have jewellery piece for seasons, and we can confidently say they’re not going anywhere.

Back on our shores, seashells have graduated from a nostalgic ‘90’s holiday souvenir staple’ to the memory of the beach break that we desperately needed to become the latest accessories addition for summer.

Designer Bagnoli’s take on the trend was inspired in by organic forms of corals and shells, bringing up the endless beauty and joy of the summer season.

So, if you are taking a trip to the beach, give your lobes a bold update.

3. Chrysocolla Wrap Bracelet by Sandra Anne Designs - £116.00


Planning low key outfits this summer because you are keen to impress with accessories? Well, look no further as the Chrysocolla Wrap Bracelet will undoubtedly have heads-turning.

When you’re accessorising your relaxed beach-side summer look, stick to silver and blue hues for a fresh and effortless aesthetic. Made to express our individuality, this bracelet offers a unique image with a versatile appearance. Be ready to embrace the inspiration of a breezy, carefree summer’s day.

4. Ocean Riptide by Blingsense - £67.00

 When it comes to summer accessories, bigger is better. Bold and detailed rings are a great way to bring your jewellery wardrobe to the next level. Set yourself apart with this beautiful Ocean Riptide ring inspired by the surface movement of the turbulent waters.

White Alabaster and Turquoise on a rhodium plated silver base? Yes please.

5. Confetti Cuff by Rachel Helen Designs - £132.00

Ever since Saint Laurent flaunted jewelled cuff bracelets during fashion week, you could say we are extremely excited and energised in a summer-worthy manner.

Combining glamour, elegance, and colour, the Confetti Cuff is a lustful choice of arm-candy. After all, it breathes so many extravagant colours and is a great anticipation for summer memories. The perfect statement piece for finishing off a bold look.