If you’re thinking about getting engaged, then you need a ring. But how do you choose? While there are many choices out there, emerald cut engagement rings are proving very fashionable. These rings have rocks cut in the traditional emerald design: bold, rectangular, with tapered corners. The unique look of these pieces makes them different from practically any other engagement ring style on the market. They’re sure to dazzle your partner - and surprise them. 

Here we’ve gathered the 5 best emerald cut engagement rings on JewelStreet. Enjoy

18kt Cedar Rose Emerald Cut Diamond Lina Ring - Davidson Jewels £2,687

18kt Cedar Rose Emerald Cut Diamond Lina RingIf you love rose gold, then our 18kt cedar rose coloured gold ring, complete with a beautiful emerald cut diamond, is probably the perfect engagement ring for you. 

The rock is set in a playfully designed socket on a band with intricate circular markings. 

The design comes from Canada-based Ian Davidson.  

Ian and his team have been making specialist jewellery for engagements and weddings for more than five decades and specialise in heartfelt designs. 

Citrine Emerald Cut 9kt Yellow Gold Cocktail Ring - StyleRocks £872

Citrine Emerald Cut 9kt Yellow Gold Cocktail RingThere’s no doubt that this citrine emerald cut 9kt yellow gold ring is one of the most unusual on JewelStreet, thanks to its striking appearance and enormous gemstone. 

While it might not be the traditional engagement choice, is it perfect if you or your spouse-to-be is somebody who wears bold colours and likes to make a statement. 

This unusual Citrine ring is the creation of Austria-based StyleRocks. 

StyleRocks also offer free resizing for rings bought within two sizes of the correct size.

Plus, if you’re not sure about the size you should order, the company has a helpline you can call for more information. 

Emerald Cut Pink Morganite Ring - Oh my Christine Jewelry £422

Emerald Cut Pink Morganite RingWhen Oh My Christine Jewelry was designing the Emerald Cut Pink Morganite Ring, it’s clear they had one thing in mind: to create a ring that would be fit to adorn the hand of a princess. 

The piece features a large morganite emerald cut stone as the main feature, with dozens of smaller diamond pieces set into the accompanying 14kt rose gold band.

Oh My Christine, a Los Angeles-based jewellery designer, are famous for their unique pieces. 

Since their inception, the company (which make all their products by hand) have begun experimenting with new and unusual materials, like morganite for unique wedding bands you won’t find anywhere else. 

Emerald Cut Deep Pink Tourmaline Ring - Oh my Christine Jewelry £518

Emerald Cut Deep Pink Tourmaline RingThe Emerald Cut Deep Pink Tourmaline Ring, also from Oh My Christine, builds on the jeweller’s style and includes a large emerald cut tourmaline alongside a 14kt rose gold, diamond-encrusted band. 

The unique colour and appearance make it a perfect surprise as an engagement ring. It is beautiful and very different from the standard fare. 

9kt White Gold, Zircon And Diamond Ring - Julia Lloyd George £2,387

9kt White Gold, Zircon And Diamond RingThe woman behind this ring, Julia Lloyd George, has been making stunning jewellery in London for the last three decades. 

This white gold zircon and diamond ring is a testament to her love of colour, form and nature. 

The ring combines bold lines and classic styles, such as emerald cut, to create modern classics. 

The blue gemstone at the centre stands out, head and shoulders above the cool white gold band in the background - perfect for when you want to pop the question.

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