Engagement rings

Listen up, you need to know about these 5 engagement ring trends of 2020. Why? Because December is just a few months away, and that is the most popular month to get engaged. Are you ready to tie the knot with your beloved? Get them a ring that stands out from the rest with these incredible engagement ring designs.

There is a perfect engagement ring for every single person. We all have different styles and tastes, and you want your engagement ring to reflect who you are. From gorgeous vintage-inspired emerald cuts to modern East-West settings. Discover the 5 engagement ring trends you need to know about before you choose the perfect ring.


Emerald cuts
Emerald cut ring

Oh My Christine Jewelry - £455

Fancy cut diamonds are rising in popularity. A fancy cut diamond is any diamond that is not cut in the traditional round or brilliant cuts, including emerald cuts. Emerald cut engagement rings were especially popular in the Art Deco period. Rectangular and chic, this beautiful cut of gemstone is timeless and exudes elegance. If your other half loves traditional jewellery with an authentic twist, this rose gold emerald cut engagement ring is a dazzling piece to tie the knot with. The rose gold colour radiates warmth, choose this feminine ring for the gem in your life

East-West settings

Sapphire engagement ring

Davidson Jewels - £3,304

East-West setting is a term used to describe a gemstone that is set horizontally rather than vertically on one’s finger. This style is very modern, offering a unique twist on the classic engagement ring. From pear cut diamonds to emerald cuts, East-West settings are used for many types of gemstones. Davidson Jewels’ amazing engagement ring features a raspberry-coloured sapphire and East-West set morganite gemstone on a yellow gold band. Why not opt with an unconventional engagement ring to propose with? If your partner likes to keep their style unique, they’ll love this gorgeous pick.


Coloured stones

Citrine engagement ring
LaParra Jewels - £675

Gone are the days where engagement rings would be a simple round cut white diamond on a yellow gold band. Engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, and more recently, colours. Coloured engagement rings are immensely popular. With celebrities such as Scarlet Johansson and Blake Lively opting for pink and yellow engagement rings, coloured gemstones are soaring in popularity. LaParra’s beautiful citrine ring features a crown of white diamonds on a twisted yellow gold band. Make a statement with a striking engagement ring like this. After all, it marks the biggest decision of your life.


Pearl engagement ring

Victoria Six - £2,470

As you know, pearls are the most popular gemstone of 2019. After seeing the runway jewellery from SS20 fashion weeks around the world, we predict they’ll remain the reigning gemstone of 2020 too. Pears are an unusual pick of engagement ring gemstone. But that’s precisely why we’re loving the pearl engagement ring trend - it’s totally unique and original. LA-based designer Victoria Six specialises in pearl gemstone jewellery. This amazing ring features six plush grey pearls on a double diamond white gold band. Endlessly elegant, how could they not say ‘yes, yes yes!’

Eternity rings with a twist

Engagement ring

Master Jewelry by John - £488

Multi-stone bands are dramatic and edgy. They come in a diverse range of designs, from simple round cut diamonds to contemporary baguette cuts. Whether your beloved’s style is modern or traditional, an eternity of multi-stone engagement ring is a beautiful style ring to propose with. Master Jewelry by John specialises in intricately cut gemstone designs. This amazing ring features a blue tanzanite gemstone and a zig-zag design of gleaming white diamonds. Share your love and devotion with a gorgeous one-of-a-kind ring.