With less layers to play with as temperatures rise, updating your outfit with jewellery becomes the number one style hack.

Here at JewelStreet, we love to spice up our outfits with chunky earrings or a statement necklace but right now we are crushing on the brooches and pins trend.


No longer reserved for your grandma, brooches have fought there way back into the style agenda so it’s time to dig out those forgotten accessories because, let’s face it, they’re hidden gems.

We’ve picked a handful of our favourite brooches that will definitely complete your outfit.

Daring Wear

This year’s brooches and pins are apologetically bold. Get a style buzz with Andrew O Dell's Bumble Bee Brooch, add some flavour to your outfit with Mara Hotung's Pineapple Brooch or take a step on the wild side and style a few of our brooches together.

Designer Andrew O Dell is renowned for his stylish, contemporary, and totally unique designs. From the simple, elegant gold-plated shapes of the Wild Flower collection to quirky, animal-inspired batwing necklaces and bangles that mimic a cityscape of high-rise buildings, he represents the beauty of daring fashion. 

If you naturally gravitate towards black ensembles, add an interesting edge with Mara Hotung's whimsical eighteen karat gold pineapple brooch. Radiating originality, eccentricity and duality, Hotung's design provides the opportunity to add some creative flair. 

Whoever said less is more? A jacket full of brooches and pins is not just for the military or the girl scouts, create your own unique brooch cluster that expresses your personality. 

So, do you dare to be different?


From Left to Right: Bumble Bee Brooch - £120 | Pineapple Brooch Citrine & Diamonds 18kt Yellow Gold - £3,300 

Night-time Wear

Looking for the perfect night-time accessory? Well stop the search because we’ve hit the nail on the head with these glamorous pieces. Strive for colour and sparkle and we can assure you everyone will be talking. 

First on our list is Jaime Moreno's Galaxia brooch - what we like to refer to as a galaxy in the universe with constantly moving stars.

Expressing his innate creativity through pieces of jewellery, he believes that the concept of beauty is borne out of nature and everything that surrounds us.  Are you someone who desires to express individuality through outside the mainstream pieces? 

Next up, we couldn't encourage colour without including Kimili's Georgian Traditional Brooches. Made from Sterling Silver with Cloisonne Enamel, the long tradition of dinner and feast, called 'Supra' in Georgian language, served as an inspiration for Sofi Etsadashvili to create this Brooch.

Coupling old traditions with modern trends, brooches are not typically part of night-out attire so follow Kimili's steps and break traditional boundaries. 


From Left to Right: Galaxia - £4,598 Blue Brooch with Georgian Traditional Elements - £274 | Red Brooch with Georgian Traditional Elements - £274

Formal Wear

The great thing about brooches and pins is that they are incredibly versatile. If you want to truly stand out at your next meeting, use a set of fashionable pins as cuff-links. They’ll definitely put everyone in the room under a spell!

Designed by Mara Hotung, these beautiful brooches are perfect as a jewelled adornment. Mara's stunning eye for quality and design are classic and timeless: "I want my creations to be remembered not only for unusual stones or colour combinations but also their simple designs and dual function”.

What better way to represent her motives than her creation of versatile pins. 


From Left to Right: Tsavorite Garnet Safety Pin In 18kt White and Black Gold - £650 Yellow Sapphire and 18kt Yellow Gold Safety Pin - £650 Swiss Topaz Safety Pin In 18kt White Gold - £1,300

Day-time Wear

Whether it’s making a simple white tee look bold or transforming a print dress into something exotic, a little bit of white and silver can have a huge impact. We love how these never-out-of-style brooches make an outfit feel exquisitely sophisticated and classic.

Add an element of whimsicality to your day-to-day outfit with with Donna Pizarro's brooches from her Animal Whimsey Collection.

Taking over six years to develop, Pizarro's designs have derived from a combination of memories and experiences with animals. This wearable art is a reflection of her inspiration taken from the whimsical characteristics seen in each type of breed.

As if that wasn't enough break-taking inspiration, Pizarro created Animal Whimsey to express the twinkle she sees in each animal’s eyes. 

So if you are an animal lover, add these brooches to the top of your list as we are certain it will infuse your outfit with some worldly charm!



From Left to Right: Sterling Silver Friesian Stallion Brooch - £313 | Sterling Silver Jack Russell Terrier Brooch - £313 | Sterling Silver and Diamond Cat Brooch - £369

Special Occasion

For a special occasion, wear a special wonder of the world.

With an impressive aquamarine that remembers the highest frozen peak, Moreno’s piece is the fashion accessory you need to be an ultimate showstopper. Let your jewellery do the talking with the blissful Everest brooch.

Do you have an upcoming special occasion? choose Everest. Or simply a classy black dress that needs a little bit of glamour? choose Everest. The aquamarine appears isolated from the rest to emphasise its importance.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? 

Everest - £7,139

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