Fine jewellery

Fine jewellery is jewellery made from the highest quality, such as heavy karat gold and precious gemstones. Imagine the dazzling pieces people stare longingly at through the windows of jewellery shops - that’s fine jewellery. Of course, this category is not for everyday wear (unless you’re Grace Kelly, the Queen, or just THAT extra). However, more and more women are celebrating their achievements by investing in fine jewellery.

From diamond rings to bespoke designs, fine jewellery offers a unique opportunity to own something that holds sentiment exclusively to you. Perhaps you’d like to buy a piece that marks a significant milestone in your life, such as a promotion or the birth of your first child. Discover these unique and elegant fine jewellery pieces to inspire your next fine jewellery purchase.

Tivon Monte Carlo Earrings

Tivon Fine Jewellery - £3,594

Monte Carlo - the city of glamour, excess and frivolous behaviour. What better way to seize the day (or night) with earrings that capture the spirit of freedom. These expertly cut green amethyst hangs suspended from a plush honey-coloured citrine gemstone adorned with diamonds. Have you ever heard such an opulent sentence? Feast your eyes on these gorgeous drop gemstone earrings. Crafted by renowned jewellery house, Tivon Fine Jewellery, these regal gemstones are made from the same designer who has crafted jewellery for the royal family. Just imagine the feeling of hitting the town with these delicious earrings glittering in the moonlight.

Jaime Moreno necklace

Jaime Moreno -  £1,210

Pearls have made a huge comeback this year, with celebrities such as Harry Styles to Kate Middleton sporting this iconic gemstone. However, it’s not often you see such a traditional gemstone paired with something so playful and vibrant as a watermelon tourmaline. Jaime Moreno is renowned for crafted unique jewellery for women who like to go against the grain with their style. He comments: “My jewellery pieces add visual poetry and colour, and have been created for the pure pleasure of aesthetic beauty.” Feel radiant and beautiful wearing a jewellery piece made only for you.

Delilah Labradorite and Black Diamond Ring

Liz Phillips - £1,353

The rise of unconventional gemstones is seeing diamond jewellery fall in popularity. People are hungry for rare, unique gemstones that resonate with the modern woman. This labradorite gemstone ring reflects an array of rich colours, from aqua blue to warm peachy brown. Encased in 14kt yellow gold and encircled in black diamonds, this fine jewellery piece is perfect for the woman who prefers a stormy and sexy aesthetic over feminine, dainty pieces.

Swiss Topaz Bolero silver Bangle with Stingray Leather

a cuckoo moment... - £2,446

If you would like to invest in a piece of jewellery you certainly won’t see anyone else wearing, meet a cuckoo moment… This amazing jewellery brand fuses unconventional animal leathers such as stingray and crocodile leather fused with rock-sized precious gemstones. This gorgeous cuff features a gleaming crystal blue topaz encased in premium 18kt gold gilding. The original stingray leather adds contrast and authenticity to this beautiful piece.

One Circle 7 Diamonds Studs

Corinne Hamak - £1,325

Corinne Hamak reinvents traditional gemstones through elegant and edgy designs. Her stunning diamond studs are handmade in Corinne’s London-based workshop. Using seven crisp white diamonds and yellow gold, the contrast between the warm and cold hues creates a pair of luxury studs that emanate sophistication. Wear with your hair tied back or in one of your multiple piercings - these versatile earrings will add a dash of grandeur to your everyday look.