Happy 5th of December and here’s to the best day in the 12 days of Christmas song, where everyone just shouts as loud as they can - 5 GOLD RINGS! In keeping with the gold theme of today, here at JewelStreet we’re here to talk everything gold!

What is gold?

Gold is a rare element and a precious metal, that is used in jewellery, coins, electronics and more. Gold is commonly a reddish-yellow colour, but can also come in other colours. Coloured gold is made by mixing other metals into gold to create a different shade, like palladium, nickel, copper and zinc. The higher the karat the purer the gold so 24kt gold is pure element gold, 18kt is 75% pure gold and so on.

Facts about gold

The chemical symbol for gold is AU, which comes from the Latin word aurum, meaning ‘glow of sunrise’.

Aurophobia is the fear of gold.

Gold is heavy but also quite malleable and can be hammered down into sheets. It’s also non-toxic and can be eaten in food - edible gold is used in many restaurants.

Gold is used in astronaut helmets to reflect infrared rays while allowing sunlight to come through and keeping it cool all at the same time.

There is 25 tons of gold per cubic metre of sea water! The world’s oceans contain 20 million tons of gold.

Gold Olympic medals only contain 1.34% of gold.

Attila the Hun accepted large amounts of gold in exchange for not attacking Roman territory - but he did it anyway!

McLaren F1 engines are built with gold.

Your hair probably has traces of gold in it, and it is reported that if gold was injected into the body, it could help cure cancer.

Here are our picks for 5 styles of gold rings to give you some golden inspiration this Christmas!


We’re starting off with classic gold. Gold rings are a timeless statement and are perfect in wedding bands. Plain gold is a classic look or you can jazz it up with some sparkle! For women, the Atomic Maxi Rainbow Moonstone 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring is stunning and comfortable to wear. The plain band adds a classic gold look to the piece, with the moonstone standing out. For men, the Gold & Emerald Earth Element Ring is bold, with black diamond and swirled pattern making the wearer stand out from the crowd.

For her: SVP Jewellery | Atomic Maxi Rainbow Moonstone 18kt Gold Vermeil Adjustable Ring (Left)| £100.00
For him: Chekotin Jewellery Gold & Emerald Earth Element Ring (Right)| £1,991.00

(A heart of) White gold

White gold is made by mixing gold with another silver metal. It has a lovely clean white hue and make beautiful engagement rings. White gold pairs well with diamond and sapphires to give a beautiful and powerful look to any outfit. The Open Flame White Gold Ring makes a statement and turns the calming white colour into a powerful and strong design. The movement in the ring replicates that of fire and is a bold look for any man or woman.  

For her: Diamoire JewelsSwarovski Zirconia Pear Cut and Round Cut Ring in 10kt White Gold (Left)| £331.00
For him: Hazel NY Open Flame White Gold Ring (Right)| £422.00

(You are) Rose gold

Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people. It is also known as pink gold or red gold and is made by combining gold and copper to give the rose hue. Rose gold gives a great pop of colour to any look and pairs well with black diamonds, like the Rose Gold & Black Diamond Men’s Eternity Wedding Band.

For her: Wonder Fine Jewellery 14kt Rose Gold Wonder Ring with Labradorite (Left)| £267.00
For him: Allurez Rose Gold & Black Diamond Men's Eternity Wedding Band (Right)| £2,061.00

Yellow gold (rush)

Yellow gold is a mix of gold, copper and silver. Yellow gold matches well with emeralds and make great wedding rings. The Gold & Two-Diamond Seafire Ring is a unique design inspired by the ocean, which sparkles from every angle. To keep it plain, the 9kt Yellow Gold Flat Wedding Ring is simple yet classy.

For her: Bergsoe Gold & Two-Diamond Seafire Ring (Left)| £716.00
For him: Star Wedding Rings 9kt Yellow Gold Flat Wedding Ring (Right)| £118.00

(Walk in fields of) Green gold

Green gold is also known as electrum, a natural alloy of gold, silver and traces of copper. Adding the highly toxic cadmium, gives the gold a dark green colour. The Gold Green Tourmaline Ring is eclectic and ideal for those who want to stand out.

For her: By Emily Gold Green Amethyst Ring (Left)| £750.00
For him: Beryl Dingemans Jewellery Gold Green Tourmaline Ring (Right)| £1,578.00