Radiate Celebrity Glamour With Our Top 5 New Year's Eve Jewellery Picks:

New Year's Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is a night of endless possibilities. Perhaps you have your own tradition, like karaoke at your local pub with friends. Or maybe you opt for a night of pure glamour, watching a extravagant firework display or a Viennese opera. Whatever your plans, we all gather with our loved ones at midnight and rejoice the start of the New Year.

As a holiday which symbolises renewal and new beginnings, New Year's calls for a show-stopping outfit. You want to start the Near Year with happiness and excitement, feeling and looking your best, don’t you? Inspired by our favourite celebrity New Year’s Eve looks, here's our top 5 picks to ensure you start the New Year in style.

Marry The Night Like Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga New Year's Eve Berlin Cover Ring

Is 2019 the new year for the new you? Why not mark your entrance with a newer, bolder and fresher look. As the master of poker face, Lady Gaga is the Queen of experimentation when it comes to her look. The female icon uproots convection with her outlandish style choices, breaking the barriers between fashion and art. Nonetheless, we love Lady Gaga’s New Year’s Eve silver sensation of an outfit. She radiates Hollywood glamour in this satin dress, which is further elevated by her dazzling diamond headpiece. The harmony between elegance and extravagance seems effortless. After all, Lady Gaga can pull anything off. To channel this diamond extravaganza, Stefere Limited’s Berlin Cover Ring will make the paparazzi desperate to take your photo. Handcrafted using 18kt gold and embellished with an astounding 159 white diamonds, this is definitely the item if you’d want to catch someone’s attention… But even if the night pans out to be a bad romance, at least you’ll be feeling like a goddess!

Dazzle Like Deborah Kerr


Deborah Kerr An Affair To Remember Salome Cuff

You’ve seen the film. You know the scene. You wept. (Us too!) And whist your New Year’s party hopefully turns out with a happy ending, there’s no reason you shouldn’t take style inspiration from the vision that is Deborah Kerr. Her glamourous gowns paired with dazzling jewellery is quintessential glamour that you should recreate for your New Year’s party. Deborah Kerr’s iridescent pearl and diamond bracelet is an iconic piece in the film. Make your night an affair to remember with Vanilo’s Salome Cuff. Using pearlescent beads and fine silver thread, this statement piece will transform you into the leading lady of a Hollywood romance.

The Golden Girl: Beyonce


Beyonce Goddess Link Necklace

Tove Rygg | Goddess Link Necklace | £32,052.00

How could we discuss celebrity icons without mentioning Queen-B herself. Beyonce is the world’s number one superstar. The leading model of sassy and sexy female empowerment. Everyone want to feel and look as good as Beyonce, especially on New Year’s Eve. Her fierce black and gold ensemble exudes superstar finesse. Feel flawless in Tove Rygg’s Goddess Link Necklace. Its bold and powerful aesthetic will give you that diva attitude to rock on the dancefloor. New Year’s is a time of self-reflection, so celebrate the me, myself and I with a jewellery piece that will make you feel fantastic.

Carrie Bradshaw


Carrie Bradshaw Sex In The City New Year's Eve Long Baroque Pearl Necklace

Cosanuova | Long Baroque Pearl Necklace | £150.00

Who can forget that iconic Sex In The City moment: Carrie rushing through the snowy streets of New York in her pyjamas to spend New Year’s Eve with Miranda. Even so, she rocks a classic pearl necklace, showing us how statement jewellery can transform any outfit. We’re not saying you should sport PJ’s this New Year’s… but definitely opt for Cosanuova’s Long Baroque Pearl Necklace to embody Bradshaw’s signature style. Baroque pearls are renowned for their irregular shape making each of Cosanuova’s necklaces a unique piece. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down this New Year’s, this layered necklace is the perfect pick to lift your outfit to heavenly heights!


Alexa Chung


Alexa Chung New Year's Eve Gold & Diamond Elongated Star Earrings

Katherine & Josephine | Gold & Diamond Elongated Star Earrings | £4,451.00

Alexa Chung is a pioneering fashion icon of our time. Every sartorial decision she makes seems to emanate effortless grace. Her renowned vintage aesthetic has the ability to transform contemporary trends into timeless looks. Take this avant garde headpiece Chung sported on New Year’s Eve. Both majestic and playful, Alexa Chung demonstrates the classy way to stand out from the crowd. Though New Year’s Eve is all about sparkle, that doesn’t mean you can’t be original with glittering jewellery. Feel fun and flirty in these gorgeous Gold & Diamond Elongated Star Earrings by Katherine & Josephine. The punchy and striking star shape will guarantee you start the New Year with a bang! Handcrafted from 14kt gold and 74 brilliant cut white diamonds, you’ll radiate beauty with this quirky pick. Don’t you want to be the star of the show?

Most people start with the outfit. But why don’t you break convention and source the finest jewellery to plan your New Year’s look around. Stand out from the crowd and let your jewellery do the talking. Maybe the new icon of 2019 could be you...

 Images sourced from Pinterest and REX