This Summer has been scorching (I’m currently writing this as it’s pouring with rain but that’s besides the point), and there’s still a whole month of Summer to go! This Summer’s jewellery trends have fast become staple items in everyone’s collection, whether its for Summer or the approaching Autumn. If you’re at a loss for what jewellery you need for your Summer holiday, look no further! Here are 5 Summer jewellery essentials, and top style tips that you can carry through to the colder months.

Coin necklaces are a classic go-to accessory for the Summer. They have an air of bohemian-chic about them and have been worn throughout history to bring luck and good fortune to their wearers. A coin necklace is perfect for everyday wear and have a lot of meaning behind the design. For centuries, coins have been known as ‘love tokens’ as they were given as gifts and engraved with messages from loved ones. 

The beauty of a coin necklace is it’s simplicity. The designs are relatively minimalist but are still catch eye-catching. To keep with the classic style of the coin necklace, pick one in gold. Gold is warming, bright and is the perfect material for Summer. Layer your coin necklace with similar pendant necklaces and thin gold chains, varying length and size to add more texture to your look. This style looks beautiful paired with a flowy white dress or a bikini. 


Katie Mullally Irish 6 Pence Gold Plated Coin (Left)| £149.00
My Bling Plated Sterling Silver Double Coin Necklace (Middle)| £64.00
Latelita London | Rhodium Plated Matte Roman Coin Pendant Necklace (Right)| £59.00

Shell accessories have taken over the jewellery world this Summer. From shell chokers, to shell bracelets, to shell hair clips, everyone is wearing them. Shell jewellery is regularly seen on your favourite influencers and on the runway, from designers like Prada and Jacquemus. One of the main reasons that shells are so popular, is because of the holiday memories that are attached to them. This trend is not a fleeting one that will be forgotten when the Autumn leaves fall. Shells are here to stay. 

Shell earrings are easily the most popular style of shell jewellery. They are effortless and add a unique shape and colour to an ensemble. The shells draw attention to the face, whether you’re wearing studs or hoops. I’d recommend wearing shell drop earrings, to complete a Summer look. Wear them with your hair up to really show them off. A drop earring fills in the empty space between the face and neck, for added texture and shape. A natural shell is a lovely option and really boasts the beauty of the shell. Alternatively choose shells that have been dipped in gold for extra colour. 


Latelita London Yellow Gold Plated Mini Cowrie Shell Pearl Drop Earrings (Left)| £99.00
Kamilla Thorsen Sun and Paua Shell Statement Earrings (Middle)| £112.00
Vintouch Italy | Turquoise & Wentletrap Shell Earrings (Right)| £88.00

Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones and are always seen in Summer, mainly due to June birthdays. Pearl jewellery has been around for centuries and if they’re good enough for Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, then they're good enough for us. Pearls are made from molluscs and oysters, so they don’t look out of place during the Summer months, due to their connection to the ocean. 

Bracelets are an underrated and overlooked accessory, so put them back in the spotlight with a classic and timeless gemstone, like the pearl. Whether you pick a bracelet with multiple pearls or a simple bangle with a baroque pearl centrepiece, pearls add luxury to any look. Wear a pearl bracelet on its own, to really make a statement. Pair with a holiday evening look, like a patterned maxi dress. 


Gemondo Jewellery Gemondo Mother of Pearl Hexagon Prism Bracelet (Left)| £45.00
FARRA Freshwater Baroque Pearls & Amethyst Bracelet (Middle)| £133.00
ORA Pearls Sterling Silver Classic White Pearl Bracelet (Right)| £105.00

Ear climbers are the new big thing and a way to step up your ear game. Climbers are simple studs that travel up the ear. The beauty of ear climbers is that they can be worn in so many different ways. By turning them one way, they can become a subtle drop earring. Turn them another way and you have a long stud that stretches up the lobe. You can wear climbers in the lobe or higher up the ear, depending on which look you’re going for. They’re also a great trick to make it look like you have more piercings, when actually you’re only wearing one! 

Pick a patterned ear climber, for some extra glitz and glamour. Stars, hearts, wings and gemstones are great features for an ear climber, as they’ll draw attention while also adding shape and sparkle. Create an asymmetrical look by wearing one climber only. Alternatively, wear one on the lobe of one ear, and one in the helix of the other. 


LuvMyJewelry 14kt Yellow Gold Plated Starburst Ear Climbers (Left)| £332.00
Lucy Quartermaine Falling Climbers (Middle)| £95.00
Latelita London Rose Gold Plated Gabriel Angel Wing Ear Climber (Right)| £75.00

Stacking rings are versatile and unique. You can stack whichever rings you already have in your jewellery box, which makes your stack all the more unique and different - you won’t find anyone else with the same stack as you. Stacking in general is a very popular trend and works wonderfully throughout the year, whatever the season.

Incorporate plain, sparkly, patterned and gemstone rings to create a unique stack that you won’t see anywhere else. Pick similar coloured rings for a minimalist look, or go all out with different coloured metals. While there is a taboo around mixing metals, gold and silver look beautiful together and will add more colour to your stack. If you’d rather keep it simple with the same colour, you can incorporate gemstones for more shimmer and brightness. 


Sharon Mills London 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil Bijou Arc Ring With Moonstone & Opal (Middle)| £70.00
EL GINDI 14kt White Gold Thin Essential Ring (Right)| £223.00