In today’s generation, more and more people are looking for ways to destress. Due to this, there has been a rise in meditation and mindfulness apps and practices over the recent years. In 2018, it was reported that meditation and yoga has risen by 10% since 2012. Meditation and spirituality is all about connecting to the world and aligning the body and the soul. As jewellery has become more of an everyday staple rather than saved for special occasions, a demand for meditative and spiritual jewellery has risen.

Jewellery, especially gemstone jewellery, can possess healing and calming powers, and are a way to connect to oneself and the universe. Wearing meditative jewellery allows the wearer to connect to their spiritual self, as well as improve their thoughts and feelings. Lots of meditation jewellery is designed to link to the chakras in the body. There are seven chakras in the body where energy flows through. By wearing jewellery and gemstones that link to each chakra, this helps align and balance the body and its flow of energy. Alongside the healing properties and positive thoughts and feelings that come with meditative jewellery, it is also undeniably stylish. Meditation jewellery is colourful, contain beautiful and intricate symbols and are imbued with positive affirmations.

If you’re looking to become more spiritual, look no further than these five brands who specialise in meditation and healing jewellery, with beautiful and stylish results.

Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation

Veroniek Vermeulen is the founder of Silatha Fine Jewellery & Meditation and has created a brand that specialises in bringing happiness and balance into their wearer’s lives. Silatha makes fine jewellery, designed to light your inner glow and provide meditation and calm to the busy lives of modern day people. Using the ancient symbol of the Dorje, which is revered as a representation of our true nature, it is transformed into exquisitely handcrafted jewellery, set with colourful gemstones. Silatha’s jewellery should be worn everyday close to the heartbeat, to radiate positive energy and align the body.

Silatha provides more than just jewellery. The brand also provides a Silatha Meditation Course, an app that is accessible alongside a piece of Silatha jewellery. The app provides a series of 21 daily guided meditations, that includes simply breathing techniques to focus the mind and other ways to extend your spiritual journey. The app gives encouragement, supports being true to yourself and helps develop strength to let go and go with the flow.


Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation Sterling Silver Emotional Stability & Letting Go BraceletThe Senses of Love Yellow Gold Necklace & The Eternity of Wisdom Yellow Gold Bracelet | £30.00, £245.00 & £98.00

Mantra Jewellery

Designer Jo Stroud created Mantra Jewellery that combines the power of words with the beauty of jewellery. Jo believes that words can change our mood and mindset and that these words should be close to the heart and become a positive mantra to be lived by daily. Mantra Jewellery keeps their designs minimal, to prioritise the personal message and symbol. The pieces resonate deeply with people and have been featured in Psychologies Magazine and been worn by celebrities, like model Poppy Delevingne, singer Rita Ora and TV presenter and fitness expert, Chloe Madeley.

Mantra Jewellery provides silver and gold jewellery that can be personalised to feature your own inspiring mantra on the reverse of the design. Quotes and mottos like ‘I am enough’, ‘Shine your own light, follow your path’ and ‘I am loved, protected and blessed’ are some examples of mantras used in Mantra Jewellery The jewellery comes with a personal card which contains an inspirational image and positive mantra to live by.


Mantra Jewellery Rose Gold Plated Moon & Star myMantra Pendant, Sterling Silver Love Mandala Disc Necklace & Rose Gold Plated I Am Enough Disc Necklace | £115.00, £45.00 & £65.00

Lucy and Penny

Lucy and Penny is a brand that makes healing jewellery for the modern woman. California designer Kimberly Rowe grew up surrounded by crystals and gemstones and taught herself the value and power of their healing properties. She started making jewellery featuring these stones to encourage love and inner peace to its busy wearers.

Lucy and Penny create colourful bracelets and necklaces, featuring beautiful beads and chunky gemstones. Each gemstone is designed to heal its wearer. Stones like amethyst, jasper and fluorite specialise in healing and boosting the immune system as well as improving mental and physical health. The pieces also come with a recommended mantra. Lucy and Penny aim to build confidence with their jewellery and want to encourage their wearers to feel beautiful and to harness the power of gemstones.


Lucy and Penny Selena Sterling Turquoise and Lemon Quartz NecklaceHealing Purple Banded Fluorite Bangle & Druzy Quartz Leather Choker | £170.00, £56.00 & £67.00

GlobalSoul Jewellery

Jacqui Land Keavney began GlobalSoul Jewellery in 2008, after becoming bankrupt. She threw herself into meditation and began to fill a book with words, shapes and symbols, which a psychic later told her was jewellery and encouraged her to create her own collections. Jacqui creates ‘Jewellery For Your Soul’ with her 5 Chi Collections - Balance, Compassion, Harmony, Infinity and Peace.

Each jewellery piece is infused with divine energy and is designed to make its wearer feel free and connect them to their inner heart. The jewellery is imbued with symbolic meanings and messages, and made from sterling silver, rose gold and Swarovski crystals. GlobalSoul not only specialises in meaningful and spiritual jewellery, but intend to bring honesty and authenticity to the jewellery market. With high ethical values, GlobalSoul search out expert silversmiths who abide by ethical and sustainable practices to produce their pieces.


GlobalSoul Jewellery Sterling Silver Peace Spinning Globe PendantSterling Silver Infinity Stretch Bracelet & Rose Gold Vermeil Compassion Buddha Spinning Pendant | £134.00, £49.00 & £153.00


Based in Bahrain, designer Virginie Dreyer created TinyOm in 2012, as a way to explore herself creatively. Inspired by the ‘om’ chant and symbol, Virginie creates jewellery that celebrates creativity and spirituality. TinyOm creates jewellery for the soul and is designed with a protective purpose, with a powerful pull towards philosophy. Each piece is designed as a talisman, to connect the soul to the world.

Using 18kt rose and white gold, TinyOm creates pieces imbued with the beauty of nature and universal symbols. Aimed to give peace and tranquility to its wearers, TinyOm features intricate delicate symbols like Anahata, Muladhara and Sahasrara, combined with colourful thread linked to chakras and dainty chains.


TinyOm Rose Gold Anahata Ring, Rose Gold & Thread Muladhara Bracelet & Rose Gold Seven Chakras Necklace | £391.00, £97.00 & £697.00