When you’re looking for a men’s wedding band that looks great and won’t break the bank, we bring you some of the very best men’s band from jewellers working across the world. Take a look at our fabulous collection of wedding bands for men for that perfect finishing touch and all under £200.

Rhodium Plated Silver & Pietersite Stone Hammered Texture Ring - LuvMyJewelry £145

Taking a step away from the more traditional gold band, this rhodium-plated silver & blue Pietersite stone with a hammered texture would make a perfect choice.

It’s nothing if not eye-catching with a beautiful blue glimmer to the piece. The ring comes complete with a poem ‘Origin’ written by the founder of the jewellery company who created this ring, LuvMyJewelry. The jewel itself is a beautiful deep blue that reflects the sky and seems to go deep, deep down. It is said to cleanse the spirit and help the wearer let go of negative energy.

Available in custom made sizes.

Sterling Silver Paganus Ring II - L. Skelly Jewellery £160

This fascinating ring was designed as a homage to goldsmiths of the Viking age. A triangular pattern similar to the one stamped around this ring has been found in jewellery dating between the 9th and 11th centuries. This version of the Paganus Ring features the dramatic, stamped texture all the way around the ring. If you are looking for a non-traditional band that holds some history in the design then this handcrafted ring would be an amazing choice of yours.

Sterling Silver Teres Ring - Paul Magen £125

If you are looking for a band that has this delicate balance between the traditional and contemporary styles, this stunning sterling silver Teres ring would be perfect for you. Teres ring is handcrafted using age-old techniques to achieve this gorgeous richly organic surface. Smooth to the touch, it plays with light in a captivating manner - creating shadows and highlights in new places every single time.

Sterling Silver Men's Duco Ring - Paul Magen £98

Another stunning creation from our talented designer Paul Magen. This would be a perfect ring for a man who is looking for a classic band with a timeless look. This stunning Duco ring is hand-textured to create this lovely contemporary twist.  

Perfect for a man, who want it all. 

Rhodium Plated Silver & Blue Lace Agate Ring - LuvMyJewelry £145

This stunning piece of designer jewellery would be a perfect choice for a man who loves modern and sleek signet rings. This beautiful ring pays homage to Mother Earth's beauty and infuses light blue and white hues into a sleek, modern design. Handcrafted out of 925 Sterling Silver, this edgy ring features a Blue Lace Agate stone with an Aztec-inspired precious metal texture on the ring shank in Black Rhodium.

This ring is beautifully presented with the inspirational poem, "Origin", written by the designer.

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