Peter Ripa started his brand in 2007 after returning to his passion of making jewellery. Using a range of both traditional and new techniques, Peter makes all his jewellery from scratch in his studio in Riga. We chat with him to find out more about his brand.


How did you start your brand?

“One cannot really define a date when it all started. I have been excited and passionate about making things from as far back as I can remember. The label began in 2007, when I realised there was no fun for me in digital jobs and projects. I wanted to return to bench, invest energy in a material.”

“I wanted to return to bench, invest energy in a material.”

When did you first fall in love with jewellery?

“Since my first year in applied arts college. Ever since I was able to force a metal into a shape and they became useful for society (customers) - it was like addiction.”

What are your core brand values?

“The touch and feel of the piece are important; they must be proper, durable and ergonomic, so they melt with the body. Clean lines of forms and as little decoration as possible. Timeless designs highlight the beauty of simplicity.”

How is your jewellery made?

“It is made 100% at our studio using old and new methods, and sometimes even inventing techniques. I would describe it as time consuming work meditation process.”

Where do you source materials and gems?

“Everything I use must be pure. I source metal and amazing minerals from Thailand, India and Brazil.”

How do you want people to feel when they wear your jewellery?

“I would be happy if client feels - uplifted & confident.”

If you weren’t designing jewellery, what would you be doing?

“I would love to be a farmer probably.”


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“Once I had a chat with old man and at the end he said ‘Do you know what is my secret of long and healthy life? You must breathe only through your nose and keep your mouth shut as much as possible.’”

How do you ensure you have a good work/life balance?

“No work at all for at least one day and doing activities like running, swimming and cycling.”

What’s your favourite quote?

“Gold tests with fire, woman with gold, man with woman” – Seneca.