Kiralee and her team at Murkani Jewellery make pieces inspired by her travels in Morocco, Turkey, and India. She has used her diverse cultural experiences to create her own distinctive aesthetic, which can be seen in all her work.

Let’s take a closer look into her beautiful brand.

What are the main inspirations behind your jewellery? How have they changed and evolved over time?

“Murkani is a refined boho range of Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold pieces focused on effortless chic and natural luxury.”

“My design is inspired by repetitive patterns found in art, architecture and textile design from my travels. Having spent many years living in South East Asia and traveling to places like Morocco, Turkey and India, my design aesthetic combines the patterns from my travels with time honoured silver smithing methods to craft pieces that are chic and easy to wear.”

“Another key inspiration is the desire to create beautiful jewellery out of materials that are durable and long wearing. This is to ensure that we create pieces that our customers can wear and love forever. We are very focused on ethical practises and strive to ensure we work with businesses that employ ethically.”

Beleza Cuff Bangle in 18kt Yellow Gold Plate - £558.00

Please tell us specifically about the theme and inspiration behind one of your collections, and the design process you have been through.

The Black Nights Collection was inspired by my Great Grandmother’s Art Deco Jewellery Collection from the 1920s. These pieces were handed down over 20 years ago and have sat in my jewellery box all this time, waiting for a reason to come out.”

“The collection was fashioned from Sterling Silver and Rose Gold with semi-precious stones crafted into crescent shapes.”

“Black Nights is a modern take on this Art Deco theme with crescent like moon and star shapes in solid Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Plate, sprinkled with semi-precious Black Spinel stones.”

Lace Edge Small Earrings in Sterling Silver - £64.00

Tell us about your journey to getting to where you are today. What have been the critical moments and ‘rites of passage’ along the way through your jewellery journey?

“My journey to become a jewellery designer started when I was 16 when I began making jewellery out of craft clay and selling it to my local craft shops. When it came to tertiary studies, I was accepted into a Fine Arts Degree but decided to follow a more commercial route by completing a Business Degree in Marketing.”

“After years of working in marketing and general management roles in cosmetic companies, the call to design was still present. It was not until we moved to Vietnam for my husband’s job after having 3 children that I felt I had the time to pause, reflect and work out how I wanted to spend the rest of my working life.”

“I decided to pursue a more creative life and created the first collection in 2011 based on my love of Moroccan textile and tile design.”

“I think starting something creative and trusting in your own design ability was the biggest hurdle for me. To make this transition from the corporate world to a career based on your design took a big leap of faith.”

Maya Large Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver - £135.00

Tell us about the provenance of your jewellery.

“I design everything by drawing it myself and then I work with a couple of family owned silversmiths in Bali and Thailand where they then handcraft the pieces using traditional and modern silver smithing methods.”

What is your favourite piece of jewellery (personally) and what is the story behind it?

“My favourite piece of jewellery currently (as being a Jewellery designer this changes every time new piece comes out) is the Vintage Lace Edge Cuff.”

“This piece is special to me as it is one of the boldest pieces I have done and it took a lot of courage to create a piece that for me was so different from the rest of my previous collections as well as move my jewellery into a higher category from a price, design and size perspective.”

“It was inspired by the edging of a piece of vintage lace that I had collected and then fashioned into a Lace Edge Cuff that is moulded to the arm.”