Based in Arizona, Nadean Designs is a luxury jewellery brand started by Deanna Gailey. After being taught how to make a pair of earrings by a friend, Deanna built a successful fashion-led jewellery brand in just five years. She was selling to stores such as Bloomingdales and her designs were being worn by high-profile clients like Jennifer Anniston. But in 2003, Deanna’s focus switched from jewellery to having a family, and she decided to sell the business.

Fast forward twelve years to 2015 and Deanna stepped back into the world of jewellery with her new brand, Nadean Designs. She started it primarily as a way to teach her daughter, Natalie, the ropes of jewellery design. Their designs are born from a love of science and nature, and importantly their passion to create. We spent five minutes with Deanna to more about her jewellery.

How did you start your brand?

“Nadean Designs began in 2015. I’d sold a high-profile jewellery design company in 2003 to start a family and had my lovely daughter Natalie. After a difficult divorce, legacy called me back to design as a means to share and pass on the passion to Natalie, hence the portmanteau "Nadean" Designs.”

What inspires your designs?

“With an M.D., I have a natural appreciation for physiological processes and the inherent intelligence of all life forms. More recently I’ve been inspired by history, struggles for justice, empowerment and, of course, my daughter.”

What are your core brand values?

“Nadean Designs’ core brand values are open mindedness, authenticity, empathy and integrity. We really want to empower those who wear our jewellery just be who they are naturally.”

Who influenced you as a designer?

“Originally, I was influenced heavily, but not necessarily guided, by Sandra Lewis and Beth Orduna.”

How do you want people to feel when they wear your jewellery?

“Authentic, grounded and empowered.”

Do you work with any charities?

“Yes, I work with animal sanctuaries such as The Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Arizona.”

What music do you have playing in your studio?

“10,000 Maniacs, Lauryn Hill, The Church, Phillip Palmer, Dead Can Dance... basically, anything old school hip hop.”

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