More men than ever before are choosing to wear engagement rings. In fact, more men are experimenting with jewellery and fashion choices, whether to make a statement or explore their personality and unique style. It’s also fair to say that more women are proposing, instead of waiting for their man to get on board, or for the traditional leap year when it’s been acceptable to make the first move for previous generations. 

So, whether you are jumping in and proposing, or you’ve decided as a couple that you’d both like to wear engagement rings, you shouldn’t be scared to make an impression with a men's engagement ring. And here at JewelStreet, we’ve got plenty of different styles to choose from. 

At JewelStreet, we exhibit the work of over 200 designers from around the world, with pieces starting from just £25, before letting you make a purchase directly from them. We’ve got an enormous range of men’s rings, which would make perfect engagement symbols, whether you are looking for something plain and masculine, or with more detail. Let’s take a look at 5 of our best sellers, with something to suit all budgets. 

Sterling Silver Men's Duco Ring - Paul Magen £98

Sterling Silver Men's Duco Ring | Paul MagenThis hand textured sterling silver ring is a timeless classic. Simple with clear themes taken from nature. It’s a timeless classic with a contemporary feel, perfect for the modern man. 

Islington based Paul Magen loves the process of jewellery making. He uses a distinctive textural, organic style inspired by ancient history and shipwrecked treasures. He works with drills, burrs, hammers, and reticulation techniques to create unique pieces. 

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Blue Pietersite Stone Hammered Texture Ring - LuvMyJewelry £152

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Blue Pietersite Stone Hammered Texture RingA masculine sterling silver ring with a lavish blue pietersite stone, this is an eye-catching and unique ring that could make the perfect engagement band. Blue pietersite is known to promote deep spiritual awareness and bring cleansing energy, making it ideal for everyday wear. 

LuvMyJewelry creates high-end artisanal designs that are both luxurious and thought-provoking. Each piece comes with a poem written by brand founder Sujan Doshi.

Classic Ring - ATOLYESTONE £245

Classic RingThis handsome sterling silver ring is handcrafted with a delicate and unique design in blacked silver. It’s eye-catching and attractive and will work well with any outfit. The patterns are striking but sophisticated. This is a stunning ring that quickly grabs attention.

Atolyestone’s design team is inspired by the cultural contrast between the east and west. They use modern gold and silver moulding techniques to marry classic ideas with sublime modern designs. 

Cascade Ring Obsidian - Jo Baker £350

Cascade Ring ObsidianIf you are looking for a ring that makes a bold statement, this silver ring encrusted with obsidian could be the one. The oxidised finish is available in a wide range of tints and is very much a work of art. It’s a splendid ring which would suit a man who likes to make bold choices and try new things. 

London based Jo Baker studied at the Vannetta Seecharran school of jewellery before starting her own brand. She uses experimental techniques to create new shapes and ideas, working with themes of serendipity and chaos and both every day and much more unusual materials. 

9kt Yellow Gold Men's Arcticos Ring - Barnfather Designs £1760

9kt Yellow Gold Men's Arcticos RingThis 9kt gold men’s ring is sublime. It’s heavy and can be engraved with up to four initials of your choice. It’s then studded with four small and four large diamonds. It’s a statement piece with romantic tones. 

Louise Barnfather's jewellery explores her love of natural textures and fluid forms. Each piece is unique, made using waxwork, computer-aided design, and lost wax casting, working with the finest materials. 

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