Jewellery box essentials

Every woman should have five key pieces of jewellery in her jewellery box. Why? Because a busy woman like you doesn’t always have time to put lots of thought into what jewellery you’ll wear. We’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for work in the morning, perhaps your alarm didn’t go off, and you just need to get out of the door ASAP. In situations like these, we don’t have the time to go through the contents of our jewellery box for the perfect earrings to match our outfit!

The solution? Invest in just five key jewellery items that will be your go-to for situations like this. Of course, when we have the time, it’s always a pleasurable experience to peruse your jewellery collection for the one jewellery piece that will enhance your look. With these chic five jewellery pieces, you’ll channel style and confidence every time you leave the house.


1. The functional studs - Anchor & Crew - £50

silver stud earrings

I have an array of quirky stud earrings that I pop in whenever I’m feeling lazy with my styling choices… but that doesn’t mean my style suffers! When you invest in chic and unique studs for your jewellery box, you can rest assured that you’ll look stylish whenever you pop them in. The best part about studs is that they’re comfortable, functional, and come in an array of different styles. Whilst I love my moon-face and skull studs, a simple pair of silver studs will be perfect for all occasions and dress codes. Take these by Anchor & Crew. They’re simple, but they still have a unique shape that’s authentic and cool.


2. Stacking rings - Fran Regan Jewellery - £160

 Stacked ombre rings


Stacking rings are the perfect jewellery item for a woman on the move. The layered effect will look as if you’ve put thought and consideration into your choice of jewellery (even if you put it on when running out the door!) Trendy, chic, and versatile, stacking rings are a great way to convey your authentic style. This six-tiered ring by Fran Regan Jewellery has an ombre effect that’s truly original. Handcrafted from silver and dipped in 18kt gold, style this stunning ring on its alone or with your other rings for a contemporary look that’s edgy and chic. 

3. A layered pendant - Mantra Jewellery - £65

 Mantra necklace

Layered pendants are all the rage at the moment, especially gold pendants. They can be mixed and matched with whatever other lovely treasures lie in your jewellery box, making it a diverse and versatile item. Mantra Jewellery imbue each of their pieces with positivity and harmony. Each of Mantra Jewellery’s pieces have a personalisation feature, meaning you can get this necklace engraved with a word or phrase that has a sentimental meaning for you. A unique piece of jewellery that is made one-of-a-kind by you is definitely something you should have in your jewellery box. Invest in jewellery that carries meaning only for you.


4. Going-out earrings - Apostolos Jewellery - £204

 Statement earrings

You’ve tried on everything in your wardrobe, and when you finally settle on an outfit, you realise you’re already 15 minutes late. Sound familiar? In this situation, you don’t want to mess around trying to find the perfect earrings to be the cherry on top of your look. That’s why a go-to pair of going-out earrings is a jewellery box must-have. These amazing drop earrings by Apostolos Jewellery feature a gleaming red ruby among a very unusual design. Inspired by rock formations, these beautiful earrings need a stylish woman like yourself to rock them on a night out. Handcrafted with the finest materials, these pieces will see your style through many nights to come. 

5. A casual cuff - Uncommon Threads Jewelry - £73

 Bronze bangle

Bronze is such an underrated material in the jewellery world. The warm rosy hues of bronze makes this material the perfect pick for women who like to embrace femininity in their style. This bronze Phaedra cuff by Uncommon Threads Jewelry combines functionality and style to form a wearable piece that emanates sophistication. The open design of the cuff makes it easy to slip on and off, whatever your mood calls for. When you have a versatile cuff in your style repertoire, channelling an authentic style is easy. Trust me, it’s a jewellery box essential.