Banyan Jewellery

Let me introduce you to Banyan Jewellery. Established in 1997, Banyan Jewellery is run by director and designer, Yaniv Zalman. Yaniv’s creative passion for jewellery design is heavily influenced by travelling around the world. Based in Newton Abbot, Banyan Jewellery’s unique designs are made from 925 sterling silver and incorporated with precious metals and gemstones. As a new member of the JewelStreet family, we want to show you 5 reasons why Banyan Jewellery is your new favourite designer and jewellery box staple… 


1. Banyan Jewellery pride themselves on precision, high quality and attention to detail

Banyan Jewellery’s creations are designed with meticulous detail, before they are handed over to be made by a skilled team of silversmiths. The team make unique, high quality jewellery that is precise, intricate and impressive. All of Banyan Jewellery’s pieces are produced under close scrutiny and quality control to ensure the jewellery is perfect for it’s wearers.

Sterling Silver Flower Stud Earrings Sterling Silver Labradorite Pendant Necklace

2. They have a mixture of classic styles and unusual designs

One of the best things about Banyan Jewellery is their gorgeous range of jewellery. They have it all, from classic silver and gold combinations, to sparkling gemstone accents. While they have simple minimalist designs, they also experiment with more unique styles that you won’t find anywhere else. Banyan Jewellery have pieces that you can wear everyday and never take off. But they also have pieces that are best saved for special occasions, to make an unforgettable statement.

Sterling Silver Ring With Faceted Teardrop Amethyst & Lolite Sterling Silver & Brass Entwined Heart Earrings

3. Banyan Jewellery have great relationships with their workers

Banyan Jewellery truly care about their workers and have developed strong relationships with every individual that works for them. They ensure that their workshops are fun and safe places to work, while upholding an ethical trading policy, which is a central focus of the Banyan Jewellery ethos. As well as their meaningful relationships with their craftsmen, Banyan Jewellery are also keen to give back to the community and support an array of charities.

Banyan Jewellery

4. They use stunning materials

While Banyan Jewellery are best known for their silver designs, they also love to experiment and incorporate other precious materials. They have stunning collections of gemstone jewellery, ranging from classic gems like pearl and amethyst, to the more unusual, like opal and black druzy quartz. This makes Banyan Jewellery the perfect brand when it comes to finding gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Take a look at some of their topaz pieces below… 

Sterling Silver & Blue Topaz Earrings Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & White Cubic Zirconia Hinged Bangle

5. Their jewellery is luxurious and affordable

This beautiful jewellery is taken care of and made to the highest of standards, from the original design to the final product. The best part? Their jewellery is extremely affordable, with prices ranging from £15 - £200. Whatever your budget, Banyan Jewellery has something for you. As it’s coming up to Christmas, something from Banyan Jewellery would make an amazing Christmas gift or thoughtful stocking fillers.

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