Christmas is just around the corner and while everyone is panicking about presents or looking forward to the turkey and mince pies, we’re also looking at the story behind Christmas. Christmas is a Christian holiday, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. While crosses are best known in religious jewellery and the majority of Christmas themed jewellery is centred around snow, we’re giving you our favourite angel jewellery pieces.

The Bible doesn’t tell us what angels actually look like, but it has been written that angels don’t have material bodies and are neither male or female. However, we have conjured up our own ideas of what they look like and cherub babies, halos, long white dresses and big wings are frequently shown.

Colourful gemstones

Just because angels are mostly seen in white or silver, doesn’t mean you can’t inject a bit of colour! Adding gemstones to any jewellery piece adds even more meaning to a design. Choosing the birthstone from your birthday month makes the piece personal to you. Gemstones are known to have many properties, like healing, protection, creativity and strength. Incorporating them into your jewellery alongside the imagery of the angel - a symbol for protection - gives off a whole new meaning and sense of spirituality. The Angel Wings Earrings from Toosis are available in amethyst, a stone that heals emotional and physical ailments, and ruby, a stone that gives courage and shields against negative energy.


BuDhaGirl | Golden Angel Wing Guidance End Caps  (Left)| £191.00
Toosis | Angel Wings Earrings  (Middle)| £115.00
Spratling Silver | Angel Wing Earrings in Silver (Right)| £53.00

Guardian Angels

If you’ve ever felt like someone was watching over you, it may have been your guardian angel! It’s been written that every human has their own guardian angel that keeps them from harm and guides their path. Having an angel on a necklace allows the angel to lay on your chest and close to your heart for that extra bit of protection. The Silver Guardian Angel Pendant by Becky Rowe is a delicately handcrafted silver angel with moving feet. Becky Rowe’s intention with each piece she makes is for it to become a family heirloom and what better heirloom than a guardian angel passed down to your loved ones for generations?

Annika Rutlin | Halo Dark Angel Necklace (Left)| £137.00
Becky Rowe | Silver Guardian Angel Pendant (Right)| £126.00


Angels are a beautiful symbol for jewellery. For someone going for a subtler look, features such as halos, wings and cherubs are little dedications to angels rather than having their whole body draped around your neck. The Hammered Bangle from Kate Chell Jewellery is a simple yet touching nod to angels, with an inscription saying ‘follow your heart & always believe in angels’ empowering the wearer.

Cosanuova | Diamond Angel Medallion Pendant in White Gold (Left)| £118.00
Kate Chell Jewellery | Hammered Bangle (Middle)| £139.00


Angel wings are gorgeous symbols and in jewellery, they are intricately detailed due to the feathers and textures. Wings are also a symbol for flight, love and victory so are a perfect addition to any collection.

In The Window Angel Wing Necklace (Left)| £89.00
Becky Dockree Jewellery | Gold Angel Wing Ring (Right)| £160.00

For men, wings are a strong and powerful look that can be worn around the neck or on cufflinks like the Silver Angel Wings Cufflinks by Becky Rowe.

SEVEN50 | Angel Wing Naga Necklace (Left)| £206.00
Becky Rowe | Silver Angel Wings Cufflinks (Right)| £112.00


If you’re looking to splash out and for a piece of jewellery for special occasions, here are some high-end angel designs. The Holy Trinity Necklace by YRYS is 18kt yellow gold with diamonds and certainly draws the eyes. The Multi-Coloured Angel Earrings from Nicofilimon are sparkling and vivid, perfect for any special occasion.

Nicofilimon Multi-Coloured Angel Earrings (Left)| £2,684.00
YRYS | Holy Trinity Necklace (Middle)| £3,898.00
Tivon Fine Jewellery | Tivon Angel Heart Ring (Right)| £7,851.00