Vurchoo Jewellery

More and more shoppers are putting ethics above style when shopping for jewellery. At Vurchoo, you can get both. Vurchoo is a jewellery brand founded in 2015 by Alex Angel-Benscher. Inspired by the stories and experiences he culminated while travelling, Alex wanted to create a brand that had a positive and lasting impact on the world. Through this goal, Vurchoo was born and has since celebrated a number of notable achievements. Get to know this amazing ethical brand that retains a style edge. Here’s five things you didn’t know about Vurchoo.

The latest collection is inspired by a child’s drawing in Guatemala 

Alex clearly places value on the storytelling function of jewellery. He states: ‘We are surrounded by jewellery and I want to bring back the meaning behind it. How often do you go down the highstreet to buy a piece of jewellery which has a story behind it as well?” This is in reference to his Melissa collection. The Melissa collection was inspired by the drawing of a young girl named Melissa. She lives in Guatemala and was affected by the volcanic eruption in 2018, which devastated the lives of many. 

Alex aims to ensure Melissa’s story is heard through his jewellery:

“We never expected a child so young to draw such an emotional picture that everyone can relate to. She wanted to show us two sides of her life. One was the happy playful, peaceful existence of a child. Out playing with her friends. The second being the life changing moments of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala. We used the tears from the drawing as well as the circle of life to capture the essence of Melissa's drawing.”

A proportion of the profits Alex makes helps funds Melissa’s education.

The designer used to be a graffiti artist

Alex from Vurchoo Jewellery

Whilst jewellery is Alex from Vurchoo’s current form of artistic expression, this was not always the case. Alex used to be a graffiti artist around his hometown in Essex. One may notice how the curved shapes of his designs are, to an extent, reminiscent of the fluid forms within graffiti art.

Ethical practices and ‘virtues’ lie at the heart of the brand

Alex aims to champion ethical values through his jewellery. He comments: ‘The ethics behind jewellery is often forgotten about. You see something with a high price point, or you see some materials that are precious, and you think “wow, that looks good!” but you still need to think about where it comes from and “what does it do?"’ Alex’s brand was commended by the highly-esteemed Retail Jeweller and has also been nominated at the UK Jewellery Awards a number of times. Learn more in our interview with Alex here:

Vurchoo's designs evolve with your body and style

Vurchoo Jewellery

Vurchoo’s jewellery is made to change with your body and style. For example, his teardrop earrings consist of a gemstone stud and detachable drop details. This means you can wear them as chic studs, and attach the drop details either behind or in front of your earlobe for an edgy day-to-night look.

His teardrop rings wrap around your finger and can be adjusted for maximum comfort. I had the pleasure of purchasing one at the recent JewelStreet pop-up shop, and it has not left my finger since! The gemstones used promote healing and harmony. Alex’s designs don’t just make you look great - they make you feel great too.

Vurchoo uses unconventional gemstones that emanate authentic beauty

Vurchoo Gemstones

When meeting Alex at the JewelStreet pop-up, I was struck by the unusual gemstones featured in his jewellery. Sourcing unique, handmade jewellery is what JewelStreet is all about, and so Vurchoo is a perfect representation of the JewelStreet community.

Two gemstones that particularly caught my attention were the labrodites and howlites. Howlite is a milky white gemstone often consisting of a grey marbling effect. Many believe that howlite has powerful spiritual properties, used to attune the mind with a higher spiritual presence. Vurchoo quite aptly describes labrodites as ‘the Northern Lights caught in a stone’ - and it’s true! This incredible gemstone can reflect colours of blues, greens, and earthy reds. Who wouldn’t want to capture a kaleidoscope of colours in one piece of jewellery?

Vurchoo doesn’t just make stunning jewellery, it gives back to people in need. Invest in a piece of jewellery that champions charity and ethical values, contributing to a more progressive future for the jewellery industry.