Bracelets are arguably the most underrated and overlooked piece of jewellery. Necklaces, rings and earrings are at the forefront and bracelets take a bit of a backseat. However, bracelets are incredibly versatile, have an extensive variety and are a perfect way for (men especially) to add jewellery into the wardrobe. Ditch the plain wrists and the standalone watch and incorporate bracelets into your style.

In keeping with our theme of the week, layering bracelets is a fabulous way to add more colour, texture and dimension into any look. If you’re in need of inspiration, here are 5 styles of bracelets which is perfect for both men and women as well as all fashion types. Whether you prefer dainty petites, boho-chic or heavy metal, JewelStreet has the perfect bracelet for you.



Beaded bracelets are a classic style that has been around for decades. They are typically loose beads with a centre hole that have been strung onto string or elastic. Pandora added a new style of bead to their charm bracelet collections, which are colourful and made of glass, giving the traditional bead a fancy and classy upgrade. Beads are seen in boho-chic and hippie fashion style, especially with layering different size bead bracelets and incorporating wooden textures and colours. Unleash your inner hippie and pick from oversized wooden beads or dainty gemstone beads to create a textured and layered look. ClonferoDaPonte has a stunning range of beaded gemstone bracelets, using moonstone, labradorite and pearl to add a pop of colour and more dimension to the look.


ATOLYESTONE | Double Beaded Bracelets (Middle)| £205.00
Chelsea Charles Golf Goddess Tri-Colour Golf Ball Bead Score Bracelet (Right)| £82.00


Incorporating heavy metals into bracelets adds a dark and mysterious look to the wrist. Showcasing silver and leather textures gives an industrial metallic feel and layering different metals is a great way to create a more modern look. This is a fabulous way to layer, especially for men. Heavy metal jewellery works well with watches so flank your watch either side with strong leather, cool metallics and industrial chains. Snake Bones perfectly mixes metal and leather together to create dark and edgy pieces with intricate details and eye-catching accents.


Snake Bones Sterling Silver & Ruby Alligator Bracelet (Left)| £1,757.00
Suciyan | Dragon Knot Lapis and Ruby Sterling Silver Bracelet (Middle)| £1,179.00
Buddha To Buddha Edwin Small Bracelet (Right)| £285.00


A cuff bracelet has a thicker base than other bracelets and doesn’t close around the wrist, but rests on it with an open gap. They are typically a lot larger than regular bracelets and are normally the size of a shirt cuff. Cuffs come in many different colours and fabrics. Keep it simple with plain metals like silver or gold or mix it up with leather or gemstones. Mishanto London have a beautiful Veneto Hamsa cuff range, that comes in silver, gold and citrine. Their cuffs are dotted with small gemstones and have cut out Hamsa hand accents with a scratched finish to add more life and texture to the metal.


a cuckoo moment... | Samba Silver Ends Tan Stingray Leather Bangle (Middle)| £557.00
Mishanto London Citrine Veneto Hamsa Cuff (Right)| £198.00


For those who prefer dainty and delicate jewellery, picking petite bracelets is the way to go. Layering petites are also a great way to add variety and different chains and gems to your ensemble. Pick from plain slim bangles as a base, exquisite charm bracelets for dangling accents and gemstones for colour. Stick to the same colour metal for more of a structured look or mix the metals up. XISSJEWELLERY have delicate bangles with sweet pretty gemstone accents to add an elegant flourish. They recommend layering their bracelets with similar pieces and different coloured gems for a brighter look.


Shahana by Gopika Kapoor | Yellow Gold Plated Diamond Moon & Star Bangle (Middle)| £406.00
XISSJEWELLERY Silver & Pearl Satellite Bangle (Right)| £120.00


For a more basic and minimal style of layering, rope bracelets are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether you prefer a simple single strand or a knotted colourful decoration, rope is adaptable and adds an interesting texture to the wrist. Anchor & Crew have a great range of rope bracelets, designed for the modern journeyman or woman. With a modern-minimalist style, Anchor & Crew show that rope isn’t a boring material and can be jazzed up with gorgeous colours and cool metals. Layer rope bracelets for a minimal and comfortable style.


Anchor & Crew White Noir Lerwick Silver and Rope Bracelet  (Left)| £70.00
knotcouture | Leather Precious Pearl Bracelet (Middle)| £199.00
Anchor & Crew Pink Padstow Silver and Rope Bracelet (Right)| £65.00