5 Ways to style a winter coat

As the weather gets colder, you’ll need some tips on how to style your winter coat. We can all relate to the feeling of having a stylish outfit on which you must then cover with a hefty winter coat. Here in England, keeping warm takes precedence! But that doesn’t mean you can’t look smart and chic when wearing your winter coat.

There are endless ways to dress up a winter coat. From shoulder-dusting drop earrings to rest on your lapels, to a striking broach to adorn your cuffs. Whatever your aesthetic, discover these five sophisticated ways to style a winter coat this season.

An oversized necklace

Layered necklace

A long, layered necklace is the perfect accessory for the winter months. Style over your coat and scarf for an eclectic layered look that’s bang on trend. This gorgeous piece by Faystone is made using a combination of agate, hematite and shells to form a beaded necklace that emanates sophistication. The clasp is adorned with a single sapphire for an added touch of elegance. You’ll be feeling warm in your winter coat whilst channeling a style that’s cool and chic.

An edgy brooch

Edgy brooch

Good news - brooches are back. People still snub this classic jewellery item for its association with a more ‘mature’ style. But everyone who is someone is wearing a brooch right now, just look at the runway - both men and women are repping brooches. A brooch will add a touch of refined style to your seasonal style. This striking brooch by Nobahar Design is a symbol of personal freedom. Style on your winter coat for a look that conveys confidence and power.

Shoulder-dusting earrings

Vurchoo Jewellery

Carry your authentic style into winter with confidence. An elegant pair of shoulder-dusting earrings will command attention in all the right ways. Style over the collar of your black winter coat to add a delicate touch to your outfit. The warm gold setting combined with the linear asymmetrical design is understated yet edgy. When you purchase these earrings, a supply kit is sent to a deprived child in Cambodia to help their education.

A chic ring

Statement ring

Luckily, the weather isn’t Baltic enough to necessitate the full gloves, scarf and hat repertoire. So seize the opportunity to show off your most unique and beautiful rings this month. Ileava Jewelry hand-make some truly original designs that you’ll love. Take their silver Arabesque swirl ring. The design is captivating, romantic, and will look fabulous when adorning your winter coat. Don’t miss out on this amazing piece.

A statement design

Kimili Ring

Georgian-based Kimili handcraft wearable art jewellery you won’t spot on anyone else. Their designs are perfect for the woman who revels in art, culture and creation. This eye ring is one of their newest pieces. Crafted with enamel and swarovski crystals, this will be a stand-out addition to your winter wardrobe. You may have a killer winter coat, but with this ring on your finger, you’ll be showered in compliments.