Diamonds have and always will be a girl’s best friend. 

Diamond eternity rings, in particular, are special and beautiful keepsakes that are a symbol of a long and everlasting love.

It’s a band of precious metal that is lined with continuous identically cut gemstones, which are typically diamonds. Diamond eternity rings are the perfect gift for everyone and an excellent way to show your partner how much you love them.

Find out which styles are most delicious and sought after to give you a few ideas of what you may want to buy before you move forward with a purchase.

Diamond Trilogy 3-Ring Combination - Verifine London £2,685


If you’re looking for a show stopper, then consider this diamond eternity ring for someone special.

You’ll find it has three fully stacked and set eternity rings made of diamonds in 18kt white, rose, and yellow gold. 

It’s stunning and glittery and contains over 130 white diamonds. It’s a unique handcrafted piece of jewellery that’s perfect for any woman who enjoys an extra sparkle in her life.

Husband and wife team, Neil and Wendy Duckworth established the London based business Verifine to offer one-of-a-kind creations such as the Diamond Trilogy 3-Ring Combination.

They focus on crafting gorgeous, skinny eternity rings that are stacked to give off an extra sparkle. If you like this eternity ring, then you might also want to check out their line of earnings, bracelets, and necklaces.

18kt White Gold Full Eternity Ring With Round-Cut Bar-Set Diamonds - AG & Sons £1,549


This delicious diamond eternity ring is spectacular because of the studs of naturally mined conflict-free diamonds that sparkle and shine.

It’s a beautiful 18kt White Gold H-I Certified Diamond Eternity Ring that’s not only stylish but comfortable to wear. The ring boasts extra shine and size by having round cut diamonds in a bar set.

The designer of this 18kt White Gold Full Eternity Ring With Round-Cut Bar-Set Diamonds clearly understands how to make a magnificent piece of jewellery. Your product will come in high-quality packaging, and you’ll receive an independent certificate with your order.

They pride themselves on offering exquisite conflict-free diamonds from the finest gold. Their goal is to create fine and fashionable accessories that are beautiful and tasteful.

White Gold & Diamond Marquise Eternity Ring - Marcello Riccio £1,730


The stones on this 18kt white gold eternity ring are beautifully polished and arranged. It’s a gorgeous selection that will absolutely wow your loved one.

It’s a handcrafted creation that you’ll see for yourself is made with pure accuracy. You have the option to make it uniquely yours by engraving it and adding a personalised message.

Buyers also have the opportunity to place a custom order based on what metals, gemstones, and designs you prefer.

Marcello Riccio is the designer of the White Gold & Diamond Marquise Eternity Ring and is known for providing excellent service and luxury jewellery products worldwide.

They’re specialists in fine jewellery and tailored services which don’t go unnoticed by clients. Marcello designs all the pieces and the goldsmiths ensure that each item is handmade with accuracy.

Opia White Eternity Ring - MitziRocks £2,850


This next diamond eternity ring is especially sparkly and beautiful. It’s set with gorgeous diamonds and offers modern, classic shapes. 

You’ll notice right away that the 18kt white gold ring has perfectly set and high-quality diamonds that makes it stand out among the others. You can wear it alone to highlight its elegance or stack it with other rings to add a bit of sparkle to your hand.

Mitzi Broadbent is the founder of MitziRocks and the designer behind the Opia White Eternity Ring. She’s a talented goldsmith who’s been creating stunning and contemporary jewellery for over 10 years.

Mitzi’s creations typically contain a mix of gold, silver, and precious stones. Not only are the pieces fun and unique, but Mitzi prides herself on using elemental shapes, geometric structure, and stunning stones. 

The conflict-free metals and stones are sourced from Hatton Garden, which is London’s famous jewellery and design quarter.  

White Gold Eternity Ring by Heidi Vornan £3,113


Another eternity ring to add to your collection is the beautiful “Black Line Ring.” 

You’ll notice that it’s stunning because of the detail and precision that goes into it. It’s handmade and contains a traditional bead-set with diamonds that are set close together.

The final finishing of the ring is the milgrain edges. The ring is unique because the material is black diamonds and white gold in palladium alloy with black rhodium plating.

The number of diamonds in the ring will depend upon your ring size.

Heidi Vornan is a Finland-based brand and designer who creates edgy rock ‘n’ roll pieces that each have a touch of class such as the White Gold Eternity Ring.

Vornan has many times been recognised for her work in publications such as GQ, Vogue, and Tatler. You may hear her referred to as the Finnish Queen of Metal at times. She uses the finest materials to craft her handmade jewellery. 

The 14kt White Gold Blue Sapphire Petals & Pave Diamonds Lotus Eternity Band by Ri Noor £1,732


This particular eternity band will look beautiful on anyone’s finger. It’s unique in that it’s handcrafted with pave set blue sapphire petals and a lotus motif. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the pave set white diamonds. It’s a truly special gift that will put a smile on your partner’s face.

The Baltimore-based designer by the name of Shibani Shinde Patil is in charge of Ri Noor jewellery. The 14kt White Gold Blue Sapphire Petals & Pave Diamonds Lotus Eternity Band is just one from the collection of refined, elegant, and timeless jewellery pieces. 

The settings which are purposefully built aim to amplify the qualities of each stone perfectly. She keeps the modern woman in mind when creating unique and dynamic designs with intriguing gemstones.

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