Earrings can really help elevate a look and add a little luxury to whatever it is you’re wearing. Chandelier earrings are some of the most elegant ones that you can wear, so here are six of our finest chandelier earrings that you can find on JewelStreet’s extensive collection. 

Jelly Fish Chandelier Gold Vermeil Earrings - Joseph Lamsin £162


If you’re a fan of the ocean, then having these Jelly Fish Chandelier Gold Vermeil Earrings are the perfect way to pay tribute to the sea life found in it. 

Made using the sea to organically shape and texture the design, these earrings are unique and have a wonderful 18kt gold vermeil on solid sterling silver. They’re also individually hallmarked for quality and uniqueness. 

With a drop of 45mm from the base of the ear, they present a lovely silhouette when worn. Dressing the ears for any occasion is important, and these are fit for wearing with evening attire. 

All of the items made by designer Matthew JL Harris come beautifully gift-boxed as part of the price you pay.

Matthew is based in Cornwall where he creates jewellery that’s inspired by the Cornish coastal landscape and the lifestyle that comes with it. With his innovative moulding techniques, the jewellery created is textured and organic.

Sterling Silver Timeless Chandelier Earrings With Cubic Zirconia - Shimmer By Cindy £101


When it comes to pieces that are created upon history and memories, the Sterling Silver Timeless Chandelier Earrings are certainly that. 

Inspired by the brooch that Cindy’s own mother had in her jewelry box, these earrings are part of the Timeless Collection that brings that timeless glamour to the modern-day. 

To be worn on a special occasion, these Chandelier earrings with Cubic Zirconia will sparkle throughout the night. Extra glamour is always welcome, and these earrings are sure to provide it when needed.

Shimmer by Cindy was created by designer Cindy Hock Lauwer and helps design jewellery for women that is vibrant in its colour choices, the textures used, and the metals it’s created with. 

Jewellery can tell the story of a woman’s life, and much like these earrings, she puts her own stories into her pieces. Every design is made with this in mind.

Yellow Gold Plated Silver Turquoise & Diamond Floating Rays Detachable Chandelier Earrings - LuvMyJewelry £345


The sun will certainly shine when wearing these Yellow Gold Plated Silver Turquoise & Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Inspired by the sun itself, these earrings are unique in that they are detachable to create multiple looks. They feature ⅕ carats of diamonds that are used in a plate prong setting and can be worn in four ways, including all parts together.

They’re crafted as part of the LuvMyJewelry Sunshine Twist Collection and are a unique piece of designer jewellery. 

As they’re handmade on a made-to-order basis, you’re getting a truly wonderful set of earrings to cherish. LuvMyJewelry creates high-end jewellery that’s artisanal in design and tells a poetic story. Each piece will come with a poem written by founder Sujan Doshi.

Rhodium Plated Gatsby Pearl Earrings - Latelita £195


Elegance is within these Rhodium Plated Gatsby Pearl Earrings, and it’s a homage to that era but brought to the modern-day. 

These front-facing hoop earrings have natural pearls that have been accented with zirconia. That extra element provides added sparkle, and the drop earrings move effortlessly as if part of the body. 

The hypnotic dazzling effect will be sure to catch the light and the eyes of many admirers who get the pleasure of seeing them. It’s a great addition to your earring collection and one that can be great for any occasion, whether that be evening, bridal or wedding guest attire. 

They make an impactful statement whilst being very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The pearls are meant to symbolise a pure heart and mind, innocence, and faith. It’s a gorgeous set of earrings to treat yourself to or a loved one.

Latelita is responsible for the design of these earrings and has been established since 2012. It has become one of the leading establishments of statement jewellery and draws from Eastern influences and contemporary European panache. 

Blossom Sparkling Earrings - Joana Salazar £5,765


When looking for exquisite detail, you don’t need to look much further than these Blossom Sparkling Earrings

They’re a picture of perfection and are a floral dream for anyone who has a passion for nature. The Blossom Baccarat Collection is the reason for these earrings, and they’re truly earrings that are going to wow anyone who sees them. 

They’re dripping in diamonds and emeralds and have a single ruby to add an extra punch. With 18k rose gold, the flattering hue is something that beautifully shows off these stunning pieces.

Joana Salazar found her passion for design back in her early childhood, and being Brazil-based, would go on to get her qualifications in Product Design in Milan. She’s also studied Gemology in India and therefore has a delicious range of culture to be inspired by.

She has an eye for fashion which certainly helps when it comes to her creations, using rich gemstones and precious metals.

Yellow Gold Plated Lotus Shimmy Earrings - Kate Dumbleton £175


If you want to make a serious statement when it comes to your earrings, then the Yellow Gold Plated Lotus Shimmy Earrings are definitely ones that will provide. 

They’re made of layered and linked lotus flower castings to add authenticity, and added sequins give it that extra sparkle needed. With a mother of pearl drop finish, these gold plated sterling silver chandelier earrings are a thing of beauty. 

For over twenty years, Kate Dumbleton has made unique jewellery that’s drawn from the inspiration of legends, nature, art, and even futuristic themes. It’s what makes each and every piece uniquely distinctive in its design and craftsmanship. 

With over 200 designers from around the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to get for your jewellery collection. From affordable to the more luxurious, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when it comes to high-quality made jewellery.