At a young age, wishing for toys at Christmas was simple. Now, it is hard to pinpoint any one thing that you would want.  Aside from a happy family, and the occasional bottle of your favourite tipple, nothing else usually qualifies for the list.

Cufflinks are not given the attention they deserve. Drop a few hints to your loved ones, and hope that they get you a luxurious pair of handmade cufflinks this Christmas.

From understated and minimalist designs, to quirky geometric ones, there’s a huge variety to choose from. Here are six reasons why you need a pair of cufflinks, sooner rather than later.

1.  Cufflinks are family heirlooms

A good pair of cufflinks can be passed down through the generations, especially if they have a special meaning attached to them. These Gold Bee Chain Link Cufflinks would be the perfect accompaniment for a suit or black tie style. They are perfect to wear to a wedding, for example, and would become a physical souvenir of the day itself.

Gold Bee Chain Link Cufflinks   Gold Bee Chain Cufflinks

Deborah Blyth Jewellery | Gold Bee Chain Link Cufflinks | £120.00

2.  Cufflinks are debonair

Your style is often a  reflection of your character. Incorporating these Gunmetal & Gold Panorama Precious Leaf Cufflinks into your wardrobe would make for a suave and refined look. Confident, stylish and charming are words associated with a man who proudly wears these distinctive cufflinks.

Gunmetal & Gold Panorama Precious Leaf Cuffllinks

Tateossian | Gunmetal & Gold Panorama Precious Leaf Cufflinks  | £170.00

3.  Cufflinks are professional

Cufflinks are an under-appreciated jewellery item. Why have they been sitting in our peripheral vision this whole time? Cufflinks should be front and centre for the business savvy man. They are at the forefront of formal wear, and convey a sense of put-togetherness.

These Eon Cufflinks by Albert Tse Metalsmith are cast in Sterling Silver. The aged look gives the cufflinks an aura of transcendence. That they have been around for an eon, and will last for eons to come.

 Eon Cufflinks Round

Albert Tse MetalsmithEon Cufflinks Round | £238.00

4.  Cufflinks are memorable

Every man has one really nice suit that they save for special occasions, and it is usually left in the wardrobe to gather dust. A pair of cufflinks will make you want to make everyday an occasion to remember, and you’ll find that suit popping out of the closet more often.

The Sterling Silver Mechanical Eagle Cufflinks by Tateossian are the ideal cufflinks for a design obsessed gent. Symbolic of power and strength, they highlight a sense of superiority that will not be forgotten by those who see them.  

 Sterling Silver Mechanical Eagle Cufflinks

Tateossian | Sterling Silver Mechanical Eagle Cufflinks | £195.00

5.  Cufflinks make you stand out

Cufflinks make you stand out in a subtle way. It’s all in the details. You will get people double taking when they see the care you have taken with your cufflinks and overall appearance.

The Sterling Silver Lichen Cufflinks by Quinta Essenza are inspired by organic shapes, as seen in the Scottish landscape. These are a pair of cufflinks that will make you want to ditch the blazer and have your shirt sleeves permanently on show.

They don’t have to just be worn with a shirt. They can be incorporated into any long-sleeved jumper, as long as there are holes to include them.

   Lichen Cufflinks    

Quinta Essenza | Sterling Silver Lichen Cufflinks | £135.00

6.  Cufflinks are functional

Cufflinks not only look stylish, but they also serve a purpose. They are both functional and ornamental, as they are a sophisticated alternative to buttons.

The White Rhino Cufflinks, however, serve a different function. They were designed by master jeweller Alexander Jewell to benefit global conservation organisation WildAid. Around 95% of the world’s rhinos have died because of poaching in the last forty years. Your purchase of these cufflinks will help WildAid to counter the demand for rhino horn.

 White Rhino Cufflinks   White Rhino Cufflinks

Alexander Jewell | White Rhino Cuff Links | £5,063.00