Pearl necklaces are never out of fashion. 

Go to any museum and you'll find portraits of the great and good (and the most stylish) wearing them well back into history. 

Golden Age Hollywood gave the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Katharine Hepburn the chance to make the most of the way film lights play on pearls. 

In their most recent celebrity rediscovery - really they never go away - Harry Styles joined Dua Lippa, Billiie Eilish, and the Hadid Sisters rocking this perennial favourite.

If you want to follow their lead here are 6 reasons why these pieces work, and some ideas for you to try yourself. 

1: Pearl necklaces are rich in history

This classic pearl necklace with champagne pearls by Lily Blanche hits the original style beautifully

If you take any interest in jewellery you'll often encounter the powerful pull of nostalgia.

The pieces worn by mothers, grandmothers, and other admired role models have an influence that lasts through our lives. 

And pearls have been in fashion for so long - we've probably been wearing this delightful accident of nature for around 4,000 years at least - that almost all of us have a memory. 

Their universality and relative good value has made them accessible too. 

The classic pearl necklace is a choker, or short necklace worn around the collar bone. It's a piece that instantly signals maturity and sophistication, and triggers memories from millions of jewelboxes.   

2: Pearl necklaces are versatile

Long, with pearls widely spaced on a 14k golf-filled chain, this necklace by NikkiBiedes is delightfully different

Looks that last are usually adaptable. 

Jeans are work wear. But they're also on red carpets. And in clubs. And on shopping trips...

And being worn with pearl necklaces no doubt. 

Pearls are formal, sophisticated, romantic, fun, playful, mature, youthful, sexy, playful, and anything else you want them to be. 

Play around with lengths, the interval between pearls, and even pearl colour to find a look that you love. 

Echo the necklace with earrings and bracelets featuring pearls too. 

3: Pearl necklaces last

Classic pearl necklaceThis classic pearl necklace by Karen Alonso Boyadjieff will never go out of fashion

You won't make many purchases in your life with the expectation that they'll be handed on down the generations. 

When you buy high-quality jewellery it is with this promise. 

Independent jewellers, using long-established craft techniques - like those you find at JewelStreet - produce quality pieces that will last. 

And good design never goes out of fashion. 

Pearl necklaces were being worn thousands of years ago. They'll be worn in thousands of years time. A carefully chosen pearl necklace will be an heirloom piece that your descendants will enjoy as much as you do. 

4: Pearl necklaces can surprise you

Pearls aren't just white. Use them to surprise and confound expectations 

They're classic, they're adaptable and pearls can surprise you. 

Good design isn't afraid to break the rules. And if you prefer your tunes with a remix or your black shoes with lime-green laces then you'll find the pearl necklace to suit you. 

They can be prima donna. And punk. 

Pearls work classically well with silver. But they also sit beautifully on a gold chain. Or with any number of stones - the complementary ice-white glitter of a diamond, or the contrasting deep hues of a sapphire. 

Don't be afriad to experiment with your pearl jewellery. The classical anchor of the material allows rule breakers and convention challengers plenty of room. 

5: Pearls go everywhere 

Pearls, gold, and tourmaline necklace

This necklace by Greek designer Nicofilimon is designed and priced for super-special occasions.

"Pearls are always suitable," said Jackie Kennedy, America's first fashion-icon first lady. 

This was true when she said it, and it's true now. 

You can wear pearls to party. To a special occasion. On a night out. Famously for a wedding. But equally smartly at work. 

Work around your budget, and designs that use these special jewels appropriately and you'll find pearls that work all the time. 

Classic pearl and gold necklace

Just as beautiful and much more affordable, this gold-filled chain and pearl necklace by ORA Pearls can be worn anywhere, any time

6:Pearls are star features

A gold and Tahitian pearl necklace

The gold and pearl Tahiti-Dream necklace by Goldspindel will put all eyes on you

We've shown you a selection of pearl necklaces that take the form and do all sorts of interesting things with it. 

If you love pearls though you don't need to restrict yourself to the time-honoured "string of pearls". 

High-quality - and generally larger - pearls make fabulous starring features in your jewellery. 

You'll feel like a star with a feature pearl around your neck. It's unusual, beautiful, and an eye-catching conversation starter. Pick a coloured pearl for added interest. 

Feature pearls work in all sorts of design settings. Your style may be minimal and modernist or romantic and flambuoyant and you'll find a piece. 

Chunky Link Black Pearl Necklace

This silver and pearl necklace by Ark Jewellery by Kristina Smith is elegant and restrained

If diamonds are a girl's best friend then pearls are her best friend, her sister, mother, group-chat buddy and more. 

Your next jewellery buy should be a pearl necklace. It will be a piece that will stay with you - perhaps beyond you - and that you can take anywhere. 

JewelStreet's independent designers offer some of the most exciting takes on this design classic. Come and see them now.