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Ever cross your fingers? Or use phrases like "touch wood" and "God willing", or look out for black cats? 

We all need a bit of luck in life. 

It's natural to look out for it. And to hope to invite it.

The Evil Eye charm has been representing that wish for at least 5,000 years. 

We're not going to guarantee you a new job, the perfect partner, or sunshine on your wedding day. 

But you'll be lucky to see charms like these anywhere else.

So grab that chance today. 
Hand-crocheted evil eye crystal cuff by Sarah Valley gives you mystery, sensuality, and beauty. You'll love the soft Egyptian Giza cotton yarn and bright, richly coloured Bohemian crystals.
This piece is so special. And you see and feel it in the freshwater pearls, garnets, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Wearing Xanthe Marina's new bracelet is a stunning experience.
Rose gold gives this evil eye a classic weight. Sparkling crystals make it a fun, glam item with a sophisticated finish from the central blue zircon. You'll get lots of wear from this adjustable 40 - 43 cm necklace from popular Latelita London
Hang this around your neck if you love detailed, intricate silver work. The 925 sterling silver is the best you can get. You'll love CarterGore's attention to detail as you pick out one of three sizes to suit you.
Our customers love Cotton & Gems for their comfortable, wearable jewellery. Don't the colours here inspire? Everyone loves Swarovski, and they cling to the hoop and the drop of these chic pieces that come in three finish choices. 
We love the sharp lines that draw the eye to the central stone of this gold vermeil evil eye pendant. Buy this piece for multi-occasion wear, layering, and to add a delicate, meaningful pendant to your jewellery box. It's another lovely piece from Athena
Do you feel the timeless power of the evil eye on the human psyche when you look at this necklace? You can be sure the diamonds and labradorite stones that elevate the charm and chain are beyond time. And the design, by Jada Jo links you to historical Moroccan uses of the symbol. 
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