There’s a reason people wear cocktail rings to cocktail parties. As your vivid cosmopolitan or french 75 sits poised between your fingers, your ring will be the centre of attention. Whether it’s a ravishing ruby to complement those warm whiskey hues or an icy diamond that looks as fresh as your vodka martini. A cocktail ring is a seasonal staple to enhance your evening attire.

Discover these 7 cocktail rings to wear to your next cocktail party. Forget minimalism, cocktail rings are designed to shine brightly. Prepare yourself to be showered in compliments. With these rings on your fingers, you’ll be the epitome of glamour and beauty. 

RI NOOR - £2,085

 Cocktail ring

The chic and milky chalcedony sapphire stone is an unconventional centrepiece to sport at a cocktail event. If you seek beauty in unique and unusual designs, then this is the cocktail ring for you. RI NOOR handcraft bewitching gemstone designs that are opulent and elegant. Choose a ring that is different from the rest with this dazzling piece.


Baenteli - £4,166

 Pink sapphire ring

Love pink? Who can resist this sophisticated pink sapphire pick? Baenteli’s ring renders new meaning to the word elegance. Combining a dynamic, shapely design with luxury gemstones, this ring won’t go unnoticed at your next cocktail event. The rose gold finish is an added feminine touch to this beautiful design. Are you ready to be the centre of attention?

Anna Berezina - £274

 Cocktail ring

Just look how rich the depth of colour is in this amazing ring. Powerful and bold, this azurite gemstone is encased in a floral gold design. Handcrafted by Moscow-based designer Anna Berezina, this punchy design is perfect for the woman who likes to stand out from the rest. A raw-cut finish has a specific elegance reserved only for those with a certain style. Enhance your individuality with a ring as unique as you.

Cristina Cipolli Jewellery - £630

 Cocktail ring

What happens when you fuse architecture and fashion - a ring as breathtaking as this one designed by Italian designer Cristina Cipolli. Cristina draws upon her background as an architect to craft structural and modern jewellery for stylish women. The rose gold finish harmonises perfectly with the plush pink pearl and pink sapphires, forming an authentic ring you won’t see anyone else wearing. Your cocktail will look even more delicious in your hand with this stunning ring poised on your finger.


The Twist by Danya - £1,343

 Cocktail ring

The garden of Eden is an age-old narrative symbolising desire and satisfaction, sensations that are captured in this one-of-a-kind design. This amazing ring features an entwined floral design and is adorned in black diamonds, red rubies and green garnets - the most seductive gemstones. Unleash your deepest desires with ring that channels sensuality and endless elegance. 

Mara Hotung - £2,760

 Cocktail ring

Rutile minerals come in the most unusual patterns. This striking rutile features bold markings that you won’t be able to resist. Adorned in gleaming white sapphires and set in an 18kt gold finish, this cocktail ring will certainly steal the limelight at your next cocktail evening. Mara Hotung crafts timeless pieces that stand the test of time. Invest in this gorgeous ring and you’ll never be at a loss with what to wear. 

Paul Magen - £220

 Cocktail ring

Icy and crisp, there’s a reason topaz is one of the nation’s most-loved gemstones. The piercing colour is unforgettable, enhanced beautifully with the icy sterling silver finish. Inspired by ancient empires and shipwrecked treasures, this gem will be your diamond in the rough - handmade for you, handpicked by you. 

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