Ear studs are always popular at JewelStreet.

Set your filter for studs and you'll get over 1,000 earring pairs - and singles - to choose from.

Personal taste is, well, personal, but there are plenty of obvious advantages to studs:

They're safe and convenient to wear whatever you're doing. Tennis legend Serena Williams can be seen sporting them even while battling her way to another title. Not so easy in dangling hoops.

They're easy to carry and pack when you travel.

And there's no situation - from a work meeting, to a quick drink, to a formal dinner - where studs will be considered unacceptable.

Gold cognac and diamond pave earrings

Gold cognac & diamond pave earrings handmade for you by Scarab Jewellery Design Studio

And, don't they look incredible?

Not always simple. Not always cut down or low key; studs can be flambuouyant, indulgent, and fun.

If you love precious stones, stud earrings are a great way to put the focus on the gems you've chosen. And sometimes a little spot of colour is all you need. It can have more impact than a big splash. When done right.

Independent designers have the freedom - and the talent and belief - to go somewhere else with this type of earring.

So if you want some special stud earrings try these, from makers who really care about what they're producing.

7: 9kt yellow gold green opal stud earrings

Gold and opal stud earrings

Opal stud earrings made by London jewellers Lavan

Slip these on and make the stone the star. Our customers love opals, which come in a rainbow of colours. These simple, elegant settings give you all the sophisticated elegance you could possibly hope for. 

6: 22kt gold-plated dragonfly earrings

Stud earrings with butterflies

Popular Turkish jewellers Milou use enamel and gold-plated brass to create these dragonfly stud earrings

Nature themed jewellery is a perennial favourite: flowers, animals, the solar system... Milou are enamel specialists and have some stunning recreations of the natural world. These dragonfly studs are just one example from their collection. They showcase handmaking skills and enviable detail. 

5: Bright blue floral daisy & tulip hexagon stud earrings

Polymer clay stud earrings showing coloured flowers

Emily Laura Designs of the Cotswolds gives you colour to add zing to any outfit with her clay-made stud earrings

Finding new and different materials are a great advantage of shopping with idependent designers. Here, hand-painted clay is super bright and great value, while still giving you the quality feel of handmade, unique work. 

4: Sterling Silver Floral Buds Earrings

Cast silver flower stud earrings

Based in London and Republic of Korea, ELYONA's silver stud earrings are from a collection designed to evoke your mother's jewellery box

Delicate, textured, full of feeling and  memory. These pieces so small and nunanced and yet they pack in so much. The perfect example of how great design brings meaning where you might not expect it. Do they look fabulous too? We think so. What about you? 

3: Ami studs in sterling silver

Sterling silver geometric stud earrings

American jeweller Britta Ambauen gives you geometric shapes with both curves and straight lines that evoke complexity and strength. They are simple, intricate and detailed 

For you if you like to do things a little differently. The matte finish gives a new dimension to top quality sterling silver, while the design feels both sharp and modern and timeless and organic. Made in Seattle, these stud earrings are a great example of modern artisan jewellery that's so accessible. 

2: Ethical silver green peridot botanical stud earrings

Silver and peridot green stud earrings

Green's a great colour. And British designer Farah Qureshi gives you interest in 3 dimensions with these strikingly contemporary earrings

Wear these to attract attention. And to feel great. They tick all the ethical sourcing boxes, but most of all they are beautifully crafted pieces of spectacular design that will never go out of style. We've never seen peridot looking so good.

1: Sophia purple amethyst stud earrings

Amethyst stud earrings

Delivering the very essence of a great stud earring, this pair by Hestia Jewels of Canada, gives you a great stone and shows it off to perfection

Simple. Elegant. Sophisticated. The Sophia that these ear studs are named for is Sophia Loren. She's one of a number of uber-well dressed and desirable women Hestia Jewels take inspiration from. We think they live up to her reputation. And maybe they'll help you caputure some of her magic. 

Stud earrings are versatile and easy to wear. This selection is just a tiny selection of what is on offer from the independent jewellery designers are JewelStreet. 

Don't waste days looking at page after page of identical images, come and see designers with something different to offer. 

Whether you want a little touch of glamour for an office outfit. Or you want to go big with high-contrast modern design. JewelStreet has what you're looking for. 

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