Gemstone necklaces are striking, beautiful, and they have character, and this makes them the perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

Gemstone necklaces can also be used to complement an array of outfits and ensembles which makes them an essential accessory for the modern world. 

These are some truly amazing designs that can go a long way towards boosting your style and appearance. Here are 7 of our favourites on JewelStreet right now.

Beatrice Rose Gold Amethyst - Latelita London £49


This gorgeous and regal looking amethyst gemstone necklace will make you feel like royalty when you put it on! 

It looks like the kind of jewellery that Kings or queens of old would have worn, and it would be the ideal choice for anyone looking for a smart way of accessorizing or boosting a smart outfit. Designed by the house of Latelita, based in London, the elegance of this necklace should not be overlooked and for less than £50, it’s a bargain!

Blossom Birthstone Aquamarine Necklace - London Road Jewellery £195


Aquamarine is one of the more underappreciated gemstones, and, you can see from this necklace how striking it can be. 

You can see the bright, gleaming blue jewel glistening like a miniature ocean as it is surrounded by the yellow gold leaves and receptacle of a delightful flower-shaped pendant. 

This versatile and lustrous necklace, perfect for March babies, is brought to you by London Road Jewellery, where brother and sister duo Ed and Suzanne guarantee that personal touch of class. 

Worth every penny of its £195 price tag, this gemstone necklace would be the ultimate choice as a gift for someone special. 

Black Onyx necklace - Gemondo £50


This stunning onyx hexagon prism necklace is as striking as it is mysterious. The deep, black gemstone offers a more unique and interesting choice of necklace. 

We love the unusual shape and design as well, and this certainly adds some excellent character to proceedings. 

This modern geometric necklace design would be perfect for informal wear as well as formal. It’s an absolute steal at £50, and would certainly improve any jewellery box. Gemondo Jewellery is an excellent, modern UK-based jewellers, focused on making some great stand-out jewellery that the modern woman can enjoy. 

Yellow Gold Barcelona Birthstone Gemstone - Auree Jewellery from £95


This necklace is a striking and impressive offering from Auree Jewellery, and founder Amelia Bainbridge has clearly prioritised a high-quality luxury item here. 

Everything about this gemstone necklace works, and the balance of the yellow gold combined with the exquisite gemstone sat snug in the centre. 

Available in an array of different colours, this is one of the most glorious choices on the site, and we definitely recommend you indulge yourself. 

Available for as little as £95, this is one necklace that could entirely transform your whole wardrobe, and it should be top of your ‘must-own’ list!

White Gold and Diamond Solitaire Pendant - CRESBER £154


This jaw-dropping 18kt white gold and diamond necklace is one of the most attractive gemstone necklaces on the market. Handset, and with a gloriously cut diamond, this is certainly an attention-grabbing item. 

Included is a certificate that guarantees the weight, cut, colour, and clarity of the diamond, and this is all presented in a smart, artisan box. This one-of-a-kind piece could be yours to own for as little as £147.

Flat Slice Lapis Lazuli Pendant - Gemondo Jewellery £45


Another offering from Gemondo Jewellery, this stunning, deep, rich lapis lazuli gemstone is cut in a hexagon shape, and beaded with gold plated and sterling silver detailing. 

Gemondo Jewellery is renowned for its colourful designs that think outside the box, and this is what makes this a stunning piece to add to your collection. 

Peach Moonstone Pendant - Olivia Leone £62


There has always been something magical about a moonstone. Perhaps it’s in the name, but it has always presented that promise of the unknown. 

This delightful peach-shaped orange moonstone is one of the most eye-catching gemstone necklaces on our site.

Designer Olivia Leone has come up with a quirky and ambitious design that really focuses on improving the best possible aesthetic. With consistency, quality, and great attention to detail, you can see all of Olivia’s qualities shine through with this gemstone necklace.

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