Men's jewellery is much less frightening than you think it is. 

That's if you're buying for a friend, relative, or partner and are not sure where to start. 

Or you're a man who'd like to add some glitter - or some gravitas - to your style and find yourself lost in a world of bad style tips. 

Bronzite Leo Beaded Bracelet by ATOLYESTONE 

Cliches are cliches because they're true, so take on board the most cliched advice of all to get started.

Be true to yourself, dress ind accessorise in ways that make you feel good about yourself, and you'll never go far wrong. 

And bear that in mind as you read these 7 men's jewellery style tips that really work. 

1: Gender rigidity 

the military theme and distressed finish of this oxidised sterling silver & 22kt gold dog tag pendant by Pá-Sa-Ka Studio might be seen as masculine

Dressing in a way that is in line with traditional western gender roles is just another - valid, fun, and fahionable - choice. 

And it's easily made. 

Many designers do design collections or single items that fit that masculine template. 

Generally, that means more plain metal and fewer precious stones in most jewellery. Single stones are more common in men's rings, with simpler, more geometrically straight-forward cuts. 

And some colour palettes are more associated with men. 

Symbols too - military, predator animals, skulls..., though the key is to know your self or your intended recipient rather than to learn some supposed code of male objects. 

In our experience, as a jewellery site, the most common jewellery styles for men (and by men) - outside wedding rings - are bangles and chains. They're usually chunkier than women's styles, usually plainer, and often beady or plain metal styles. That's a very good "safe" buy if you're buying for a man. 

2: Gender fluidity

what gender is a bar of metal? Designer Elin Zoenso describes this piece as unisex - it's just cool though

Jewellery is much less gendered than most clothing. 

It's worn loosely and externally usually. There's no man's size to a piercing. And most jewellery can be worn by most people. 

Lots of designers work in minimalist and modern styles that aren't overtly gendered - what gender stereotype is a plain, silver bangle or a gold, hooped earring?  

Being yourself means being comfortable in what you wear. 

That means a good size. And it also means presenting yourself in a way that conforms with how you see yourself. 

At JewelStreet many styles in the men's jewellery category are marketed at men and women.

Because that's how their designers intended them. They're made as beautiful works of art - not beautiful works of art only when and if a woman wears them. 

3: Being yourself when you're someone else 

buying jewellery as a gift, means looking what the recipient already loves

Buying men's jewellery as a gift oftens up a whole new set of questions. 

How do you reflect the self, when the self isn't you? 

We'll assume that you have a fairly good knowledge of anyone you're going to buy an expensive piece of jewellery for. 

And that you don't need to be told to ask friends, look at what they already wear, find out who their style heroes are, and take a glance at any social media fashion follows they make. 

And if you didn't know all that. Then now you do. 

A good returns policy (JewelStreet has 28-day returns on most items) is a great insurance policy if you're gift buying. 

4: Formal, fun, useful and frivolous

14kt Yellow Gold Plated Silver & Wood Jasper Stone Tag

this 14kt yellow gold-plated silver & wood jasper stone tag by LuvMyJewelry is meaningful and beautiful and can be worn easily in most situations

Why do you - or the person you are buying for - want to wear jewellery? 

Does form follow function or function follow form? 

Jewellery is by its essence a bit extra - with one exception, which we'll come onto next - and so you should feel free to go to town. 

But, if you'd like to buy a personal keepsake that someone will keep with them then you need to buy something they can wear as they go about their usual routines. 

Active lifestyles and heavy, long necklaces, loose bangles, or dangling earrings don't go well together. 

5: The beginner's guide to cufflinks

Cronus Cufflinks by Fayestone

elegant, understated, and make you feel like a million dollars. Cronos cufflinks by Faystone

Cufflinks are one of the nicest ways for a man to feel special. They're elegant, functional, and they (generally) discreetly show an effort is being made to look one's best. 

Cufflinks make you feel amazing. 

We've written full buyers' guides for this fascinating piece of guy kit. 

And the first item on the agenda is always the shirt. 

Cufflinks can be worn in standard shirts with some jerry-rigging but by far the best way to wear them is with French cuffs. 

So if you'd like to wear cufflinks - or your guy to wear cufflinks - then you should start at a formal wear shop. 

6: Size is everything 

Silver ring for men

rings like this gold brick ring by ARC Creative Jewellery need to be sized before buying

Good quality jewellery sites will tell you everything you need to know about each piece. 

And that includes the size. 

Some jewellery - most often bangles and necklaces - is adjustable up to a point. Read the sizes and try them out with a length of string or cloth if you're not sure. 

When it isn't you need to know it will fit. 

This is most important for rings. 

Rings are often the most important and intimate and personal items of jewellery we wear. 

They are also the most commonly miss-sized or ill-fitting items. 

A partnership ring that's literally a painful reminder doesn't do anyone any favours. 

Sizing is relatively simple, but there are UK, US, and EU sizings to be considered. 

If you're buying a ring as a gift it is almost certainly safest to involve the recipient in the purchase. 

7: Being special, being you, being unique 

Personalised silver cufflinks

Initials, personal messages and commissioned works are all extra special like these sterling silver personalised cufflinks by Hilary&June

We live in a world of mass production. And have done for around 300 years now. 

Jewellery offers us something more. 

Anything handmade is likely to be a one-off in some sense. 

Anything that features a precious stone is definitionally unique. 

Engraving a name or message makes things even more special. 

And commissioning something unique or buying a one-off art piece is the perfect way to show you care or to show your soul. 

Jewellery is one of the few things we purchase that may have a life beyond our own. 

It's well worth taking the time to find something special. 

Come to JewelStreet to meet a community of over 700 independent designers and makers, all of them producing handmade work that will be yours to treasure forever.