Earrings are one of a woman’s most important statement jewellery pieces. They enhance your face, your hairstyle and they make for the most beautiful gifts for friends and family alike. Whether it’s gold studs that you love to wear for an understated classic everyday look, or if you enjoy silver hoops or huge chunky dropdown earrings, there are quite a few pretty and unique designs coming for Spring that will inspire your fashion. Earring designs are subjective but there is no arguing that you can never have too many earrings to hang up on your jewellery stand. Let’s take a little look at some of the season’s most beloved designs and what you could have hanging from your ears in the coming season. 

2020 is set to see some shake-ups in whats trendy and what we will see on the runway, but it still remains relatively similar that dropdowns and chunky vintage pieces will swarm the looks of SS20. JewelStreet houses hundreds of independent jewellery designers, with pieces inspired and created worldwide, here are pretty designs that we are likely to see hitting the runway.

Labradorite Dragonfly Earrings - Arra by Aradhana £17

Labradorite Dragonfly EarringsBringing Nature Into Fashion. These beautiful dragonfly earrings are a piece you won’t want to miss. Perfect to wear day or night, they are perfectly ethereal for either. Created from Labradorite, this often iridescent dark grey colour perfectly complements any decorative additions. Arra by Aradhana dragonfly earrings are18kt gold plated earrings, elegantly created in India by Aradhana, it’s heavily inspired by the beauty of nature. These hooked earrings are set beautifully with one-of-a-kind semi-precious stones merged within the body of the earring. Aradhana creates pieces that are both timeless and those that keep up with the modern trends and appreciates the changing designs that are hitting season fashion trends.

Stainless Steel Colourful Statement Textured Clay 3-Tier Dangle Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £20

Stainless Steel Colourful Statement Textured Clay 3-Tier Dangle EarringsGeometric chic. A beautiful modern crafted pair of earrings, made from both stainless steel and clay, both incredibly sustainable and offering a modern Boho vibe without any heavy statements. The geometric design of diamonds and circles offers beautiful alignment, which would suit a plan simple outfit and create an architectural artistic look. The creator, Anja Capuzzimiati creates minimalist jewellery which has been heavily influenced by her background within architecture; her pieces mimic beautifully, ancient design and style. She weaves her personality into each design and believes fully in ethical and responsible design and materials, which makes these earrings a fantastic pick for sustainable fashion for the SS20 season.

Sterling Silver Rainbow Shelly Earrings - Coco & Kinney £23

Sterling Silver Rainbow Shelly EarringsSimple silvers. An iconic earring design which we will continue to see well into the new season are silver hoops. A timeless classic, which encapsulates simple feminine design with refined style. These beautiful rainbow earrings are a modern take on a classic design, silver style by Coco and Kinney perfectly embed Garnet & Citrine & Lemon Topaz & Peridot & Green Amethyst & Blue Topaz & Amethyst, Sterling Silver along the curve of the earring. They look incredibly elegant whilst adding an element of colour for the perfect spring look. Coco and Kinney founded their brand back in 2017 and were both inspired and driven by their passion for jewellery and gemstones; which perfectly merged together with their colourful delights. Every piece of their jewellery is both detachable and interchangeable making it wearable for all fashion looks as well as creating a unique and exclusive feel.

Yellow Gold Plated Drop It Earrings - BUFF £32

Yellow Gold Plated Drop It EarringsGold drops. We will continue to see a trend with simple singular golds and silvers this coming season. These beautiful BUFF Yellow Gold Drop It Drop Earrings are delightfully simplistic in their design yet opulent in their look. Known as disc drop earrings they are crafted to create an easy to wear design, fashion forwards earring. They are beautifully smooth and are perfect for those who prefer a less overstated look. Created by BUFF, their team has been created through the long-time friendship of two incredible jewellers, Mei-Li Burnside and Ellie Ingram. Their diversity is a huge bonus to their brand, creating compatible designs which add a little luxury and elegance to your fashion.

Rose Gold & Black Spinel Moroccan Studs - Murkani Jewellery £44

Rose Gold & Black Spinel Moroccan StudRose Gold Highlight. Rose golds are still dominating the red carpet and runways and this beautiful Moroccan style rose gold stud with a black spinel stone etched into the middle is the most divine pieces. The stud design makes the earrings incredibly wearable, with the Morrocan designs still championing throughout the season. It has a delicate Boho vibe, lovely to wear with blacks and would be beautifully highlighted with other pieces from their range. The designer, Kiralee McNamara created her brand, Murkani Jewellery at the tender age of sixteen. Following her passions and selling in her local area, she began to carve out her own brand and ideas, most lovingly crafted in Bali and Thailand by modern methods, it makes this brand a very forward-thinking designer for 2020.

Petite Drop Earring Gold Turquoise - Latelita London £49

Petite Drop Earring Gold TurquoiseDrops of colour. Another charming design to add to your collection is a little drop of colour, with the Latelita London Gold Petite Turquoise drop. This sensational greeny-blue gemstone hangs perfectly to add a dash of colour to any outfit; with delicate veining and a delicate marble effect in the stone, these earrings enhance any outfit with an easily wearable french hook. Created by a very modern brand, the house of Latelita came to fruition in 2012 and integrates bold contemporary European charisma by using semi-precious gemstones which create a graceful look for Spring.

Sterling Silver Raincloud Earrings - Opes Robur £59

Sterling Silver Raincloud EarringsDazzle with diamonds. A dazzling earring, the Opes Robur Sterling Silver Raincloud Drop Earring is crafted from sterling silver, which is heavily glittering in stunning gemstones. A very heavy and dazzling design, this beautiful earring is a night time winner, with plenty of colour and shine to make you shine. This authentic design is the most incredible evening earring, it encapsulates a rain cloud with diamond raindrops framing it perfectly. Jake Allen and Patrick McCann, founded Opes Robur to create unique one of a kind pieces which promote a sense of exclusivity and luxury. Each earring is simple and bedazzling, a statement piece that any woman would enjoy. 

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