Last week saw the release of Ariana Grande’s long-awaited single 7 Rings. After subliminal social media messages and sneak peaks on her instagram, our ears were finally blessed with the new anthem of 2019 last Friday. Suddenly, January doesn’t seem so blue. 

The song was reportedly inspired by a trip to the jewellery store, where Ariana invested in 7 rings for her 7 closest friends (and two extra rings for her mum and nonna). Here at JewelStreet, we believe everyone should have that extra special ring. You don’t have to be engaged to be decked out with the finest rocks and gems. 

You can watch the topical video here...

Take a look at the top 7 rings that you should be wearing this year. They will see you through any occasion, any location, and any situation, especially on the run up to Valentine’s Day. It’s important to love yourself, and cherish your friendships. You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel the love…

Wearing a ring, but ain't gon' be no "Mrs"

Rings like this one are hard to resist, especially when you're full of self love and self-appreciation. You deserve to treat yourself. Consider buying one for each of your friends too. Friendship jewellery is a long-loved classic, and I personally have a stash of them at home. They hold sentiment, and invoke memories... ones that I can't seem to part with. 

This heart ring has been hand hammered and handcrafted in Bristol, United Kingdom. It features a small outside ring that spins. I don't know about you, but my head - and heart - would definitely be spinning after all the bubbles Ariana drank in the music video!

Silver Hammered Heart Spinning Ring

Lexi Cannon Jewellery | Silver Hammered Heart Spinning Ring | £38.00


Ariana Grande's music video was as Grand as it could be. I'm talking pink everything, champagne bottles galore, and dazzling diamonds that were visible in every scene. Embrace a little Ariana into your life this year, and buy this eye-catching Pink Eternity Ring. It glistens and shines, and will definitely be your Valentine this year. 

This is the perfect ring to wear if you're looking to spice up your everyday style. You can wear it to work, and also to that glamorous black tie event in the evening. 

Signature Heart Pink Eternity Ring

VOA Fine Jewellery | Signature Heart Pink Eternity Ring | £1,605.00


It's hard not to want this unique and statemented ring from Carao Jewelry. The abstract sun and moon motif is refreshing and contemporary. Ariana is all about getting what she wants, and she definitely sets the trends in doing so. You can be different, buy different, and wear jewellery differently to anybody else. Stand out from the crowd this year with exclusive handmade jewellery.

The concept of love itself is an immeasurable and unquantifiable one. The love that you share with your friends is also indescribable, but it is always palpable and alive. As Ariana says,  "I'd rather spoil all my friends with my riches". Share the love with your friends this Valentine's Day.

Sterling Silver Medley Ring

Carao Jewelry | Sterling Silver Medley Ring | £39.00


There's something refreshing about introducing a pop of colour into your style. It's a new year, and like Ariana's new style, you can switch it up too. Be whoever you want, and express your authentic self in the way that you choose. Do you have a bubbly and bright personality? Wear this ring to mirror your positive nature.

This stunning three-bar ring is made out of sterling silver and is capped with a red leather circle. The unusual combination of materials adds an edge to this piece, and you certainly won't see another ring quite like it. This is the last one available, so if you want it, make sure it's yours. 

Sterling Silver & Red Leather Ring

Naomi Davies Jewellery | Sterling Silver & Red Leather Ring | £85.00


The Duo Star Ring by SoftDream by LauraGalasso is beautifully handcrafted in Indonesia. It has a minimalistic designs that has been formed from silver, and then gold plated. The focal point of the ring is the two stars, which have a dot pressed pattern into them. This gives the piece an interesting look and texture. 

This brand is at the cusp of women's fashion accessories, and the handmade jewellery world is set to storm the industry with pieces like this. Be the pioneer of the moment, and choose to wear the rings of the future. 


24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Duo Star Ring

SoftDream by LauraGalasso | 24kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver Duo Star Ring | £72.00


We're onto the sixth ring in the JewelStreet Top Picks selection, and no list is complete without an artistic and contemporary piece like this. Sue Hailstones Designs has handcrafted this ring as part of the Midnight Sky Collection. It takes it's inspiration from the depths of the universe, the sprinkled stars of the galaxy, and the luminous light of the moon. 

Sue Hailstones makes quality jewellery designs that people love to wear, and her passion to make stunning jewellery is not diminishing any time soon. Keep an eye on her latest creations, and you can shine like the brightest star this year.

Sterling Silver Midnight Sky Lyra Art Ring

Sue Hailstones Designs | Sterling Silver Midnight Sky Lyra Art Ring | £160.00


Last, but by no means least, is the glistening and glimmering Watermelon Ring from The Twist By Danya. If there were one ring on JewelStreet that Ariana would wear, it is definitely this one. Even in the winter months, this ring will make you feel like you're pool-side soaking in the rays. 

This piece is part of the Garden of Eden Collection, and has been expertly made from 18kt gold, and has been embellished with diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, and green garnets. 

18kt Rose Gold Watermelon Ring

The Twist By Danya | 18kt Rose Gold Watermelon Ring | £3,661.00