Looking for rubies? Well, you’ll find a wide range of ruby rings to pick from when it comes to JewelStreet. 

We have over 200 designer jewellers that create stunning pieces across the globe. Here are eight stunning ruby rings to add to your ring collection this year.

18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamond Heart Ring - Marcello Riccio London £1,380


Rubies are the very definition of passion and elegance. A rich red ruby stone can really pop when placed in a ring, and with this 18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamond Heart Ring, you’ll truly be the Queen of Hearts. 

The red ruby stone is surrounded by diamonds in a sweetheart shape. It’s a piece that is refined and is vibrant in its colour, making it all the more eye-catching. 

The ring has been handcrafted and handmade by goldsmiths that have over 40 years of experience in the industry. Marcello Riccio London is a specialist when it comes to fine gemstones and is the creator of this gorgeous ruby ring. 

You can order this ring in a different metal to suit your tastes and to make it a unique piece in your collection.

18kt White Gold Ruby Full Eternity Ring - Verfine London £480


For one that’s a little more subtle, this stunning 18kt White Gold Ruby Full Eternity Ring features beautiful ruby gemstones that are a deep pink hue.

It can be a ring that looks amazing on its own or can be accompanied by additional rings if you want to elevate the look on your wedding ring finger.

This high-quality micro-setting that’s used can ensure the safety of the gemstones and that they remain in place for eternity. 

It helps to show off most of the stone too so that it can shine and sparkle in all its wonderful glory. It’s a unique piece of designer jewellery that can be suitable for any outfit you are wearing as it’s subtle enough not to clash.

Crafted by husband and wife duo Neil and Wendy Duckworth, they established Verifine with a clear objective to craft gorgeous eternity rings that could work alone or paired up with other pieces. It’s a London business that has expanded to various other accessories.

9kt Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring - La Parra £375


A more rustic approach is taken to this 9kt Yellow Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring by using a unique one-of-a-kind process that overlaps drops of gold. As a result, it creates this fabulous effect to help create an organic feel to the ring.

This unique and handmade nature means that no two rings are ever the same and you can say that you truly have a unique ring that’s the only one of its kind. 

Each time the finish will be different it’s colour and appearance. The rings can be resized to fit your ring size and can be made bespoke with different gemstones and materials to suit your needs. 

Laura Parra’s stunning pieces are all handmade in her workshop in Bedfordshire. She combines traditional techniques with contemporary silversmithing.

White Gold & Ruby Mama Non M'ama Collection Ring - Pinomanna £14,683


A classic flower design that has been handcrafted in 18kt white gold. With deep red rubies and brilliant cut white diamonds, this is a statement ring.

It’s one to show off at events or to simply wear on a daily basis. It’s a modern classic and makes a bold statement - the perfect gift for any floral lover, whether that’s you, your partner, or a loved one. 

Each petal of this ring is unique in quality and design. Italian designer Pinomanna has over thirty years of experience working out of their studio in Valenza. They take inspiration from nature, art and architecture.

Clair de Lune Ruby Engagement Ring - Andrew Geoghegan £2,544


If ombre were in a ring, then the Clair De Lune Ruby Engagement Ring is certainly matching the criteria. A design that captivates and has a wonderful palette of stones and precious metal. It’s inspired by the night skies of rural France. 

Andrew Geoghegan is responsible for this masterpiece and makes timeless jewellery that uses only the finest of materials and gemstones. He’s inspired by bohemian Britishness and the classic Gallic romance. He’s won many awards and has featured in many magazines and publications.

Ruby Flower Cocktail Ring - Silver Yulan £6,899


Another floral piece, this is truly a ring that embraces vibrance at its core. The Ruby Flower Cocktail Ring is mounted in 18kt rose gold and has lashings of diamonds to boot.

It’s a piece that is set using ‘invisible setting’ and which requires the most advanced setting skills to pull off. It comes from SILVER YULAN Jewellery and led by designer Min Sun. 

Her influence comes from her father and focuses on the younger generations of jewellery wearers. She has managed to establish strong and stable relationships with select ateliers in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japan.

18kt Rose Gold EyeOnYou Ring With Diamond & Rubies - Joke Quick £3,307


All eyes are on the pink rose-cut diamond centre stone with rubies and laid out in a castle setting. It’s an 18kt rose gold set stone and is black rhodium plated to give it that extra punch. 

The mixture of rose gold, pink and black make for a striking appearance and is one that you’ll certainly find unique. 

Belgian designer Joke Quick has had a passion for jewellery from a young age and is influenced by colour and contrast, very much how this ring is designed. Forging the finest raw materials, she creates a stunning range of rings, earrings, and necklaces.

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