The engagement ring, the iconic symbol of betrothal. The promise of a loving future together. Your engagement ring is probably the most important (and expensive) piece of jewellery you will own. You are never without it and will see it on your finger, every day for the rest of your life. Every time you look at it, it should make you smile. 

In years gone by, the ‘rules’ surrounding engagement rings were quite old fashioned and inflexible. An engagement ring was usually expected to be gold (yellow or white) and have a diamond in them. The bigger the diamond, the better.

We’re very lucky that times have changed. An engagement ring is no longer just a standard, gold and diamond design, distinguished by cut and price. Today, women want their engagement rings to reflect their own unique sense of style and personality.

Good news for women, bad news for their partners whose job has now been made a lot more difficult in choosing a ring. Now that the rule book about engagement rings has been torn up, this has opened up a whole range of unusual engagement rings that truly reflect who you are.

Here at JewelStreet, we exist to celebrate the unusual and unique and champion over 200 independent designers from all over the world. We’ve looked through their collections to bring you seven unusual engagement rings to suit your style and your budget.

Oval Pink Morganite Engagement Ring - Oh My Christine Jewellery £596

It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s gorgeous. This pink morganite engagement ring is a modern take on the big and bold look but still maintaining that ladylike luxury.

The ring is handcrafted from 14kt gold and boasts an exquisite oval pink morganite. 

Created by Oh My Christine Jewellery, artists in creating beautiful, modern and ladylike pieces designed to be seen. Their collection is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California.  

14kt Red Garnet Diamond Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry By John £452

This unusual engagement ring is perfect for those looking for a touch of gothic opulence. The rich, high-quality garnet stone is said to have energising and regenerative properties that strengthen, balance and protect. What colour symbolises love and passion as well as red? 

You can choose to have this beautiful stone set in solid white, yellow or rose gold.  

Created in the heart of the jewellery district in Los Angeles, Master Jewelry are better known as husband and wife team Sandra and John, together they create stylish and sophisticated collections.  

14kt Gold Natural Opal, Ruby & Diamond Crown Engagement Ring - Master Jewelry By John £536

This stunning ring is fit for a queen, and what does a queen deserve?  A crown. This perfect union of opal, ruby and diamond is a beautiful way to celebrate your love. The opal is said to inspire faithfulness and loyalty while also stoking passion and desire.  

Again created by the talented duo at Master Jewelry in Los Angeles, this ring is a truly stunning way to say ‘will you marry me’. 

18kt White Gold Carroll Tourmaline Ring - Davidson Jewels £2,462

A truly unique and unusual engagement ring. With a design that is part medieval/ part industrial, this is the ideal ring for someone who wants to make a beautiful statement but doesn’t want an overly feminine look.

This ring boasts 18kt white gold basketweave construction as the setting for a beautiful cushion cut green tourmaline stone. 

Canadian Ian Davidson of Davidson Jewels has forgotten more about designing unique engagement rings than most people will ever know. With five decades of experience, Ian specialises in designs that truly represent the personality of their wearer and the importance of the occasion.  

9kt Gold Cats-Eye Tourmaline Engagement Ring Pair - Pamela Dickinson £825

One of the issues around choosing a non-traditional engagement ring is having to select an accompanying wedding ring that compliments your choice. Luckily, this beautiful creation from Pamela Dickinson, solves that dilemma.  

The beautiful cat's-eye tourmaline, set in 9kt yellow gold, comes with a beautiful, coordinating wedding band which nestles comfortably beside it.

Just like the happy couple, they make the perfect pair. The engagement ring on its own looks beautiful and will attract a lot of attention, then, when you tie the knot, you can pair it with its perfect partner.

Pamela Dickinson is an exciting jewellery designer and is known for her bold and colourful pieces. Her collections have created a cult following and her pieces have been featured in classic retailers Asprey’s and Liberty.  

18kt Yellow Gold Rosie Ring - Melissa Anderson £2,000


This Victorian-inspired, gothic engagement ring features beautiful black moissanite surrounded by handmade roses. It’s a truly romantic engagement ring that is worthy of a place on anyone’s finger.  
Melissa Anderson creates her beautiful jewellery collections in her New Zealand based studio.  Her work is heavily inspired by Victorian era jewellery and classic designs with a modern, romantic twist.

Melissa herself wears jewellery that represents an important memory or person in her life and wants everyone who wears a piece of her jewellery to feel the same way.  

18kt White Gold Ruby & Diamond Heart Ring - Marcello Riccio £1,380

If you’re in love and you want to shout about it, then what better way to do it than with this absolutely and unashamedly romantic engagement ring?

The large heart-shaped ruby, surrounded by diamonds and set in 18kt white gold is both bold and yet still retains a ladylike elegance. 

You can also make this unusual engagement ring truly unique by taking advantage of the specialist engraving service to give your ring that extra special touch.  

This beautiful ring is created by Marcello Riccio, by goldsmiths with over 40 years of experience. They specialise in vivid, glamorous designs created at their studio in the heart of London.