Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey released her new album, Norman F**king Rockwell last week. With delicious imagery and soothing notes, it’s a signature Lana masterpiece. This artist is a walking 1950s starlet, using themes of melancholy and glamour to craft music rich with emotion. From her iconic stylized music videos to brooding lyrics, Lana Del Rey’s work functions to inspire all aspects of modern culture.

Norman F**king Rockwell is no exception to Lana’s influential oeuvre. If you love Lana Del Rey’s cinematic voice as much as I do, then you’ll love what’s to come. Discover seven jewellery pieces inspired by lyrics from Lana Del Rey’s new album. From butterfly motifs to ice cream colours, this collection of jewellery is almost as dreamy as Lana’s music.

"Ice cream, ice queen"  - Venice B*tch

Lana Del Rey jewellery
Longing and desire, are there any two themes more fitting to describe Lana Del Rey’s music? Painting a modern romance with a classic LA backdrop, Venice B*tch carries Lana’s ethereal yet deep persona through visceral, sensual lyrics. Ice cream with an ice queen edge… ileava jewelry’s opal teardrop ring is the perfect piece to encapsulate this song. The opal reflects ice cream colours which is enhanced by the subtle colour of the 10kt gold band. Feel like an ice queen with this one-of-a-kind ring poised on your finger, ready to break the hearts in Hollywood.

"I'm the board, the lightning, the thunder" - Mariners Apartment Complex

Lana Del Rey Jewellery

Bowie, Prince, Lana - lightning is a symbol all great musicians reference. Mariners Apartment Complex is an ode to strength and empowerment. Ed Wilson Jewellery’s dainty and chic lightning earrings will be your go-to studs this season, making you feel bold and powerful. Handcrafted on the Cornish coastline, channel the forces of nature with the edge of Venice Beach.

"I like to see everything in neon
Drink lime green, stay up 'til dawn" - F*ck it I love you

Lan Del Rey Jewellery

Summer isn’t the only time for colour. Lana Del Rey carves her authentic style with little pops of colour. Whether it’s gleaming emerald earrings on the red carpet or cherry red acrylics. Feel the elegance of a 1950s glamour queen with these vibrant peridot earrings by London-based designer Xanthe Marina. The designer’s fascination with coloured gemstones is transformed into striking pieces that should never blend into the background. See everything in neon with these daring and chic drop earrings.

"My baby used to dance underneath my architecture" - The Next Best American Record

Lana Del Rey Jewellery

One of my favourites of the album, The Next Best American Record has a 70s vibe with the signature Lana mood. An ode to California, adventure, and ambition, she revitalises the American Dream under a sadcore melody and allegory of love. The inspiration behind the argent architect ring by Xiaohe Shen is to represent ‘the polished beauty which we see in our great civilisations today’, emanating ‘elegance and softness’, perfectly mirroring the harmony and elegance of Lana’s song.

"I miss New York and I miss the music
Me and my friends, we miss rock and roll"  - The Greatest

Lana Del Rey Jewellery

Music is often an immense driving force between our designers’ creations. In interviews, we always ask them what music they like listening to in their studio, as it offers such insight into their jewellery and influences. Heidi Vornan’s love for rock and roll and metal music is visible. This bracelet, crafted in black rhodium, consists of black skulls peppered across a series of chains. If rock and roll culture resonates with your style, you’ll love Heidi Vornan’s punchy pieces.

"The poetry inside of me is warm like a gun" - Bartender

Lana Del Rey jewellery

Dangerous and dark are two words that often categorise the themes in Lana Del Rey’s music. She tells stories about the desire for adventure and the expense that comes with chasing love and thrill. Bartender is a dejected poem about loneliness and disconnect, made all the more real by the lyric ‘the poetry inside me is warm like a gun’. Snake Bones’ gun pendant captures both the recklessness and glamour of Lana’s song. Adorned with tempting black diamonds, this luxury piece won’t go unnoticed.

"Happiness is a butterfly
Try to catch it like every night
It escapes from my hands into moonlight" - Happiness is a Butterfly

Lana Del Rey jewellery

Butterflies have always been a popular motif in jewellery. With vibrant coloured wings and fluid shapes, our designers craft elegant jewellery using this symbol of freedom. Lana Del Rey’s music channels the spirit of luxury with a gritty LA edge. This incredible ring by STEFERE will be a unique addition to your jewellery box. Combining ‘rock and glamour’ elements, the incredible attention to detail in this world-class piece is stunning.