Brooches are slowly becoming 2019’s hottest accessory. We saw a plethora of brooches at both men’s and women’s fashion week this year. They’re bold, full of attitude and apparently favoured in XXL size. Like many people, I used to associate brooches with my Grandmother (and I’m pretty sure her style icon was the Queen). Of course, our Elizabeth dazzles wearing the finest royal brooches. However there are endless ways to style brooches to make them look edgy, chic and youthful.

Your jewellery box is incomplete without a brooch to wear season to season. Never worn a brooch before? Not sure how to style brooches? Don’t worry. I’m going to show you how to look effortlessly on-trend wearing a brooch this season. A brooch can take your look from drab to fab, and yet they’re the most underrated accessory! So watch and learn as I show you 7 different ways to wear a brooch and look eternally elegant.


1. On a lapel

Brooch styled on lapel Cherubino Brooch

 Vintouch Italy | Cherubino Brooch £57.00

Showcase your timeless fashion flair with an elegant brooch poised on your lapel. This is perhaps the most traditional way to wear a brooch - perfect for the brooch-beginners amongst you. Vintouch Italy’s Cherubino brooch is the ideal pick for this position. The Renaissance trend is super hot this season. The cherub design and simply pin fastening would look truly a la mode positioned on the lapel of your silk tuxedo jacket. Style with your hair slicked back and a berry coloured lip for a high-fashion look that radiates confidence. For something a little less bold, style on your everyday blazer for a touch of detail that won’t go amiss. 

On your cuff

Brooch styled on cuff Orange Sapphire And 18kt Yellow Gold Safety Pin

 Mara Hotung | Orange Sapphire And 18kt Yellow Gold Safety Pin | £650.00

I don’t know about other women, but I feel like I’m missing out not being able to wear cufflinks. Cufflinks are a super sleek and sexy way to adorn a shirt. Indeed, women have more choice when it comes to blouse designs, such as ruffles and lace cuffs. We can opt for cuff bracelets to add some personal flair to our outfits. Even so, I would love to be able to wear a chic pair of cufflinks. My solution - wear a brooch on your sleeve cuff! Look how striking the bumble bee brooch looks worn on the cuff above. Recreate this look with Mara Hotung’s Safety Pin brooch. People will double-take admiring your glittering gemstone brooch. I guarantee you’ll feel edgy setting the new rules of accessorisation!

On your scarf

Brooch styled on scarf Sterling Silver Sunflower Lapel Pin Brooch

 Michele Benjamin Jewelry | Sterling Silver Sunflower Lapel Pin Brooch | £198.00

Sarah Jessica Parker is channeling some classic Carrie style artistry in this look. Adding a twist to the classic silk scarf choker look, Parker fastens the scarf using a stunning silver brooch. Now this is a look you’re unlikely to see your Grandmother repping! Why not wear your hair in a high ponytail and fasten at the back for a playful detail onlookers will admire. Michele Benjamin Jewelry’s Sunflower brooch is the perfect pick for this way of styling a brooch. The elegant floral motif will imbue your look with sunshine and radiance.

On your bag

Brooch on Bag Sterling Silver Thuja Leaf Brooches

 Hanus Lamr | Sterling Silver Thuja Leaf Brooches | £87.00

It’s my belief that one should always personalise their handbag. Your handbag carries anything and everything you need. It is an extension of you. We’ve all felt that pang of panic when we think we’ve lost our handbag. Why not make your handbag your own with a brooch that perfectly represents who you are. I always style my handbag with a vintage scarf and a brooch - can you name a more iconic duo? Hanus Lamr’s Thuja Leaf Brooch is understated and elegant. Handcrafted from sterling silver, the minimalist design of this brooch means it will coordinate with every new handbag you buy - functional AND chic! 

On your shoe

Celine AW15 18kt Gold Bee Brooch Brooch on shoe 

 Nicole Barr | 18kt Gold Bee Brooch | £4,425.00

Celine’s AW15 ready to wear collection featured an array of bold brooches clasped to the models’ shoes. From stilettos to brogues, fasten a brooch to your shoe and elevate your shoe game this season. The best and most authentic style is carved from an acute attention to detail. Why follow the crowd when you can set the trend yourself? You can take your look from day to night by adding a luxury brooch to your shoe. People will be stealing your style in no time with this simple yet effective fashion trick! Why not go extra with Nicole Barr’s Gold Bee Brooch. Set with diamonds, pearls and citrine gemstones, you’ll be looking fabulous head-to-toe.

In your hair

Brooch styled in hair Blue Enamel Brooch

 Jan D | Blue Enamel Brooch | £103.00

You probably know the famous 19th century portrait of Elisabeth the Empress of Austria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. The princess is wearing a collection of jewelled diamond stars in her hair, radiating luxury and poise. This trend has been around for centuries, so why not recreate your own regal glamour by pinning a brooch in your hair? Models at the recent Chanel show wore pearl Chanel brooches in their hair and looked fabulous. Go abstract and artistic with Jan D’s Blue Enamel Brooch. The fluid forms and popping blue colour will look gorgeous amongst your long locks.

On your collar

Brooch styled on collar Cascade Brooch

Jo Baker | Cascade Brooch | £475.00

Button up shirts are a timeless wardrobe staple. But why not jazz up your neckline with a brooch to centre your outfit around. This look was huge at fashion week showcased by designers such as Burberry as well as street style influencers. Jo Baker’s Cascade brooch will look sleek and chic fastened in between your collar. You could even interlace a vintage scarf through the brooch for extra attention to detail. The unusual texture of this brooch emanates confidence and style. Channel a style full of attitude with a single brooch that elevates your ensemble.