Pendants make for beautiful pieces to hang around your neck, whether to help amplify an outfit or to add a dainty, finishing touch. Here are ten amazing gold pendants that are available to buy on our site.

9kt Gold Medium Short Lily Pearl Pendant - Amanda Cox £287


A handmade, 9kt Gold Medium Short Lily Pearl Pendant is an elegant piece that you don’t want to miss when it comes to your jewellery collection. 

A radiant freshwater pearl sits at its centre and is suspended effortlessly by a 16-inch gold chain. Representing the appearance of a lily, it symbolises purity and devotion. 

This is one that would make a perfect gift for a friend or family member who’s friendship is lifelong. Amanda Cox Jewellery is a Yorkshire based designer that has been making jewellery since 1970.

14kt Gold Diamond Hexagon Pendant - Edge Only £1,190


With a hallmarked 14kt Gold Pendant, this is a wonderful and unique piece. The intricate hexagonal pattern makes for a statement piece that will likely impress anyone who sees it. 

There are 13 brilliantly cut diamonds that are set in a pavé style. Edge Only makes all it’s jewellery ethically in Ireland and is highly-designed for both men and women.

Gold Seahorse Pendant - Lily Blanche £45


A perfect pendant that can be worn alone or layered with other seaside-orientated pieces. This Gold Seahorse Pendant includes a gold chain and has exquisite detailing that can be distinguished no matter what you wear. Whether it’s to accompany a casual outfit or to dress up evening attire. 

Based in her studio in Stirling, Gillian Crawford is the creative director of Lily Blanche. She’s taken inspiration from her grandmother in many of her designs and creates jewellery that has hidden secrets and meanings, creating the heirlooms of tomorrow.

Rose Gold Plated Silver Modern Pearl & Ruby Hexagon Drop Pendant - Gemondo £35


An elegant and beautifully designed piece, this Rose Gold Plated pendant features an oval cut ruby and a pearl that dangles below. It’s a unique handmade piece that is luxurious in its appearance. 

Suspending on a rose gold plated sterling silver chain, it’s a pendant necklace that any lover of gold would love to have in their collection. 

Gemondo is a UK-based jewellery brand that helps bring to life the colourful gemstones within precious gold and sterling silver. 

Butterfly Enamel Pendant - Mirabelle £36


If you’re looking for something that’s truly unique, then the Butterfly Enamel Pendant is one that will really set hearts fluttering. The gold plated 22ct brass pendant comes with a simple chain and extender to match any preference on length. 

The butterfly is a spirit animal and one that is associated with personal transformation. A perfect coming of age present or gift for a loved one who has achieved something substantial perhaps. 

Hand-made, this designer jewellery is made with love and soul. Mirabelle founder Veronique Henry has travelled extensively to inject inspiration into her pieces. From South East Asia’s influence, she’s managed to fuse both ethnic and contemporary aesthetics.

Gold Vermeil Walking Moon Pendant With Pearl - Carou £96


Featuring a freshwater pearl, it’s draped onto a simple fine chain that would look stunning with whatever outfit you wear. It’s one that’s part of ‘The Moss Between Our Lips’ collection from Carou. It’s a collection that’s inspired by travels to beautiful ruins that have been reclaimed by nature. 

With pieces that are inspired by history, the Gold Vermeil Walking Moon Pendant is a gorgeous piece to own. Handmade in LA, the California based brand Carou makes modern jewellery. It’s inspired by travel, nature, and ancient lands. Perfect for anyone who likes history in their accessories.

Yellow Gold Star Flower Pendant Necklace - Latelita £59


For that wow factor, the Yellow Gold Star Flower Pendant Necklace definitely goes there. A three-dimensional piece that has signature Latelita London sparkles. 

It’s the perfect piece for those who love to make a statement with their accessories and will definitely add drama to any outfit you pair it with. A lobster clasp and size adjuster make this an easy wear for anyone’s ideal preference. 

Latelita is a brand that has been established since 2012 and has become known in the industry for its statement jewellery. It fuses Eastern silhouettes with contemporary European panache in order to create such elegant pieces.

Blossom Birthstone Yellow Gold Opal Pendant - London Road £220


The Blossom Birthstone Yellow Gold Opal Pendant is a part of the Blossom Birthstone collection. It features an Opal pendant, inspired by the gemstone of October and is simple in its design. 

The opal is contained in a 9kt yellow gold flower pendant, and falls beautifully from a delicate chain that will look beautiful, laid bare on the skin. 

Designed by brother and sister duo, the London Road Jewellery uses cutting edge techniques and traditional hand settings to create wonderful pieces.

If you’re looking for a gold pendant to add to your collection, then there are over 200 designers to choose from when shopping at Jewel Street.