Are you looking for jewellery with “edge?” If so, then you’ll love the massive evil eye selection from JewelStreet. 

We offer evil eye jewellery in a variety of unique styles and designs handmade by our 200 specialist artisans across the globe. 

Each piece says something slightly different and provides you with something unusual you can wear, wherever you want to go. 

18kt Gold Evil Eye Necklace - Xanthe Marina £1850

18kt Gold Evil Eye NecklaceThis 18kt Gold Evil Eye Necklace is the brainchild of Xanthe Marina - a British-based jeweller who likes to take inspiration from the Middle East. 

The design is very much reminiscent of something that you might find at the bazaar, with its multicoloured stones, beautiful pearls, and stunning “crying eye,” which is a close depiction of the original ancient Egyptian symbol of Osiris. 

The unique design is believed to protect the wearer from “evil eyes”. 

The necklace is a delicate chain of gold, pearls, garnets and turquoise. 

The buckle that sits behind the neck is an attractive S-shaped clasp that looks great when worn with hair up. 

Gold & Topaz Evil Eye Stud - Murkani Jewellery £51

Gold & Topaz Evil Eye Stud

These evil eye 18kt studs are a stunning set of earrings that are perfect for wearing every day. 

The evil eye studs are the brainchild of Australian designer, Kiralee McNamara, who gets the majority of her inspiration from Morocco and North Africa. 

The design evokes memories of the ancient world, with it’s pure, gold-plate appearance and stunning topaz inlay. The carvings on the surface of the ring look like hieroglyphs and create a warm, summery feel. 

Kiralee began making craft jewellery at just sixteen years of age after discovering that she had an eye for style. 

Back then, she made accessories from craft clay and sold them to shops in her local area. 

Over time, she refined her jewellery-making techniques and began to create professional pieces. 

In 2011, she launched her first collection based on Moroccan textiles and garments. The Gold and Topaz Evil Eye Studs continue that legacy. 

Yellow Gold Evil Eye Charm Necklace - Laura Adele Jewellery £145

Yellow Gold Evil Eye Charm NecklaceThis Yellow Gold Evil Eye Charm Necklace from Laura Adele Jewellery combines blue and gold, just like the offering from Kiralee McNamara. 

The short-length 9kt gold chain is delicate and the charm small and unobtrusive. The piece arrives in a specially-made package with a box and ribbon. 

The yellow gold evil eye charm necklace is the creation of Laura Vanderslott - a London-based Jeweller who likes to create tiny but tough pieces with an artistic vibe. 

Laura’s yellow gold evil eye charm necklace is impressive because it combines her unique take on historical motifs with her focus on creating delicate products. 

It’s a high-end item, designed to pair with the chicest outfits. 

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Necklace   - Latelita £49

Sterling Silver Evil Eye NecklaceLatelita London proves that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get evil eye jewellery that is both stylish, handcrafted and made of high-quality materials. 

The company’s evil eye necklace made of Sterling silver is perfect for wearing every day and keeping evil spirits at bay.

In its marketing, Latelia plays heavily on the symbolic significance of the “evil eye.” The necklace serves as a ward designed to fend off “malevolent glares.” 

Thus, not only does it look great worn around the neck, but it also protects the wearer from the threats that they face throughout the day.

Latelita was established in 2012 and is unique for the way it combines eastern and European design tropes. 

The company specialises in making statement jewellery that helps wearers stand out when on the go with semi-precious metals and gemstones. 

Rose Gold Plated Evil Eye Disc Necklace - Mantra Jewellery £65

Rose Gold Plated Evil Eye Disc NecklaceMantra Jewellery’s Rose Gold Plated Evil Eye Disc Necklace is a piece of jewellery designed to change both your appearance and your mindset. 

The beautiful gold-stamped eye shines brightly out from the body and is designed to ward off bad things that might come your way throughout the day. 

Mantra Jewellery creates bespoke items designed to inspire and uplift wearers. The mission of the brand is to develop products that celebrate both the beauty and power of its customers. 

With its beautiful appearance and 20-inch adjustable chain, the company’s rose gold plated Evil Eye Disc Necklace will help you feel great. 

24kt Yellow Gold Plated Evil Eye Necklace - Soul2Seven £134

24kt Yellow Gold Plated Evil Eye NecklaceThe 24kt Yellow Gold Plated Evile Eye Necklace includes stunning shades of both blue and red intermixed with gold borders, designed to give the wearer and sense of courage and fearlessness. 

It is a bona fide “third eye” always watchful of your surroundings, keeping an eye out for possible threats in the environment.

The unique necklace is the product of Turkish jewellery Soul2Seven who make all their products by hand in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. 

18kt Rose Gold Large Carved Evil Eye Necklace - The Twist by Danya

18kt Rose Gold Large Carved Evil Eye NecklaceThe Twist by Danya is a designer that doesn’t mind taking risks - and that’s undoubtedly what Danya has done here with her 18kt Rose Gold Large Carved Evil Eye Necklace. 

The necklace is an innovative piece that features a beautiful white eye with a shapely gold medallion at the centre on an impressive and elegant rose gold chain. 

The Twist by Danya is the brainchild of Lebanese-born designer Danya Jabre. 

The collection includes esoteric combinations of everyday objects made of delicate materials, inspired by her travels around the globe. 

Yellow Gold Diamond and Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet - London Road Jewellery £375

Yellow Gold Diamond and Turquoise Evil Eye BraceletLondon Road Jewellery is a designer that focuses on creating gem-set fashion pieces right in the heart of the UK’s capital city. 

Founded by a sibling duo, the outfit uses cutting-edge handcrafting techniques to create colourful jewellery that evokes a particular time and place in history.

The company’s Yellow Gold Diamond and Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet is no exception, with its bright gold chain, beautifully pave set radiant diamonds and vivid turquoise central stone. 

The necklace features a beautiful evil eye designed to ward off malicious spirits and characters and keep the wearer safe. 

London Road Jewellers are famous throughout the country for their innovative designs and unique take on gem-setting. 

Their evil eye bracelet is yet another example of how the maker likes to do things differently.