Nothing says I love you more than a beautiful necklace. In fact, nothing says, “I love myself” better than a beautiful chain gleaming and complementing your skin tone.

Chain necklaces, for women, are more than mere accessories - they are a statement of personality, confidence, and beauty.

When picking out a chain necklace, there are a few things one needs to consider - the design, the color, the designer, and of course, the cost. 

Let’s take a closer look at eight chain necklaces for women worth having.

Silver Anemone Pendant - Matter Jewellery £22


Our first entry is the Silver Anemone Pendant. Designed by Matter Jewellery, this necklace features a handcrafted silver pendant.

The inspiration for this pendant design is linked to a popular ancient legend of Adonis and Aphrodite. But unlike the short lifespan of the flower, this silver pendant is sure to last you a lifetime. 

The pendant comes with a gleaming silver necklace that does not only compliment the pendant but will easily match any outfit you choose to wear with it. 

The designer, Athen-based Stavros Konidaris, is part of the Matter Jewellery team and is gifted with the skill of creating truly unique pieces with a touch of minimalistic edge. 

Stainless Steel Garnet & Aquamarine Drop Choker Necklace - Regnez £23


Up next, we have the Regenz Stainless Steel Garnet & Aquamarine Drop Choker Necklace. From the Heritage Collection, this necklace is not only beautiful but also truly unique. 

The features include the following: Beautiful garnet almandine stones perfectly punctuated by natural aquamarine faceted drop face and back. A chain made from nickel-free steel and features a magnetic closure - don’t we all hate the hustle of struggle to interlock two tiny hooks? 

This necklace is elegant enough to go with your dinner gown, and still “low-key” enough to go with your work clothes without attracting too much attention.

Plus, this necklace is available in a beautiful package and can be that perfect gift for that special woman in your life.

Steel Green Madagascar Agate & Chartreuse Pearl Necklace - Regnez £23


Regenz makes another entry with this Regenz Steel Green Madagascar Agate & Chartreuse Pearl Necklace. You can’t get enough of the Heritage Collection from Regenz.

Just like our previous entry, this necklace also features a magnetic closure that makes it very easy to get around the neck. Plus, the magnet is strong enough to hold up against the busiest day. 

It also features beautiful Madagascar agate green faceted stones that measure just about 10 mm in diameter. The green color of the stones easily stands out no matter what outfit they are worn with. 

The necklace measures 18.3 inches. So you’re sure it’s not going to be hidden somewhere underneath your clothes. This is a necklace to show off.

Allumette Neon Bell Necklace - Neon Blue - Allumer £24


Allumette Neon Bell Necklace - Neon Blue is next on our list. 

Fancy being heard the moment you step into a room? That’s just what this necklace will offer you, but not only being heard but also being seen. This neon necklace is exactly as its name suggests. 

Designed by the award-winning London-based jewellery brand, Allumer, this necklace features a tiny bell with a stylish necklace. 

Inspired by love, friendship, and light, senior designer Natasha Leith-Smith has produced a necklace that can be worn for almost any occasion. 

Plus, this chain comes in different beautiful colours, each one measuring about 50 cm long. However, they can also be worn as bracelets by wrapping them around the wrist. 

Bring some sparkle into your life with any pick from these neon necklaces.

Silver Peony Pendant - Matter Jewellery £26


Moving on, we have the Silver Peony Pendant. Matter Jewelry makes another appearance with this peony pendant necklace. And if you remember our first entry, then you’ll have an idea what to expect with this necklace. 

Most people believe that peony was inspired by Paion or Pains - known to be a healing deity. So, if you want a sense of calm and healing, get this necklace. 

The handcrafted pendant comes in a falling movement - a simple and yet beautiful design that will easily be the center of attraction when worn with a low neck outfit.

The designer, Stavros Konidaris of Matter Jewellery ensures the minimalistic edge that characterizes his designs are well reflected on this beautiful piece of jewellery.

Double Sided Water Enamel Medal Necklace - Mirabelle Jewellery £29


This 22ct gold plated Double Sided Water Enamel Medal Necklace from the Talisman Collection is a must-have. 

It features a gold-plated Mini Biba chain that measures 45cm and paired with a 22ct gold-plated medal. The medal comes with beautifully detailed enamel artwork. The front part of the medal shows the water symbol, while the backside depicts the three water planet symbols of pluto, moon, and neptune.

Designed and handcrafted by Mirabelle Jewellery Ltd, this medal necklace is almost perfect for any lover of water bodies. 

Also, its design allows it to be a good accessory for any kind of outfit. The 45cm chain can either be hidden underneath the outfit or proudly displayed on top of it. Pick the latter, though.

Concrete And Stainless Steel Deconstructed Adjustable Pendant Necklace - Anja Capuzimatti £30


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear steel and concrete in the same sentence? 

Try the Concrete And Stainless Steel Deconstructed Adjustable Pendant Necklace and see how stainless steel combines perfectly with a concrete adjustable pendant to produce a truly unique and beautiful necklace. 

Don’t let the term concrete confuse you, as the pendant is lightweight. Designed by Anja Capuzzimati, the design of this beautiful piece of jewellery is greatly influenced by her background in architecture, and the nature and geometry of shapes.

Silver Owl Of Athena Pendant 4 - Matter Jewellery £30


Let’s round up our list with the Silver Owl Of Athena Pendant 4. If you are a lover of Greek mythology, then you’ll probably love this necklace. 

It is believed that Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, is accompanied by a little owl. The bird has, therefore, been used in association with wisdom, erudition, perspicacity, and knowledge. 

Okay, back to the necklace. The pendant is handcrafted with a minimalistic design. This piece of silver jewellery can be used for every occasion. Plus, it is an excellent gift idea for any woman in your life.