Are you in the market for a pair of funky earrings? 

If so you’ll love our funky earring edit. We’ve selected some beautiful funky earrings that will help you get that “edge” you’ve been looking for, transforming your look in an instant.

14kt White Gold Coral Eddy Wavy Edge Hoops - Hazel NY £2,188


Ever wanted to wear a pair of earrings in the style of a wave? Then you’re in luck. Hazel NY offers these beautiful white gold coral eddy wavy hoops, designed to be reminiscent of waves breaking on the shore. The earrings feature individually-placed diamonds and precious stones, evoking the reflection of the sun on the water. 

Hazel NY, run by Hazel Kuffer from her workshop in New York, is well-known for its edgy designs. Here the brand uses stones of different colours to give these earrings a kaleidoscopic appearance. 

14kt Yellow Gold Plated Silver Daybreak Turquoise Drop Earrings - LuvMyJewelry £299


These gold plated silver daybreak turquoise drop earrings from LuvMyJewelry, are incredibly unusual and destined to make a statement. 

They feature a central turquoise drop surrounded by gold canes representing light rays and arrive in a box with a poem written by the company’s founder called "Sunshine Twist."

US-based LuvMyJewelry has been in the business of creating luxury jewellery that tells a poetic story for years. Today it is celebrated all over the world because of its high ethical standards and membership of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This new set of earrings is the ideal accessory for a hot summer’s day at the beach. 

18kt Black Gold Renaissance Earrings With Tsavorite Garnets - Mara Hotung £2,800


These funky earrings from Mara Hotung are one of the more sophisticated options on this list. Featuring 18kt black gold and Tsavorite Garnets, these are certainly among the most premium earrings, designed to evoke the kind of styles popular in the Italian courts.

They are the creation of the brand’s namesake, Mara Hotung, a woman who began creating luxury jewellery more than two decades ago. 

Mara’  story started when she created a cluster of earrings for her mother. She then went on to pursue a career designing and creating contemporary classics in jewellery form. The result of all this effort is these timeless 18kt black gold renaissance earrings fit for any occasion. 

18kt Gold Bee drop Earrings - Nicole Barr £1,940


Have you ever had the urge to wear bees on your ears? Well, if you have, you’re in luck. 

Nicole Barr deploys her trademark plique-a-jour enamel on 18kt gold to recreate this favourite garden insect in precious stones and metal. The standout feature of the necklace is the diamond- and citrine-studded thorax. Below that sits the bee wings, covered in Nicole’’s speciality coloured enamel. 

Nicole Barr is one of the most exciting jewellery designers on JewelStreet. She began her journey in jewel crafting following in the tradition of Fabergé and René Lalique by hand-enamelling all her pieces and then adding precious gemstones to finish. This fun and somewhat unusual earring set is the perfect way to enjoy her unique approach while giving you an edgier look. 

18kt Gold Plated Silver Golden Coins Oval Earrings - SOLUNA £270


When it comes to funky earrings, it’s all about going big - or at least that’s the attitude of Soluna, the artisan behind these 19kt Gold Plated Silver Golden Coins earrings. 

To say that these earrings are large would be an understatement - they’re enormous. However, that’s the point. Soluna created these so that the wearer could make a statement. The gold finish provides a timeless and elegant look, and the lapis lazuli gives them a premium feel. 

Soluna is a London-based brand under the leadership of Miguel Depaz begun in 2015. Miguel takes inspiration from Peruvian heritage when designing his pieces, and that is undoubtedly clear from the ancient inspiration that has gone into this golden coin set of earrings. 

18kt Rose Gold & Diamond Ocean XXY Seahorses Earring - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £5,488


Most earrings hang from the earlobe and add beauty under the ear. This diamond Ocean XXY Seahorse earring from Lesunja Fine Jewellery in Switzerland takes a different approach. 

Unlike all of the options we’ve seen so far, these earrings fit around the edge of the outer ear, following its contours from top to bottom. It is a truly unique and stylish item and forms part of the New York Fashion week award-winning XXY collection. 

Lesunja emphasizes quality and artistry in all of its designs and makes items for both men and women. These latest funky earrings are made of solid gold and studded with diamonds from top to bottom. They’re so impressive; you see them regularly on the catwalks of Paris and New York. 

18kt Rose Gold Burmese Jade Pendant Earrings - JONA £1,524


These funky rose gold Burmese pendant earrings are unusual. Each piece features two chains with jade cylinders suspended from the bottom, like chimes in a grandfather clock. 

Alex Jona - the brains behind the brand - travels the world, looking for new ways to use diamonds, pearls and jade to create stunning jewellery. As you might have guessed from the name, these funky earrings derive their inspiration from Burma - the south Asian country now called Myanmar. The result is this stunning, almost tropical set, unlike practically anything else on the market. 

18kt White Gold Boheme Colour Spring Earrings - Cresber £1,390


These white gold Boheme colour spring earrings feature forty-eight diamonds, eight olivines and four citrines, all set in beautiful white gold mountings. 

Andalusia-based Spanish designers Cresber arranges the jewels to represent both the flowers and butterflies that fill the local landscape. The colours of the stones are deliberately organic and floral and create a profound impact, adding a touch of glamour to any momentous occasion.

Cresber is a highly experienced jeweller. The brand Creaciones Espaliu Berdud SL has been operating since 1981 and is widely considered a master of the trade. It creates one-of-a-kind pieces that you simply can’t find anywhere else, both in terms of concept and design. It is a premium brand for those looking for something a little unusual.

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