Here are eight of our favourite men’s gold necklaces that should inspire your gift-giving to the special man in your life. 

Are you thinking of buying a piece of jewellery for a special man in your life that shows just how much you love and appreciate him? Nothing says ‘I’m thinking of you’ more than a gift that requires a little thought. 

It’s easy to feel confused as to what to buy that will fit in with his style, but like women’s jewellery, there is a huge range of men’s jewellery out there that will suit a variety of tastes.

We’re going to focus in on showing you our classic, and not so classic gold necklaces that are available for men on JewelStreet. However, some of these items on sale are one of a kind pieces that our designers have made bespoke- so get in there quickly before somebody else snaps them up! 


Necklace Chain Yellow Gold Plated - ATOLYESTONE £110 

 Necklace Chain Yellow Gold Plated

Classic and sophisticated, this yellow gold plated necklace chain is designed to either be worn alone or with some of the pendants and charms available to go with it, making it one of the more versatile necklaces that are available for men. Also available in White Gold Plated, or Sterling Silver Plated,. 


Leo Charm - £134

Leo Charm

Giving an example of how the gold chain above can be worn, this Leo lion charm signifies bravery and loyalty and is the long-term symbol of the designer, ATOLYESTONE. This charm reinforces the important message of the brand. It is also a wonderful reinforcement for the men in your life who want a vital reminder of their inner strength. 

London-based designers ATOLYESTONE base their designs their inspirations of the cultural contrasts of the East and the West. They aim to harmonise the traditional bead and charm jewellery using modern gold and silver moulding techniques. 


Signature Barrell Necklace in Yellow Gold - Conges £799 

Signature Barrel Necklace In Yellow Gold

This unique designed necklace can be worn in two different ways, and the pendant designed to be worn by both men and women. The stones are said to have a special energy and conductive powers. This piece is available in 18kt Gold with a 14kt gold chain. 

Conges, based in Los Angeles, was founded by the designer Jasmine Penna, who wanted to make special pieces of jewellery that pay tribute to living a serene and stress-free life, the same way most people feel when they’re on holiday. 

Jasmine’s jewellery is influenced by the design of ancient philosophies and artefacts, Jasmine encourages those around her to ‘think free, be free’ 


Tiger Eye Gold Necklace - Gold By GT Collection £92 

Tiger Eye Gold Necklace

This necklace made from 8mm tiger eye beads is a beautiful representation of formality and sophistication. The simple bead design is an easy way of accessorising your man’s outfits, either in a casual or more formal setting.

See everything through the TIGER EYE, while grasping a stronger connection with your man’s own personal power- improving their vision, helping them to remove stubbornness, and fostering their self-confidence. 

GT Collection is founded by Slovenia-based fashion industry expert, Gasper Tratnik. He sets to create a collection that fuses fashion and culture, using unusual gemstones and other classical materials within his designs. 

Anchor Gold Plated Charm - Katie Mullally £228 

Anchor Gold Plated Charm

For the nautical enthusiast in your life, this gold anchor charm is a popular choice amongst both men and women alike. It is a heavy 18inch chain in classic yellow gold. The anchor design depicts a winding rope around a pendant. 

Beautiful and luxurious, Katie Mullay’s design career started when she started her business in 2012, after taking a silversmiths course and recognising her passion and love for silver. Katie Mullally’s vintage-inspired jewellery draws on her Irish heritage with unusual designs are all British made.

Yellow Gold Plated Lace Agate Tag - LuvMyJewelry £288 

Yellow Gold Plated Yellow Lace Agate Tag

Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and 14 KT Yellow Gold Plating, this regal tag features a Yellow Lace Agate stone with a crisp precious metal design. This tag comes with a 24" classic rope chain and lobster clasp. 

This tag necklace from LuvMyJewelry pays homage to Mother Nature and her beauty, making a bold statement. This piece is handmade and can take up to two weeks to arrive with its lovingly made charm. 

Telling poetic stories with each piece, Sujan Doshi, founder of LuvMyJewelry creates these beautiful high-end artisanal designs reflecting imagination, passion and risk-taking. Each of Sujan’s pieces comes with one of her own handwritten poems making this a very special and unique gift. 

Alexander Jewell Designed Necklaces 

Both of these special designs by Californian born Alexander Jewell are unique in that they are designed to support conservation organisation, WildAid

Baby Elephant Pendant - Alexander Jewell £970

Baby Elephant Pendant

Each year, 33,000 elephants are killed for their ivory. By purchasing one of Alexander Jewell’s handcrafted 18kt gold pendant necklaces, your money will go towards supporting global awareness to help these endangered animals. This purchase will help WildAid reduce demand for the use of ivory in countries such as China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Manta Ray Pendant - Alexander Jewell £1,675 

Manta Ray Pendant

Another handcrafted 18kt gold piece, this intricately designed manta ray pendant reminds the wearer of beauty, danger and vulnerability in the natural world. This design includes the Manta Ray gill plate on the reverse side. 

Almost one hundred per cent of the mantra gill plate trade takes place in Guangzhou in China. They are used there for medically unproven tonics. 

By purchasing this necklace, you are helping to support the cause of WildAid, who want to reduce the demand for the use of these aquatic species in China.   

There are no shortage of necklace styles for men available. Whether you are looking for a chain that carries a precious memory or belief — such as a wedding ring or a religious symbol — or a major statement piece to complete an outfit, there is always a necklace to fit the meaning and utility of a wearer’s preference, whether it is for display or memory.

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