Gemstone pendants are some of the most timeless and classic pieces of jewellery out there, and are available in a wide range of styles suited to casual and formal occasions alike.

With the right gemstone pendant, you’ll be in a great position to either showcase a bold and daring aesthetic, or to simply add an understated and tasteful dimension to your existing ensemble.

Here are eight gorgeous gemstone pendants suited to a variety of different occasions, that might be just right for you.

Stunning Yellow Gold Black Diamond Butterfly Pendant - London Road Jewellery £245


Drawing its inspiration from the natural beauty of the butterfly, this stunning opulent pendant is handcrafted from 9kt yellow gold, with wings of textured black rhodium and striking black diamonds representing the eyes.

The powerful contrast between the different colours and textures of the necklace is sure to make an impression no matter the occasion.

London Road jewellery is led by a brother and sister duo, and specialises in creating highly wearable gem-set fashion jewellery, suitable for a variety of occasions. Cutting-edge techniques and traditional hand settings are employed to create these stunning ranges.

Sterling Silver Agate Slice Necklace - Distinctly Caitlin Designs £113


Nature serves as the inspiration for this stunning and creative piece, which features a large, pale green agate slice that is thin enough to allow maximum light to shine through, and which is capped by a beautiful sterling silver feature in the likeness of a fern.

The lively colours and texture of this piece are reminiscent of the local ferns which inspired it, captured at sunrise or sunset.

Distinctly Caitlin Designs is a French-based company owned and founded by expert South African jeweller Caitlin Harper. Her jewellery is based around precious metals, and is inspired by the Art Nouveau period and the beauty of nature.

Sterling Silver & Aqua Opal Handmade Pendant - Lavan £65


A handmade sterling silver fitting holds a stunning blue Aqua opal stone, to create a simple but gorgeous pendant that displays beautiful symmetry and harmony in its design.

Any occasion that calls for elegant simplicity is sure to benefit from this piece.

David Weinberger is an Israeli, London-based designer who studied fine art in Tel Aviv before taking up a place at the prestigious Goldsmiths School of Jewellery. His luminescent and contemporary pieces demonstrate the painter’s eye for light and texture.

Portobello White Gold Blue Zircon Peacock Pendant - London Road Jewellery £495

Inspired by the grand plumage of the peacock, and painstakingly wrought from white gold with a dazzling blue zircon at the centre, this piece is striking and otherworldly in its beauty.

The textured white gold  feathers of the necklace seem almost alive and in motion, while the central stone serves to truly draw the eye.

London Road jewellery is led by a brother and sister duo, and specialises in creating highly wearable gem-set fashion jewellery, suitable for a variety of occasions. Cutting-edge techniques and traditional hand settings are employed to create these stunning ranges.

18kt Yellow Gold Heart Sapphire Necklace - Zeina Nassar Jewelry £160


This simple and alluring gold sapphire necklace evokes a sense of timeless beauty, rendered in a modern style –and speaks to a sense of passion and  Joie de Vivre, no matter the occasion.

Zeina Nassar is a Beirut-based designer, offering luxurious pieces in a distinctive style that strives to modernise classic luxury aesthetics, for discerning women across the globe.

18kt Rose Gold Amethyst Druzy Necklace - Zeina Nassar Jewelry £160



With a minimalistic 18kt rose gold chain and fitting, this necklace draws as much attention as possible to the rough beauty of its amethyst stone – reminiscent of the striking appeal of precious stones found in their original state, in the heart of nature.

Simple and striking, this necklace is a great way to make a statement without diverting attention away from the rest of your outfit.


Sterling Silver & Garnet Geode Crystal Pendant - Hannah Silversmith £125



Each copy of this truly one-of-a-kind piece is created organically, and as such cannot be exactly replicated. In this way, it really reflects the source of its inspiration – the awe of the first explorers to crack open a jewel filled geode, and find the treasure waiting within.

With its creative and stylised design, this piece is sure to inspire your imagination – and the imaginations of those you meet while wearing it.

Hannah Smith set up her own handmade jewellery brand after studying silversmithing at university, and uses the natural world as an endless source of inspiration. Organic and futuristic elements are often blended together and incorporated into her designs.


Luccichio Citrine Pendant Necklace - Vintouch Italy £70



This carefully handmade Italian necklace is cast from 18kt gold vermeil, and set with a genuine citrine quartz cabochon enriched by handset AAA grade cubic zirconia.

Citrulline is a brilliantly bright and energetic stone, and everything about this understated and elegant piece is designed to emanate positivity and joy, and to work brilliantly with both everyday outfits and stylish evening wear.

Vintouch are inspired by a deep passion for jewellery, art, and design, and are known for distinctive creations in accordance with Italian crafting traditions. The collection showcases a wide range of styles, incorporating gemstones and beautiful, intricate cameos made by master goldsmiths.