Cocktail rings are all about drawing attention through their unmissable size and dazzling colours. They come in all kinds of varieties and have been popular for many decades now. These days, cocktail rings are suitable for informal wear, as well as at events and parties.

If you’re looking to invest in some new cocktail rings here are 8 of the best examples of must-have cocktail rings you’ll find now at JewelStreet.

Sterling Silver Drop Electric Flower Ring - A Jewel £385

The first thing that catches the eye when you see this cocktail ring is the shape of it. The drop flower design makes it stand out and immediately adds something new and different to its design. 

Designed by Akville Cenkyte, this ring is elegant and beautiful, while also adding a more industrial element to the design that works really well.

Akville works out of London crafting incredibly striking and unique jewellery pieces from her studio. 

Employing traditional jewellery making techniques and twisting them in her own unique ways, Akville is creating award-winning jewellery.

Sterling Silver Pink Quartz Ring - Anna Berezina £259

This sterling silver pink quartz cocktail ring manages to be both incredibly elegant and attention-grabbing at the same time. 

There’s no mistaking the unique design and the way in which the silver encases the stone and frames it beautifully. This is a simple design but impossible to ignore. It does everything you want a good cocktail ring to do.

The designer of the piece is Anna Berzezina, a Moscow-based jewellery designer. Anna likes to use natural coloured gemstones and combine them with precious metals, as you can see with this cocktail ring. Anna can also make a bespoke custom piece working with you to complete a one-off design.

18kt White Gold Green Tourmaline & Citrine Protection Ring - Nicofillimon £607

This elegant handmade green tourmaline and citrine cocktail ring is simply stunning. Using 18kt white gold, it’s impossible to ignore thanks to the smaller stones encircling the striking green stone at its centre. 

This is a versatile ring that can be worn and used in a variety of ways depending on the needs and preferences of the owner.

The ring is made by Nicofilimon, a brand started by renowned designer Nikos Garbis. Nicofilimon take their work seriously and aim to make rings that are works of art that are in sync with the human form.

Sterling Silver Black Diamond & Pearl Snaketric Edgy Ring - Cristina Cipolli £630

If you’re looking for something that’s strikingly modern and defies expectations, this sterling silver black diamond and pearl snaketric edgy ring could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

The stones are aligned in a way that creates a striking 60s-inspired symbol. It’s certainly one of a kind that’s what makes it so special.

The ring was designed by Cristina Cipolli who creates jewellery inspired by a range of elements, including architecture, art, nature and artefacts of ancient cultures and civilizations. Cristina’s jewellery designs are always unique, original and highly sophisticated.

18kt Yellow Gold & Black Diamonds Je Veux Couronne Ring - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £870

This 18kt yellow gold and black diamond je veux couronne ring has been crafted by hand and stands out for all the right reasons. 

The circular stones, aligning in a row of three gives the ring a real sense of identity and is like nothing you’ll have owned before.

Lesunja Fine Jewellery is the designer who has handcrafted this ring. The company is based in Switzerland and creates a wide range of jewellery pieces that can be worn in a variety of settings and contexts. 

Lesuna use the most up to date technology to create their jewellery pieces, while also staying true to traditional Swiss methods of craftsmanship.

18kt White Gold Blue Sapphire & Diamond Orchid Ring - Ri Noor £1,650

If what you’re looking for is a floral cocktail ring that goes the extra mile, this impressive 18kt whie gold blue sapphire and diamond orchid ring is for you. 

The blue is eye-catching and reflects the light beautifully. The petals aren’t symmetrical, giving the ring a greater sense of fun and unpredictability while retaining its inherent beauty.

The ring was designed by Ri Noor, which is the brand of Baltimore-based designer Shibani Shinde Patil. Shibani creates rings that enhance the qualities of the stones she’s working with, resulting in some incredibly elegant and unique jewellery.

18kt Rose Gold Ring With 81 Diamonds - Lesunja Fine Jewellery £2,928

The conjoined rings of this 18kt rose gold ring gives it a very unique quality that you don’t see all that often. But the real star of the show here is the 81 diamonds, giving it a dazzling finish and an overall eye-catching design. Despite using 81 diamonds, the ring manages to be subtle and understated in the best way possible.

This is another ring made by Lesunja Fine Jewellery. A Swiss company with a dedication to traditional craftsmanship which, combined with their modern approach, creates unmistakable jewellery.

18kt Rose Gold Liora Ring - KRVMER £6,737

This dazzling and incredibly unique 18kt rose gold Liora ring is one of the most stunning rings in the JewelStreet cocktail ring collection. This is a handmade piece that uses colour wonderfully and has a beautiful gemstone at its centre.

The ring was designed by a handmade jewellery designer from Belgium called KRVMER. KRVMER operate from Antwerp, a city strongly associated with the sale of diamond jewellery. The company aims to make rings and jewellery of the highest standards and they operate sustainably too.

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