A wedding ring is significant in that it symbolises the love you and your spouse will share forever. It’s a sign of devotion to your partner and a special keepsake you can wear each day.

Be glad you don’t have to spend a fortune to be the owner of a beautiful piece of jewellery such as this one. There are many affordable wedding rings out there that are suitable for a variety of personal tastes and styles.

Continue reading to get a few ideas that fall into this category and that you can consider for your special day. They’re not only gorgeous pieces of jewellery but won’t set you back financially.

Wave Ring in Silver  - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £96

The Wave Ring is not only attractive but one of the most affordable wedding rings. It consists of a round band with a delicate wave that peaks. This piece of jewellery is dainty and can be worn alone or with another gemstone ring.

It's environmentally friendly since it’s handmade using recycled silver.  

The designer of the Wave Ring in Silver, Elinor Cambray, is based in Salisbury, UK. Elinor gets her inspiration for her contemporary jewellery creations from nature. The pieces have a minor environmental impact due to the types of materials and gemstones.

The designer aims to create glamorous pieces such as this one that is sophisticated and timeless.

14kt Gold Classic Hammered Wedding Band - Master Jewelry by John £143

This ring is an elegant, classic, and beautiful choice for anyone looking for a handmade wedding band. It’s an exquisite hammered geometric piece that will stand apart from the others because of its unique design.

The mix of expert craftsmanship and quality materials makes it a desirable option for your wedding. It comes in 14kt solid white, yellow, or rose gold.

The designer of the 14kt Gold Classic Hammered Wedding Band is Master Jewelry by John which is based in Los Angeles. His wife Sandra helps him to run one of the best jewellery shops around. Their beautiful creations are full of style and sophistication. It also doesn’t hurt that they bring a history of long-term experience to the industry.

Cornish Beach Sand Textured Silver Wedding Ring - Joseph Lamsin Jewellery £345

The ring is unique because its shape and texture come from the beach sand that’s collected from the Cornish coastline. 

No two pieces are alike because of the use of different beach sand for each creation. It’s handcrafted in solid sterling silver and will stand out beautifully on your finger.

Matthew JL Harris is the inventor of the Cornish Beach Sand Textured Silver Wedding Ring working out of Cornwall. The designer receives inspiration and motivation for his pieces from the Cornish coastal landscape and lifestyle it brings.

The jewellery is full of texture due to his special moulding techniques.

Sterling Silver Rock Argento 3 Ring - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £183

This sterling silver ring is sensual, bold, and provocative like a rock. The imperfect twisting of the three bands makes it both precious and symbolic. It conveys the past and present, and onlookers view it as both strong and powerful.

RUBINIA GIOELLI is the designer who can create handmade jewellery pieces that are stylish and unique such as the Sterling Silver Rock Argento 3 Ring. They aren’t afraid to use and are constantly looking for new materials to incorporate into their designs.

It’s what allows them to create matchless pieces with distinctive colour combinations.

Taw Rose Gold Ring - Molten Wedding Rings £265

This particular ring is not only luxurious in style but also has a contemporary edge. It’s a ring that has a modern twist and gives off a timeless look. Casting, filing, and hammering are what help to create a special wedding ring.

Erin Cox created Molten Wedding Rings when she had the desire to make unique styles that are both ethical and luxurious. The Taw Rose Gold Ring has a modern twist, much like her other pieces of jewellery.

The workshop is located in Exeter, Devon, where she continuously creates stunning gold and platinum wedding rings.

Cornish Seawater Textured Nautical Handmade Silver Wedding Ring - Joseph Lamsin Jewellery £225

A ring you won’t want to overlook is this one which is made using the sea from the Cornish coastline. You’ll notice the unusual and striking shape and texture right away. It comes in a beautiful gift box and can be engraved on the inside with a personal message.

Matthew JL Harris creates pieces such as the Cornish Seawater Textured Nautical Handmade Silver Wedding Ring from Cornwall. He’s inspired by the landscape and coastline which help to bring his designs to life.

Matthew is an innovative designer who brings a truly distinctive line of jewellery to the industry.

14kt Gold Twisted Infinity Wedding Band - Master Jewelry by John £216

Choose this ring if you’re looking for an affordable option that’s stylish and elegant. It’s a beautiful addition to your jewellery box because of its unique twist and shape. It’s perfect for a wedding because it sparkles with Brilliant Diamonds.

The designer creates items such as the 14kt Gold Twisted Infinity Wedding Band with handcrafted excellence. He and his wife Sandra bring a lot of experience to the jewellery industry and want to help you find the perfect piece for you.

The beautiful creations are stylish and sophisticated in nature.

Yeo White Gold Ring - Molten Wedding Rings £364

The item is one of many luxurious rings with a contemporary edge from the collection. They’re meant to be worn and have a timeless look with a modern twist. You can wear this ring alone and show it off or combine it with traditional engagement rings. It has such a unique look because of the casting, filing, and hammering techniques.

Molten Wedding Rings is commonly known for offering gold and platinum wedding rings with raw elegance. You’ll notice that pieces such as the Yeo White Gold Ring are made carefully and represent luxury and everlasting love.

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