JewelStreet are proud to support local independent businesses who offer jewellery that has been uniquely designed by creatives that are passionate about their craft.

The choice to wear bracelets is such an individual thing for many women, but there is a style to suit most people and bracelets remain one of the most beautiful and timeless pieces of jewellery a woman can wear. 

Silver bracelets are a classic choice and here are some pieces that have been designed to last a lifetime that are affordably priced under £50 and are one of a kind designs.

Silver Nika Crystal Cuff - Yan Neo £40 


For a statement piece of jewellery, you can’t deny that the Yan Neo cuff bracelet makes an impact.

The bracelet metal has been etched to give a grained textured effect and Swarovski crystal jewels in different shapes and sizes.Perfect for adding a more stylish look to your outfits.

If you want to avoid fiddly clasps, it features a bendable cuff that is lightweight - making it easy to slip onto the wrist and comfy to wear.

The designer Yan Neo grew up in the fashion industry and creates fine fashion accessories that are inspired by art and history and created to empower women.

Sterling Silver Mini Opalite Evil Eye Bracelet - Latelita £35


This opalite 925 sterling silver bracelet is delicate in its nature yet holds a powerful significance.

The evil eye is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware.

Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune and this talisman is believed to protect against the evil eye.

The evil eye features an opalite and is finished with a lobster clasp and an adjuster to fit to the correct wrist size.

The design comes from Latelita who were established in 2012 and have become known as a leading purveyor of statement jewellery that have a luxury feel at an affordable price.

Sterling Silver Love Mandala Disc Bracelet - Mantra Jewellery £39 


A bracelet that has meaning can really evoke a positive reaction and act as a reminder to think positive thoughts throughout the day.

A mandala is a basic pattern of geometric shapes contained within a circle and symbolises the idea that life is never ending and everything is connected.

Mandalas also represent spiritual journeys. This love mandala bracelet has been designed to inspire and motivate the wearer with a symbol that represents symmetry of the universe and the love that surrounds us.

Mantra Jewellery was founded by UK based Designer Jo Stroud who believes that the power of words can help change our mood and mindset and encourages people to care for their own well beings.

Each piece in the brand's ready-to-wear collection comes with a card to keep, an inspirational image, and a positive mantra - the designs incorporate words, images, and symbols to memorably bring the mantra to life. 

Sterling Silver Sofia Bracelet - Auree Jewellery £40 


This beautiful sterling silver beaded bracelet comes adorned with cubic zirconia gemstones to add some sparkle to what is a simplistic and very feminine bracelet. Ideal to go with any look and be worn day and night.

Auree Jewellery was first founded by Amelia Bainbridge who has built a brilliant network of workshops and craftspeople who create striking and distinctive luxury fashion accessories for women to cherish, and more importantly, wear every day.

They are known for their beautifully crafted sterling silver and solid gold pieces that feature natural gemstones.

Silver Tree Charm Bracelet - Lily Charmed £30


If you’re looking to gift a quirky piece of jewellery, then this tree charm bracelet would make the most wonderful gift.

It features a simple classic design that celebrates life and friendship and makes the perfect token to someone that is important in your life.

For people who are conscious about sustainable living, then they’ll appreciate that Lily Charmed consists of sisters Lucy Lee and Jessica Pearce who use sustainable recycled silver to craft their delicate charm inspired pieces. 

Sterling Silver Emotional Stability & Letting Go Bracelet - Silatha £30


Gemstones can energise and inspire you, help restore your health, and initiate enduring changes. Each type of gemstone carries a unique energy that can produce specific therapeutic effects.

Bring more happiness to your life by taking control and harnessing the healing powers of gemstones with this emotional stability & letting go bracelet. The Grounds of Freedom Dorje is set with an elegant Black Onyx gemstone.

The founder of Silatha, Veroniek Vermeulen, strives to bring the balance and happiness of daily meditation to people with busy lives who often don’t find time to relax. She wants people to feel empowered to find a new rhythm.

Each set comes with one of ten gemstones that align with an inner quality nurtured during the Silatha Meditation Course. There is an accompanying App to help your journey of meditation and connect with your inner source of happiness and wellbeing.

Gemondo Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Hexagon Prism Bracelet - Gemondo £40 


Layer this modern geometric styled bracelet with other pieces to create a chic look, whether it's teamed with casual wear or something a little more dressed up.

The hexagon shaped onyx gemstone is linked with a 925 sterling silver chain to give a simple, yet beautiful bracelet.

Gemondo is a UK-based jewellery brand offering a range of sterling silver and gold pieces using precious and semi-precious gemstones that are made from the highest quality. 

Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet - Katie Belle £30


If you’re looking for an understated piece of jewellery, then this silver beaded bracelet is beautifully delicate and ideal for everyday wear. Wear it alone or stack it with other bracelets to create a different look depending on your mood.

The designers Kate and Belle (Katie Belle) pride themselves on the quality and attention to detail of each piece of jewellery they produce and they craft all of their jewellery at their Birmingham studio.