When it comes to the kinds of gemstones we have on our beautiful planet, emerald sits high on the list in terms of beauty and functionality.

They’re around three billion years old and have been worn by legendary figures such as Cleopatra, that kind of history and prestige will always be taken seriously.

Here at Jewelstreet, we have hundreds of different items for customers to gaze upon, with over two-hundred independent jewellery designers from all over the world.

With prices starting from twenty-five pound rising up to five figures, there’s a real feast for your eyes as you contemplate purchasing unique designs direct from the designer.

That said, the collection of emerald items is one of great prevalence here. If you’re interested in this beautiful stone, then you’ll be spoiled for choice as we’ve a wide range of products and prices for anyone to browse through. 

Read on and delve into a little more detail as we showcase some stunning emerald jewellery from some of the most talented jewellery designers from all corners of the globe.

Emerald Diamond Ring - Marcello Riccio £2,850


Based in London, the designers at Marcello Riccio can provide you with this diamond ring that contains an Octagonal emerald inside a delicate gold frame.

The emerald is surrounded by small, white sparkling diamonds. You can choose to add a personalised touch by engraving the jewellery – just tell them exactly what you want, and they’ll be sure to mark it down for you with accuracy of the highest of standards.

With over forty years’ experience, the designers at MR can boast about their work with fine jewellery and bespoke services, and you can rest knowing you’ll receive a gorgeous item.

Sterling Silver Hummingbird Pendant With Emerald - Tsu Lin £235


If you’re looking for something more specific and significant to place around your neck, then you’ll struggle to find anything like this silver hummingbird necklace. This beautifully crafted pendant features eye-catching green emerald eyes. Attached to a sixteen-inch chain, the in-flight and textured hummingbird created by Victoria Chen’s Tsu-Lin looks wonder resting on a jewellery box or around one’s neck. If you’re looking for similar work to this, then the South London-based Tsu-Lin’s work with nature and colourful gemstones will likely satisfy your needs. 

Scarab Choker With Emerald - Conges £2,064


Los Angeles’ own Conges brings you this 14 karat solid yellow gold choker.

Jasmine Penna, the founder, looks to make jewellery to allow everyone to relax and to feel as though they’re away on holiday – the feeling of being completely at ease and free.

With the knowledge, you’ll know that her items will look to remove stress from your shoulders whenever they’re in your possession.

The choker is on a diamond cut ball chain with emeralds and the two colours work wonderfully together. 

Rose Gold Plated Silver Modern Baroque Pearl & Emerald Drop Earrings - Gemondo £100


If you’re looking for a pair of earrings that will bring to life authentic and colourful gemstones, then these Rose Gold Plated earrings by Gemondo Jewellery will be a sight for you to behold.

They’re rose gold plated with cultured freshwater baroque pearls that dangle beneath hexagonal emerald gemstones. They have a post and butterfly backs and are only suitable for ears that have been pierced.

Those at Gemondo Jewellery look to offer jewellery that suits the modern woman, so if you feel as though you wish to purchase some fine and fashionable jewellery, this UK-based group will be able to provide for you.

Gold Emeralds & Diamonds Cubist Onyx Earrings - Ri Noor £4,468


Brought to you by Ri Noor, these onyx, diamond and emerald earrings will make eyes wander in your direction.

Handmade by the designers, they’re as forward-thinking as the art movement they’re named after.

The forest green emerald gemstone is the centrepiece that draws together the wonderfully rich diamond lines.

It’s a mixture of complexity and simplicity as it does not look as though they have tried too hard to make the most complicated design.

If you’re a lover of gems, then you’ll fall in love with Ri Noor as they’re built around the precious stones. Based in Baltimore, Shibani Shinde looks to amplify the qualities of each stone in the hope of creating elegant and timeless items. 

Sterling Silver & Emerald Kiss Hug Bangle Bracelet - Jenny Gordon Goldsmith £2,300


If you’re looking for a bracelet for yourself or for someone you care about, then this beautiful, unique handcrafted silver bangle might be something to consider.

It has fifteen three-millimetre emerald gemstones supplementing the silver to add that consistently gorgeous array of contrasting colours.

It’s another design that has the right amount of work put into it and is objectively attractive to absolutely everyone.

Working in her studio in Northern Ireland, Jenny Gordon Goldsmith has her own unique jewellery collections that are based around the creation of bright, bold and colourful pieces. 

18kt White Gold EyeOnYou Ring With Diamond & Emeralds - Joke Quick £3,250


Brought to you by Joke Quick, this eighteen karat EyeOnYou ring can be yours for £3,250.

The gorgeous white gold ring is set with a white rose-cut diamond centre stone. The emeralds circle around the ring and provide that glistening look that will attract anyone’s eyes.

You can surely appreciate from photos just how much detail and intricate work went into this item from the designer Joke Quick – a woman, whose passion for jewellery, stemmed from a young age and continues to burn bright.

Working out of Belgium, she creates rings, earrings and necklaces that all contain such care and precision. 

Square Cut Emerald Diamond Accent Ring - Silver Yulan £64,099


This vibrant ring consisting of green emeralds will make anyone feel like royalty.

It’s mounted in eighteen karat white gold and decorated with many diamonds. For quite a fee of £64,099, this Silver Yulan ring can be in your possession. 

When you see just how amazing it is, you’ll understand where that amount came from.

The leader of the brand, Min Sun, likes to piece together the contrasting colours found in the natural world, utilizing gemstones as centrepieces for her high-quality items.