If you are not quite sure how to style your Statement Necklaces, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many ways on how you can wear them, and the main reason we wear a statement necklace is to be able to show our creativity, and add interest to the outfit.


Here are some of our favourites, no matter you are going on a night out, or just want to make any regular outfit prettier, these ideas will help you find inspiration.


 1. The Cheerful Look

Adding a statement necklace with cute & colorful components will surely brighten up your day!




Circus Candy Necklace £135

   Bloomsbury Multi-Gemstone Carnival Necklace £395



2. Boho Style

Enhance your Gypsy Spirit! Add that beautiful bohemian chic into your outfit. It's an easy style to follow. You will fall in love with these pieces and get lots of compliments! 


Pitti Bib Necklace £282

Mineral Rock Necklace £195




3. Sparkling Feminine Chic

Steal the show from parties to beach holiday, let the sparkling necklace shines by the richness of its details. 







4. The Urban Dressy Look

 Pairing your favorite Tee with a choker necklace and a few retro-style pieces to pull off the 'Street-style'.



14K White Gold Heart Choker £697




5. Classic Pearl Necklaces

Pearl statement necklace is not only fashionable for everyday wearing, but also great for work and events.

Genevieve Strand Necklace £1325



6. Multi-layered Necklaces

Stack up your necklaces to create unique combinations and styles. There's so much fun and they look very pretty on almost any outfit.



Yauali Circle Necklace £1356




7. The Everyday Statement Necklaces

 Standing out in a crowd is easy when you know how, the daily statement necklace is something with a unique design without being over-the-top, just simple but special.




 Born To Shine Collar Necklace £60 

Planets in Orbit Light £158




  8. Gold Statement Necklaces

Gold and bold statement necklaces are the best to jazz up your plain outfits! 




 Gold Milly Choker With Opalite Pendant £60