When it comes to your wedding day, often you want to focus on the aspects that are going to be the constant reminders of it. The pictures, the memories, but also the jewellery and more specifically, the wedding band. We wanted to share with you 9 amazing wedding bands for women that are all under £200. Proving that style and elegance doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. 

Wave Ring In Silver - Elinor Cambray Jewellery £96

Wave Ring In SilverA delicate ring with a slight peak that can work well with any type of engagement ring. Silver is often a popular colour to choose when it comes to a wedding band, as so many choose to have similar coloured metals when it comes to an engagement ring. Handmade to order in a workshop in Sailsbury, the designer takes pride in creating contemporary jewellery that is inspired by nature. The perfect addition for your wedding finger. 

14kt Gold Classic Hammered Wedding Band - Master Jewelry by John £151

14kt Gold Classic Hammered Wedding BandThis handmade wedding band is beautiful and elegant, and is totally unique, not just in the colour and metal used but also in the way of style and appearance. Expert craftsmanship and quality material combines to make this hammered geometric piece. Made in Los Angeles, in the heart of the jewellery district, the brand and vision behind these rings is a husband and wife team. With long-term experience you are not to be disappointed by choosing this elegant wedding band for your special day. 

Cornish Seawater Shaped Triple Double Cup Designer Handmade Silver Pearl Ring - Joseph Lamsin Jewellery £164

Cornish Seawater Shaped Triple Double Cup Designer Handmade Silver Pearl RingUsing the sea to organically shape and design this ring, gives this wedding band the “x factor” and is definitely worth considering. The cornish sea gives it a UK heritage, and the pearl detail really add to the ring, making it much more than just traditional wedding band we so often see today. There are no rules with the type of ring you give and receive, so you can allow your personality to shine with this choice. Based in Cornwall, the designer is focused on providing and creating jewellery that is designed with the Cornish coast in ind. This option is perfect if Cornwall is close to your heart. 

Sterling Silver Proportion Ring - Corinne Hamak £165

Sterling Silver Proportion RingFor this particular collection of wedding bands, Corinne, the designer, was focused on proportions and heights with a view to creating balance and interconnection between the rings. Making this the ideal partner for your engagement ring or any other rings you have on your wedding finger. Made from using a wax carving, the ring is designed in sterling silver, and will work with many different metal types. 

Sterling Silver Water Ring - Corinne Hamak £180

Sterling Silver Water RingAll rings in this collection, this one being a prime example, was made using a wax carving. There is no real indication or focus on what the end product is going to look like. Making this wedding band very free flowing and unique. Made from sterling silver, it works well with other rings and metal types. Corinne, the jewellery designer, wanted to create rings that were different to conventional styles. You can also add brown diamonds to this particular ring, making it even more unique. 

Sterling Silver Rock Argento 3 Ring - RUBINIA GIOIELLI £182

Sterling Silver Rock Argento 3 RingThe sterling 925 silver Argento 3 ring is definitely a ring that is little different than the standard wedding band you may find. The three thread twists  with imperfections and grace is some previous and symbolic, it can represent the past, the present and the future capturing the emotions that goes with them. Rubina Gioelli is a unique handmade creator and she likes to include distinctive pieces and combinations within her jewellery collection. 

Sterling Silver Heart Signet Ring - StyleRocks £188

Sterling Silver Heart Signet RingMaybe you want something that signifies love, then look no further than the sterling silver heart signet ring. It measures 12mm in width and has a thickness of 1.6mm. Making this wedding band option a solid and defining choice. The rings are handmade and are designed to be functional. The perfect choice for something more unique. 

14kt Gold Half Eternity Diamond Stacking Wedding Ring - Master Jewelry by John £189

14kt Gold Half Eternity Diamond Stacking Wedding RingIf you want something a little more sparkly, then this beautiful creation is the one for you. It is a classic, stylish look, and very easy to wear. Certainly a good option to go with any engagement ring option that you have. This is a handmade item made in the USA. All diamonds are 100% natural and high quality. You can also get the ring in white, yellow or rose gold, making it a versatile option for any bride. 

Folded Tsavorite Ring - Pamela Dickinson £192

Folded Tsavorite RingFinally, the last option we suggest would be this element ring design, and one that is the most unusual out of all of them. It is a design that has a row of progressively sized gold beads on top of it, except one bead has a setting of a green Tsavorite garnet. The stone is a clear apple green colour, which is bright and free of flaws. Pamela has designed this to create a lovely option for a wedding band, and these items are handcrafted in the UK. There is also an additional surprise of a hidden gold bead which is out of view. 

In conclusion, there really are some amazing and affordable pieces that you can choose when it comes to a wedding band, the problem you may face is which design to go for. 

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