Every jewellery box should have at least one elegant gold necklace in it.

Gold necklaces are a staple piece that you can use to accent a wide range of different outfits. Gold is timeless and you can wear it for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for something extra special to wear to an event or you just want a great versatile piece for everyday wear, we hope you’ll find what you are looking for in our range of elegant gold necklaces. These are some of our favourite picks. 

Gold Plated Conch Shell Necklace - Hilary&June £33

This wonderful Gold Plated Conch Shell Necklace is such a unique piece that combines the beauty of nature with the elegance of gold. 

The necklace was handcrafted in a workshop in Lisbon, Portugal by an Australian designer named Hilary June Burton. Hilary has an incredible range of unique and interesting pieces that take inspiration from her love of music and pop culture. 

This gold necklace was made using a cast taken from a real conch shell, which makes it even more special. There’s no reason that elegant gold necklaces can’t also be fun and meaningful, and this piece proves that. The full ‘Hilary & June’ range can be personalised with messages, so they’re also great as a gift. 

Yellow Gold Plated Delicate Chain Choker - Laura Adele £38

If you want something that is more in line with traditional elegant gold necklaces but still has a bit of attitude, this Yellow Gold Plated Delicate Chain Choker is a great choice. 

When graphic designer Laura Adele started making jewellery, she wanted to create something that reflected London style and encapsulated her idea of the modern woman. 

Laura’s pieces are delicate, but they are still tough, and this choker is a great example of that. 

This beautiful, minimalist chain choker is great for everyday wear, and it looks particularly good when layered with other pieces. 

Yellow Gold Plated Small Moon & Star Turquoise Cubic Zirconia Necklace - Latelita London £49

If you are looking to make a statement, this Yellow Gold Plated Small Moon & Star Turquoise Cubic Zirconia Necklace will not disappoint. 

It combines an elegant gold necklace with a star, hanging from a crescent moon, both adorned with turquoise cubic zirconia. This exquisite piece was handcrafted by Latelita, based in London. 

Yellow Gold Plated Sofia Short Necklace - Auree Jewellery £50

Elegant gold necklaces with gemstones always look great, and this Yellow Gold Plated Sofia Short Necklace is the perfect example. 

The necklace is set with seven or ten cubic zirconia gemstones, depending on the length of the chain. The fresh-coloured natural gemstones look amazing next to the gold, to create a distinctive, luxury piece. 

It is created by Amelia Bainbridge of Auree Jewellery. All of Amelia’s pieces are lovingly crafted using the finest gemstones and the finest solid gold or 18kt gold vermeil. These pieces feel like luxury necklaces that should be kept for special occasions, but they can, and should, be worn proudly every day. 

Gold Lonely Skull Pendant - Roz Buehrlen £60

This Gold Lonely Skull Pendant is perfect for somebody that doesn’t usually wear traditional jewellery, but still wants to add some elegant gold necklaces to their jewellery box. 

This striking skull pendant on a 24-inch ruthenium plated snake chain is perfect for adding a little bit of your own style to an outfit, while still retaining an elegant look. 

It is designed by Roz Buehrlen, who takes a lot of her inspiration from nature. After travelling extensively while she was young, Roz returned to the United Kingdom where she studied at the Camberwell College of Arts before taking a job at a bronze foundry. 

Roz combines all of her cultural experiences with her talents for sculpting and smithwork to create some truly beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. 

Gemondo Turquoise Hexagon Prism Necklace - Gemondo £60

This Gemondo Turquoise Hexagon Prism Necklace is a great example of how something so simple can have such a striking effect. 

The turquoise hexagon prism sitting proudly on an elegant gold chain just works so well. This is a great piece for everyday wear as well as special occasions. 

Gemondo is a United Kingdom-based jewellery company that specialises in bringing colourful gemstones to life by pairing them with elegant gold necklaces. They have a full hexagon range with lots of different gemstones to choose from. 

Alphallumer Necklace - 9kt Yellow Gold Vermeil - Allumer £60

If you are looking for a great gift for a loved one, this Alphallumer Necklace - 9kt Yellow Gold Vermeil is perfect. 

You can choose any letter of the alphabet, which hangs on a fun, contemporary ball chain. Either pick one letter or keep adding and make a word. You can even get some fun symbols as well. 

This piece is designed by Allumer, an award-winning London jewellery brand. Their lead founder and lead designer, Natasha Leith-Smith, takes her inspiration from friendship, love, and light, when designing these fun, but elegant pieces. 

Yellow Gold Plated Half Way Necklace - BUFF £64

This Yellow Gold Plated Half Way Necklace is another example of how simplicity can be so elegant and beautiful. 

The simple design means that it’s perfect for everyday wear, but it would equally as stunning when paired with a formal dress. It looks great on its own but it also works well when layered. 

This piece is a favourite from BUFF, a collaboration between two long time friends, Mei-Li Burnside and Ellie Ingram. Their main focus is on designing jewellery that is versatile and fitting for all occasions, and this piece is a prime example of that. 

Yellow Gold Plated Lush Gem Pendant - Kate Dumbleton Jewellery £68

The splash of colour from the green agate stones really sets off this Yellow Gold Plated Lush Gem Pendant

The oval citrine and green agate stones are faceted on both sides for effect, and set in open bezel settings. It’s a simple but elegant design that is perfect for everyday wear. 

It was designed by Kate Dumbleton, who has been creating her own unique designs for over 20 years. She has a wide range of influences all the way from nature right up to futuristic elements, and you can see this unique blend in all of her pieces.

These are just some of the amazing elegant gold necklaces that we have on offer. Browse our full range to find some more.