If you’re looking for the best earrings for girls, then you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re going to take a look at nine stud earrings that are perfect for the young woman in your life. 

Every earring in the following selection is hand made by artisan designers and made bespoke, just for you. 

Dainty Silver Flower Stud Earrings - Banyan Jewellery £15

These delicate handcrafted earrings featuring flowers and petals are the ideal earrings for girls. 

They’re gentle, elegant and fun - as well as being beautifully made. Thanks to their Sterling silver composition, they are neutral enough to be worn on practically any occasion.

Banyan Jewellery, the brand behind the Dainty Silver Flower Stud Earrings, is an outfit established in 1997 under the creative leadership of Yaniv Zalman. 

Banyan Jewellery get this inspiration from travelling the world and investigating how different cultures incorporate design into their jewellery. 

Stainless Steel Blue & White Leaf Textured Stud Earrings - AnjaCapuzzimati £16

Reminiscent of Chinese pottery, these blue and white handcrafted studs feature an elegant motif design and come in two varieties - round and square, depending on the look that you want to create. 

Interestingly, no two sets are the same, according to their designer Anja Capuzzimati. 

Anja began her career as an architect but later switched to her lifelong dream of making fabulous, one-of-a-kind jewellery. 

These new studs are the latest in a long line of earrings that reflect her minimalist aesthetic. 

Beaded Howlite & Amethyst Earrings - Arra By Aradhana £17

If you’re looking to get something extra-special for the girl in your life, then take a look at these beaded howlite and amethyst earrings from Arra by Aradhana. 

The usual design features gold-plated metal, with a range of semi-precious stones from India, including iconic amethyst - one of the most beautiful gems in the world. 

Arra was founded Jakarta in Indonesia in 2014 by Aradhana - the brand’s namesake. 

Aradhana’s goal is to create beautiful jewellery from semi-precious stones for a range of customers, giving them inspiring pieces that they can wear every day. 

Each item, including these earrings, is handcrafted in Aradhana’s workshop by a team of professionals, dedicated to making beautiful everyday accessories.

Hummingbird Stud Earrings - Lucy Flint £29

These playful earrings by Lucy Flint Jewellery depict two tiny hummingbirds in mid-flight. The piece is dynamic: you can almost feel the movement of the birds when you look at the design. 

Stylish enough to be worn both on special occasions and every day, this is the perfect set for a young lady. 

Lucy Flint’s brand emerged from her hobby as a metal worker. Lucy soon realised that she had a passion for sculpting beautiful objects and enrolled in a silversmithing course at the London Jewellery School. 

From there, she began crafting boutique items, including the intricately-designed Hummingbird stud earrings. 

Pia Gemstone Spike Studs Gold Green Onyx - Latelita London £29

Since its founding in 2012, Latelita London has gone from strength to strength. 

Just eight years ago, it was a little-known seller of bespoke jewellery. Now it is one of the most well-known brands on JewelStreet. 

These Pia Gemstone Spike Studs with Green Onyx showcase everything that the brand stands for. They are ideal for girls who adore minimalist jewellery and want to wear something discreet, whether their hair is up or down. 

Latelita London is a brand that tries to combine both European and Eastern style motifs. The brand focuses heavily on semi-precious gemstones, making it excellent value for money. 

Sterling Silver Shape Of My Heart Hoop Earrings - BUFF £28

These Sterling Silver Shape of My Heart earrings are the first hooped piece we’ve explored so far in this list. 

They feature what looks like a traditional curved piece of metal until you get to the heart, which takes an attractive detour. Again, you can wear these earrings every day or on special occasions; they’re fit for both. 

The earrings are designed and handcrafted in the United Kingdom by Buff, a design team run by jewellery designers Ellie Ingram and Mei-Li Burnside. 

The brand focuses heavily on creating timeless classics that blend perfectly into the fabric of life. Both minimalist and elegant, these are earrings that every young woman is sure to love. 

Mini Gold Earring Pips - Roz Buehrlen £30

If you’re looking for something more low-key, then check out these tiny, 4mm studs from Roz Buerhrlen. 

These studs feature an 18ct gold plate and are flecked with enamel. Interestingly, the outwardly visible part of the stud is smaller than the backplate, giving you a sense of just how tiny these are. 

Roz’s interest in jewellery can be traced back to her childhood travels through Kuwait and India. This passion shines through with her mini gold earring pips. 

Yellow Gold Plated Essential Thin Hoops - Laura Adele £30

Laura Adele Jewellery is a London-based jewellery maker, run by graphic designer Laura Vanderslott. 

The brand focuses on making delicate but not overly girly earrings like these yellow gold-plated Essential Thin Hoops. 

Laura combines both quality materials with low markups to create a range of earrings suitable for girls all over. 

Sterling Silver & Black Spinel Crescent Moon Earrings - Murkani Jewellery £33

If you’re looking for something with a mysterious feel, then these Crescent Moon Earrings for Murkani Jewellery by Australian designer Kiralee McNamara might be just what you’re looking for. 

Kiralee began making jewellery when she was only sixteen years of age. Since then, she’s refined her skills and now makes stunning pieces for people all over the world. 

Kiralee’s first collection debuted in 2011, and since then, jewellery designs like this have helped her go from strength to strength. 


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