Jewellery to out dress everyone at the party

Let me let you into a little fashion secret. Want to out-dress everyone at the party? Adorn yourself in jewels that makes ‘sophistication’ seem like an understatement. Why spend all your money on a new outfit - with new shoes, a new bag, and a new dress - when all you need is that single piece of jewellery that’ll take your look to heavenly realms. I’m talking blinding gemstones, tantalising twisted gold, and sultry shapes to make admirers blush. When drenched in these jewels, all eyes will be on you at the party.

Avoid the fluster when that event reminder pops up on your phone. You’ve got that winning black dress poised in your wardrobe. The modern woman simply needs to consult her jewellery box to ensure her entrance to the party is peppered with admiring glances. Your sartorial solution to stealing the show at the party lies a scroll away. So peruse these delicious gemstone picks for a party look that out-dresses all.  

Cristina Cipolli yellow gold cuff

Cristina Cipolli Jewellery - £800

Architect-meets-jeweller, Cristina Cipolli designs striking jewellery for the modern woman. She aims to make women feel edgy and confident through her powerful designs, which blend the beauty of architecture with the wearability of jewellery. Her yellow gold sharch bangle will wrap around you wrist like a stylish embrace. This piece demands attention. Its sleek shape and crisp colour forms a jewellery piece that’ll be your go-to ego boost, for who wouldn’t feel like the height of elegance when wearing this? Read more about this inspiring designer here.

Ri Noor Gemstone earrings

RI NOOR - £2,101

The rise of unconventional gemstones in the jewellery industry has catalysed the creation of unique and off-beat designs. Diamonds, rubies and sapphires have made way for howlites, tourmalines and fluorites appeasing the appetite for authentic pieces. RI NOOR’s gorgeous mix gemstone drop earrings are a melting pot of style and sass. Emanate sophistication with these earrings dusting your shoulders for a party look that won’t easily be forgotten.

Corinne Hamak Necklace

Corinne Hamak Jewellery - £405

Corinne Hamak’s creative vision extends beyond her talents in jewellery design. Corinne aims to imbue her pieces with a strong message, whether sentimental, political or personal. This striking necklace was made using antique jewellery, reinvented to form this contemporary design. The necklace features a ring suspended on a chain, adorned with one-of-a-kind tourmaline gemstones reflecting various shades of blue. Feel hope and channel the spirit of change with a necklace that reflects your values.

Gemdrop blue gemstone ring

Gemdrop - £799

What accessory is more appropriate for a party than a dazzling cocktail ring? As your french 75 spills and splashes as the party heats up, your Gemdrop cocktail ring will still be the centre of attention. Inspired by the Art Deco period, their enamel and sapphire ring will add a youthful pop of colour to your ensemble. 

Opes Robur Earrings

Opes Robur - £49

Let your style reign over all party-goers with Opes Robur’s quirky balloon earrings. Not everyone can pull off a playful pair of earrings like these, but your fun-loving disposition makes these the perfect jewellery picks for you. Featuring an array of glittering gemstones adorning the raincloud design, these earrings will be the talking point of the evening.

Emily Grace Jewellery Bracelet

Emily Grace Jewellery - £180

The powerful, striking, and chic designs of Emily Grace Jewellery are a complete reflection of the designer. Emily Freeman is a young woman making her mark in the jewellery industry. From vibrant colourful rings to mature gold pieces such as these, this designer knows what the modern woman wants. Emily Grace Jewellery also supports mental health charity, MIND. Look fabulous whilst contributing to a progressive society with this gorgeous bracelet. 

LuvMyJewelry turquoise earrings

LuvMyJewelry - £353

Get those good vibes flowing at the party with LuvMyJewelry’s rise and shine earrings. These earrings are inspired by the sun and feature two plush turquoise gemstones. Turquoise and gold have been a leading combination this summer. Retain those warm rays in your AW style with earrings that are radiant, chic and endlessly elegant. 

Xiaohe Shen Necklace

Xiaohe Shen - £967

You won’t find a designer like Xiaohe Shen. This edgy designer always has one finger on the fashion pulse. In fact, their striking and authentic designs seem to be one step ahead of the fashion gain. Women want unique jewellery they won’t see on anyone else. This intricate necklace features a plush white jade encased in a yellow gold frame. The gold circle in the middle holds a rotating diamond, forming a special piece to elevate your style.

Marcello Riccio Ring

Marcello Riccio - £250

London-based designer, Marcello Riccio creates luxury jewellery with a contemporary edge. What colour is more statement, sexy and stylish than black? This sharp black agate ring features a strip of diamonds set in yellow gold. The contrast between the rich black agate and the shining white diamonds form a unique party piece that every fashion-forward woman needs in her jewellery box.